Turncoat is “absolutely committed…”

Turnbull commits to “religious freedom”

Rachel Baxendale The Australian May 19, 2018

Malcolm Turnbull said he was “absolutely committed to ensuring freedom of religion is protected in Australia” after former Howard government minister Philip Ruddock delivered his review of religious freedoms….Continue Reading

“Absolutely committed”. What a load of bull. “Freedom” …for Mohammedans means jihad against unbelievers to make the world Islamic. Islamic ‘freedom’ includes wife-beating, polygamy, FGM, child-marriage, honor-killings & legalized pedophilia. Is Turncoat totally clueless or deliberately obtuse? We cannot coexist.

Albanese demands explanation why Australia voted against Gaza inquiry

Anthony Albanese has asked the government to explain why Australia voted against a UN human rights council push to hold an independent investigation into the killings of Palestinian protesters in Gaza.

The council voted on Friday night to establish an investigation into the Gaza killings, which left at least 60 people dead and more than 1,000 injured following violent clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters.

“Good old Albo” is a supporter of  Hamas killer zombies who want to murder Jews. Just like Shorty…..

America was only other country that voted against UN human rights council push for independent inquiry–THEGUARDIAN.COM

National broadcaster ignores part Hamas played in border strife

Piers Akerman The Sunday Telegraph May 20, 2018

The abysmal ABC coverage of recent events in the Middle East can be ranked with the broadcasts of Lord Haw Haw from Nazi Germany and Tokyo Rose from Japan during World War II. The fact that armed Palestinian terrorists using human shields were attempting to invade Israel with the specific goal of murdering or kidnapping civilians was ignored and valuable air time …

Continue Reading

Asylum seekers ‘face destitution’ as income support and housing cut off

Refugee advocates useful idiots describe cuts, which will affect up to 100 people, as ‘calculated cruelty to vulnerable people’

Cry me a river!

Refugee advocates attend a ‘Let Them Stay’ rally in Melbourne. Up to 100 asylum seekers and refugees in the ‘Let Them Stay’ group will lose government support.

The federal government is taking away income support and housing from up to 100 refugees and asylum seekers from Manus Island and Nauru who are currently in Australia for medical treatment.

The group, which includes families, elderly people and pregnant women, are among the more than 400 known as the “Let Them Stay” group, and the more than 260 that were party to a high court challenge in 2016.

They now face being forced into destitution, support services have said.

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4 thoughts on “Turncoat is “absolutely committed…””

  1. Civilised Humanity islamophiles and islam cannot co-exist !
    islamophiles and islams have to go !

    So we have to Remove and Permanently “incarcerate the known islamophiles
    … (Liberal) Traitor – Malcolm Bligh Turnbull (born 24 October 1954)
    … (Liberal) Traitor – Julie Isabel Bishop (born 17 July 1956)
    … (Labor) Traitor – Anthony Norman Albanese ( AL-bə-neez; born 2 March 1963)
    … (Labor) Traitor – William Richard Shorten (born 12 May 1967)
    … and the Traitor list goes on and on and on
    … and then you have the Traitor Greens

    so that the islams and the criminal African tribals immigration can be stopped and their residency reversed !!!

    Did you vote for a Traitor/Seditionist/Subversive in the last election … really you voted for an islam !!!

  2. Turnbull on religious freedom will play out like this.

    Islamisation of Australia will get a pass.

    Speech critical of Jews will come under 18C. We aren’t as bad as Germany where ‘truth / evidences / facts are no defense’ and lawyers are in jail for presenting evidence at trial on behalf of the accused – but we are getting there. Also their Kosher food tax on Australia will get a pass. As will the Halal food tax.

    Christian Biblical and Church doctrines against homosexuality will be criminalised. Christian hospitals, clinics and social services providing adoption. And they will be required to provide more state sanctioned crimes that are condemned by Christian moral doctrine.

  3. Silly… If religious freedom is not reciprocal it is war by stealth. We know well our Western politicians are in collusion with the enemy. Best thing to do is:

    1. Leave the U.N.
    2. Disvest the E.U.of their alleged authority.
    3. Close the borders to all unfit stocks for democracy and genuine human rights.

    Australia is still in time to avoid the European disaster.

  4. ““Good old Albo” is a supporter of Hamas killer zombies who want to murder Jews. Just like Shorty…..

    We can conclude from this that Albo’s electorate has a high muslim population.

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