Telling the truth is “deeply divisive, dangerous and nasty”

NSW Labor leader Luke Foley yesterday spoke to the Daily Telegraph about the pressures associated with placing thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees Mohammedans in Western Sydney, and the resultant “white flight” among long-term residents.

Foley today discovered there are certain topics one may not discuss and certain phrases one must not use: “White flight” is one of them.

Instantly, Soupie spilled his ink:

Our political leaders must be vigilant about our racial harmony. At a time when populism fuels fear and the demonisation of migrants, we should do nothing to excite racial feelings about new arrivals


One thought on “Telling the truth is “deeply divisive, dangerous and nasty””

  1. To our “dear sick authorities
    be you politicians bureaucrats (w)academics or their “WorkerS
    (all of you marxist socialist islamophiles)

    Do you think you will be survivors from your aided and assisted islam invasion and criminal African tribal diversification.

    It is very apparent that you are incapable of rendering logical though through the PC’d mind controlled fog that you have allowed yourselves to be immersed in.

    So …

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