Greece “overwhelmed” as Muslim savages surge across Turkish border

Situation “on verge of spinning out of control”

 Europe must deport Mohammedan migrants back to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh, Somalia and Morocco or to any desert of their choosing,  otherwise Europe is doomed.

Greece “overwhelmed” as Muslim migrants surge across Turkish border, situation “on verge of spinning out of control”

Greece is being “overwhelmed” by illegal migrants surging across its land border with Turkey, with a local mayor warning the situation is “on the verge of spinning out of control”.

Europeans should expect more crises due to the recklessness of European leaders that led to this new wave of illegal migration. There is inevitably more to come. Anti-immigration Hungarian leader Viktor Orban rightly “accused European Union leaders of encouraging illegal immigration and asking Europeans to put migrants ahead of their own families.”

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Afghan Muslim says Europe has no right to have borders “Europe belongs to Allah”

Yes, of course. The world belongs to allah & Muhammad is his profit. Every Mohammedan is a soldier of allah who only follows the right path.

In this video an Afghan Muslim savage says Europe has no right to have borders. He claims that the citizens of Afghanistan should be allowed to invade Europe and receive free housing, money, food and welfare benefits at the expense of taxpayers:

Turkish Internet Trolls Attack Athens News Agency Webpage: ‘We’ll Throw you into the Sea’

The hackers’ message was in the Turkish language, with the Turkish flag in the background and was translated into English: “Greece forgets fast, we have thrown your ancestors into the sea, we will do it again”.

One would think that no-go zones, mass rapes, jihad attacks, and violent anti-semitism were enough, but the EU is bent on continuing its policy of mass migration.

Rising tensions between Athens and Ankara’s increasingly erratic Islamist government are unlikely to be helping the situation, with the Turkish military stepping up violations of Greek airspace and territorial waters significantly.

Yet still the EU is entertaining the bizarre idea of allowing in Turkey to become part of the EU, despite Erdogan’s dream of a revived Ottoman Empire.

Turkey is a significant menace to Western nations:

The Greeks believe that the sudden influx is no accident, and that the Turkish government — which has repeatedly threatened to allow millions of migrants to flood Europe if demands on money, visa-free travel, and progress on its EU membership application are not met — is deliberately loosening its borders in order to put pressure on European governments.

The only hope left for all of Europe is a grassroots awakening of the people; their leaders have abandoned them.

“Return of the Migrant Crisis: Greece ‘Overwhelmed’ as Illegals Surge Across Turkish Land Border”, by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, April 30, 2018:

Greece is being “overwhelmed” by illegal migrants surging across its land border with Turkey, with a local mayor warning the situation is “on the verge of spinning out of control”.

The country bore the brunt of the 2015 influx, which saw over 815,000 illegal migrants traverse the Aegean Sea in dangerous watercraft.

This figure was reduced to 30,000 in 2017 after the European Union persuaded the Turkish government to step up containment efforts following a multi-billion euro deal partly financed by the United Kingdom.

The major action then shifted from Greece to the so-called Central Mediterranean Route from Libya to Italy, but this, too, was brought under partial control in late 2017, after the Italian authorities began incentivising the Libyan coast guard to intercept smuggler-boats and cracked down on so-called “rescue” ships operated by pro-migration NGOs.

Germany’s new government went so far as the declare that the migrant crisis was over as a result of these developments — but its reignition on the Greco-Turkish border appears to have vindicated more judicious leaders, such as Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, who have warned it is just beginning.

In April alone, almost 3,000 illegal migrants penetrated Greece’s land border by crossing the Evros river in East Thrace — Turkey’s last remaining foothold on the European mainland.

This figure is equivalent to half the number of migrants who arrived in all of 2017, and Greek politicians along the frontier are warning they cannot cope with the strain.

“Our reception facilities are overwhelmed and things are on the verge of spinning out of control. Far more are coming than are actually being registered,” said Dimitris Mavrides, mayor of Orestiada, in comments to The Guardian….

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    1. But after (or in parallel for expediencies sake) the islamophile “authorities have been permanently dealt with !!!

  2. Turkey has been a menace to Western nations since the beginning of the Ottoman Empire 1299 A.D. and Constantinople fell to the Ottomans in 1453 A.D.

    This latest outrage is merely a new chapter in a very long war – a war that Europe was prepared to fight on two fronts, indeed all fronts when it was a Christendom.

  3. Well… the young man is a Sorosian-U.N. globalist: “Your home is my home and my home is my home!”

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