Londonistan: Arrested for Objecting to Sharia in Hyde Park

Last month a courageous woman confronted the police about the fact that Muslims were holding group prayers in Hyde Park, Londonistan, which no other groups were allowed do because it was against official park rules.  Vlad Tepes & GoV  posted the video.

This upstanding lady showed the police the park regulations and got them to admit that they allowed Muslims to break the law,  after first denying it.

Here is the video of that event.

Now we know why the police sergeant kept demanding the woman’s “details”: she has been arrested. She wouldn’t give her details that day, but the cops managed to find her anyway.

The following cell phone video was taken in her flat in the few minutes just before the police entered and arrested her. At first she refused to let them in, and only talked back and forth with them through the door. I kept rooting for her not to let them in, but she eventually gave in and opened the door. At that point she was arrested.

If you ever wondered what an English-language police state looks like, this is it:

Watch this stunning and disgusting video of her subsequent arrest by what can only be described as droogs from A Clockwork Orange scenario.


Moonbattery has an update to the cow fart story we posted a few days ago:

No, taxing cow farts will not change the climate

Odious Netflix moonbat Bill Nye has an ingenious plan for raising the price of food — tax cow flatulence:

“Well, this is what we can do and it’s a win-win: to have a fee on carbon. So if you are raising livestock and producing a lot of carbon dioxide with your farm equipment and the exhaust from the animals, then you would pay a fee on that and it would be reflected in the price of meat, reflected in the price of fish, reflected in the price of peanuts,” Bill Nye said in a recent interview with the Daily Beast.

The point is to improve the weather. Liberals literally believe that cow farts make it be too hot out. That’s what he means by “exhaust from the animals.”

Hilariously, Nye spins this latest example of his characteristic heavy-handed authoritarianismas “free-market”:

“This would be a free-market way to reckon the real cost of a meat diet to the world,” Nye continued.

Scratching meat off the menu is a progressive agenda item. Rabbits don’t eat meat, and the objective of social engineers is to reduce us to creatures that more resemble witless, defenseless, plant-munching, constantly fornicating rabbits than human beings. That could be why the United Nations has determined that we should all go vegan.

Just in case anyone needs to be told: no, cow farts do not affect the climate:

Methane is 0.00017% of all atmospheric gases and only 0.36% of the total greenhouse gases.

But since when did scientific reality have anything to do with exploiting the global warming hoax to impose the progressive agenda?

2 thoughts on “Londonistan: Arrested for Objecting to Sharia in Hyde Park”

  1. The tax on cow flatulence should be upgraded to a tax on CO2 emissions from Cultural Marxists, liberal speech, all politicians and the FAKENN presenters – all controlled media. Let’s save the planet starting with a tax on the entire Political Elite and all gatekeepers for the Long March Through the Institutions.

    The Jews and the Muslims can get away with their food tax, so now let’s have our tax.

  2. You thought it was coming !!!
    Sorry … It is already here !!!

    Avoid the police – they are NOT here to protect you !!!
    They never were !!!
    • The police are the protectors of the “authorities” not the “serfs” !!!
    • The police are here to ensure you (the “serfs”) obey the “authorities” !!!

    Just like …
    • the Human Resources (HR) section is NOT THERE to Protect you from the Company !!!
    • the Human Resources (HR) section is THERE to Protect the Company from you !!!
    (Our “authorities” have purposefully inverted Reality to control the unsuspecting “serfs”) !!!

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