Grooming Gangs Are Islamic, Not “Asian”

UK: See RECORD of Overwhelmingly Muslim (283/326) Jihad Rape “Grooming Gangs” Jailed vs National Cover-Up, “Since there is no record of these convictions tabulated by the agencies of the state nor the controlled media”

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Jewish schoolgirls interrogated over sex.

Not Nazi Germany, but today’s Britain: “Our daughters came home severely shaken after a day of inspection where inspectors have attempted to force alien concepts on to our children.”

Ofsted inspectors made a snap inspection and asked the pupils about sex. Parents were furious. ‘Our daughters came home severely shaken after a day of inspection where inspectors have attempted to force alien concepts on to our children,’ one said. ‘An alien discussion with our girls of their private bodies and of intimate relationships with strangers . . . serves to undermine our beliefs in every possible way.’

Can you imagine them marching into an Islamic school and starting to ask the students about sex? They would never have dared, and if they had, the cries of “islamophobia” would have resounded through the land. But this? No one will care.

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Asylum-seekers shake up European Union and America

French Newspaper Claims as Many as One Million Illegal Migrants in Libya

Whatever this French paper claims is a wild guess. Rest assured that there are not one, but many millions of black Africans ready to waltz into Europe if given the slightest chance.

Migrants arrive at the El-Kitif port in the Tunisian town of Ben Guerdane, some 40 kilometres west of the Libyan border, following their rescue by Tunisia's coastguard and navy after their vessel overturned off Libya, on August 23, 2015. 125 migrants, including 28 women, were rescued from two boats which …

The Libya correspondent for the French newspaper Le Monde has claimed the country could be playing host to as many as 700,000 to one million asylum seekers, with many waiting to come to Europe.

The claims came from journalist Frédéric Bobin who took questions from readers on the current situation in Libya and the status of the migrant crisis which has engulfed the country.

According to Bobin, “across all categories, it is estimated that between 700,000 and 1 million migrants and refugees are present in Libya. That was at least the situation in 2017.”

The journalist added that most of the migrants flowing into Libya who hope to reach Europe used to come primarily from Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia, but now they have been joined by large numbers of migrants from West Africa.


The current Pope is totally down with the NWO. World religious leaders, led by the increasingly anti-Christian Pope Francis, are playing a leading role in this great deception.

Pope Francis has called for open borders in the United States, urging authorities to take in as many refugees as they can, and has provided the examples of Germany and Sweden as models for the US to follow. 

Each country must do this with the virtue of government, which is prudence, and take in as many refugees as it can, as many as it can integrate, educate, give jobs to,” the Pope told reporters aboard his papal plane after a trip to Geneva, Switzerland.

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke

Asylum-seekers shake up European Union and America

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke

As the EU’s heads of government gather to discuss policies towards asylum-seekers, migration is causing political turmoil throughout the developed world.

Much as in the first era of globalisation, when the large-scale population movements that marked the period from the middle of the 19th century to the outbreak of World War I provoked fierce reactions, now too countries are moving to reassert control over their borders; but the strains that is inducing threaten to be as destabilising as the population movements themselves.

The continuing crisis in the US is a case in point. The fundamental problem is that Americans hold profoundly inconsistent aspirations. There is strong support for ensuring that those who enter the country illegally, and do not have good grounds for receiving asylum, are detained and deported. However, there is strong opposition to detaining children; so parents could be detained only by separating families. But since that too is strongly opposed, it is hard to see how the parents themselves could be detained.

In related news:

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Let the Bank of Africa Pay for it!

EUSSR Calls on Member States to Cough up For ‘Africa Trust Fund’

WTF came up with the idea that Europeans have to accommodate unlimited numbers of African & Mohammedan savages & pay for their upkeep?

BRUSSELS (AP) – European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is urging EU member countries to put more money into an Africa trust fund as the bloc looks to set up migrant screening centers outside Europe.

Mogherini said Monday that the fund “has proven to be useful, it has brought results and this is why we are asking for more money from member states.”EU leaders are set later this week to greenlight plans to screen migrants for eligibility as asylum-seekers at centers in countries including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Niger and Tunisia.

The plans mirror a deal that the EU clinched with Turkey in 2015 aimed at encouraging Ankara to stop refugees setting out for the Greek islands. That deal has cost more than 3 billion euros ($3.5 billion).

Europe wants to outsource asylum processing. Critics say it’s abdicating its responsibilities.

WaPo Dreck

When was it decided that white Europeans had an unlimited obligation to host culturally-unassimilable savages from the 3rd world in their countries and expropriate the wealth of their own  citizens in order to subsidize those people’s lives (and sky-high birthrates)? Rot in hell, seriously. This is not the responsibility of Europeans, Canadians, Australians and Americans. What about our own poor and unemployed?

Many migrants find themselves stuck in Ventimiglia, Italy, unable to cross to France, where police officers patrol the border.

Europe’s splintered leaders proved during an intense summit this week that they could still unify behind one big idea: pushing this continent’s migration challenges farther from its shores.

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Victoria: taxpayer-funded “safe spaces” for Muslim youth to vent hateful tirades against infidels

An investigation into the Islamic Council of Victoria reveals it’s received $2.4m in state grants since 2010

A STATE government investigation has found that Victoria’s peak Muslim body should be more accountable for the taxpayer-funded grants it receives.

The probe into the Islamic Council of Victoria revealed that the organisation has received $2.4 million in state government funding since 2010-11.

In 2015-16, three-quarters of the ICV’s revenue came from the public purse.

Islamic Council of Victoria president Mohammed Mohideen (left) at a multifaith service at St Paul’s Cathedral.
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Is this another “nothing-to-do-with-Islam” event?

Counter-terrorism police raid Brisbane home

Counter-terrorism police are searching a Queensland home, after a man was reportedly arrested on suspicion of terror-related offences early Saturday morning.

An AFP spokesman confirmed an “operational activity” was underway in the Brisbane suburb of Kuraby.

“There is no risk to the community,” the spokesman said.

Here, the same thing from SKY:

Australian Federal Police officers have raided a property at Kuraby in Brisbane’s south in what is reportedly a counter-terrorism operation. Police entered a house in a pre-dawn strike and have taken a man aged in his 20s into custody where he is being questioned about terror-related offences. Police say the operation is continuing.

In other news:

Sadiq Khan Confronted on Knife Crime: ‘We Don’t Feel Safe’
Iranian MP: Syria and Russia ‘Will Soon Sacrifice Us’ to America and Israel
Price of Child Brides Skyrockets to 300 Cows in South Sudan and Kenya

Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs: “we are a Christian country”

 Hungarian Foreign Minister: ‘We Have a Special Responsibility’ to Protect Persecuted Christians

The Hungarian government has no qualms about tailoring its foreign financial assistance to favor persecuted Christian communities around the world, a top official from the European nation told Breitbart News this week, exclaiming, “We are a Christian country.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart’s Amanda House, Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, declared that Hungary is focusing on primarily helping persecuted Christians over other groups, noting:

We are a Christian country and we have to emphasize that because currently, under a mainstream liberal media, if you say so you must be very brave. That’s why, very proudly, I want to say again that we are a Christian country and that’s why we have a special responsibility to protect our Christians brothers and sisters all around the world … If we don’t protect them, who will protect them? If you don’t speak in favor of them, who will speak in favor of them?

For us, protecting Christian communities is of utmost importance.

Szijjártó expressed disdain towards the Christian-majority European Union’s reluctance to focus its foreign assistance to the Middle East on primarily helping their fellow Christian adherents.

He said:

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Pelousi Accuses Supreme Court of ‘Violence’…

Nolte: Supreme Court Fight Will Increase Violence from Media-Sanctioned Mobs

…Nolte: Media-Sanctioned Violence Will Increase

Hollywood Implodes over Justice Kennedy Retirement: ‘This Is How You Lose a Country’

Hollywood Implodes over Justice Kennedy Retirement: ‘This Is How You Lose a Country’…

Hollywood never owned a country. Thanks GOD!

Prince William to Palestinians: ‘You Have Not Been Forgotten’

Prince William to Palestinians: ‘You Have Not Been Forgotten’

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How AUSTRALIAN taxpayers fund Islamic terrorist groups

Charity channelled millions of dollars to development centre that employed leader of terror-listed group

AUSTRALIAN taxpayer funds are being funnelled to a Palestinian aid organisation that has employed and supported a leader of a terrorist group in Gaza.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has given at least $21 million in the past decade to a Sydney-based charity set up by the unions, Union Aid Abroad — APHEDA.

This charity then channelled millions of dollars to the MA’AN Development Centre — a Palestinian organisation that employed a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Ahmed Abdulla Al Adine was shot by an Israeli sniper on May 14.
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German MPs to Bring Criminal Human Trafficking Charges Against Migrant Transport NGOs

Migrants arrive aboard 'Lifeline', a vessel for the German charity Mission Lifeline, in the harbour of Valletta, Malta, on June 27, 2018. - A rescue boat stranded for nearly a week in the Mediterranean with over 200 migrants docked in Malta on June 27, 2018, after a deal was struck …

Forty-two MPs of the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) have put their names behind an initiative to bring criminal charges of people trafficking against German migrant transport NGOs which they say “must be stopped”.

The move to bring criminal charges was organised by AfD foreign policy committee spokesman Petr Bystron, and will see the party file the charges in Augsburg this weekend, according to a statement seen by Breitbart London.


Italy’s populist government threatens to veto EU migration plan if it isn’t tough enough

Leftist journaille making it sound as if the will of the people is a dumb thing, somehow…

Italy’s new populist prime minister has threatened to veto an EUplan to tackle migration if it does not provide “concrete” policies to reduce the flow of refugees and migrants.

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Akbar Ahmed’s Islamoprop about “the glory of Muslim Spain”

Ahmed Akbar is my favorite Islamo agitprop.

Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed claims that brutal Muslim ruler represented “the idea of pluralist society in Europe”

By Robert Spencer

Historical revisionism is designed to influence current policy; Akbar Ahmed’s ongoing whitewashes of Islamic al-Andalus are clearly meant to break down resistance to the mass Muslim migrant influx into Europe today. In this piece, he claims that Abdur Rahman I’s “dynasty more than any other came to represent the idea of pluralist society in Europe.”

In reality, as I show in my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, Muslim Spain was anything but pluralist; it was miserable to live as a Christian there. Christians could never be sure that they would not be harassed. One contemporary account tells of priests being “pelted with rocks and dung” by Muslims while on the way to a cemetery. The dhimmis also suffered severe economic hardship. Paul Alvarus, a ninth- century Christian in Córdoba, complained about the “unbearable tax” that Muslims levied on Christians. Nor could Christians say anything about their lot, because it was proscribed by Islamic law, and criticizing Islam, Muhammad, or the Qur’an in any manner was a death-penalty offense.

In 850, Perfectus, a Christian priest, engaged a group of Muslims in conversation about Islam; his opinion of the conquerors’ religion was not positive. For this, Perfectus was arrested and put to death. Not long thereafter, Joannes, a Christian merchant, was said to have invoked Muhammad’s name in his sales pitch. He was lashed and given a lengthy prison sentence. Christian and Muslim sources contain numerous records of similar incidents in the early part of the tenth century. Around 910, in one of many such episodes, a woman was executed for proclaiming that “Jesus was God and that Muhammad had lied to his followers.”

Akbar Ahmed doesn’t tell you any of that, because if the public knew those facts and others, they wouldn’t favor the policies he wants the West to adopt. Don’t be bamboozled. Preorder The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS by clicking here.

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The ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ are on the way to Europe

French Jihadist Admits Islamic State Planned to Send Child Soldiers to Carry Out Attacks in Europe

A French member of Islamic State has admitted that the organisation had made plans to send child soldiers disguised as underage asylum seekers to Europe to carry out terrorist attacks.

French jihadist Jonathan Geffroy was captured by the Free Syrian Army in early 2017 and given over to French authorities later that year where currently he awaits trial for criminal conspiracy, Le Monde reports.

Geffroy was interrogated several times between September 2017 and February 2018 by the French General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI), claiming that he wanted to cooperate with the counter-terrorism organisation.

The jihadist said that he was in close contact with Jean-Michel and Fabien Clain while in Syria. The brothers are believed to be the highest-ranking French members of Islamic State still alive in the region and they were the ones, according to Geffroy, who wanted to send child soldiers to Europe to carry out attacks.

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INTERPOL: 50 Islamic State Jihadis from Tunisia Have Entered Italy Among Boat Migrants, May Be on Way to Rest of Europe

Islamic Humanitarian Top Dog Sheikh Shafiq Hudda  who called for ‘eradication’ of Israel got Canada Summer Jobs cash for last 4 years
Sheikh Shafiq Hudda, director of the Islamic Humanitarian Service, is pictured in this screenshot giving a speech at a Quds Day rally in Toronto on June 9 where he called for the "eradication" of the state of Israel.
Sheikh Shafiq Hudda, director of the Islamic Humanitarian Service, is pictured in this screenshot giving a speech at a Quds Day rally in Toronto on June 9 where he called for the “eradication” of the state of Israel.

Middle East Media Research Institute/YouTube

The Liberals are facing calls to revoke funding granted through the Canada Summer Jobs program to an Islamic organization whose leader Conservatives have accused of spreading “hatred” by calling for Israeli soldiers in Gaza to be sent home in “body bags.”

Over the last two years, the Liberals have approved the Islamic Humanitarian Service for more than $50,000 in federal grants.

Aquarius migrants in Spain throw away towels and clothes donated by the Red Cross

On June 24th several Facebook users criticised the fact that many migrants from the Aquarius boat had thrown away clothes and towels donated to them by the Red Cross.

The clothes were found in a dumpster in Cheste’s Educational Complex, where many of the migrants have been housed until they have finalised their asylum applications.

This, despite the fact that the very first night in Spain, some migrants were spotted at a restaurant in Cheste paying for drinks using €100 bills.

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