Immigration Invasion

…always the money:

Hillary Clinton Promotes Fundraising for Illegal Border Crossers

Shrillary Promotes Fundraising for Illegal Border Crossers
White House: Dems using immigration as “emotional, divisive, political play”

“The children, the children…”

Rachel Maddow cried on TV, let’s get rid of borders.

“Infants as young as 18 months are being caged like animals.” Theresa May condemns Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy: said the policy was ‘deeply disturbing’ and ‘wrong’. 

Virtue signalling dolts  want to hurt Trump, not help kids.

The journaille knows absolutely nothing about immigration and refuses to learn

The pattern is: They make the news; we find out their asylum applications were total frauds.

Our country is being victimized by a network of con-artist foreigners and America-hating left-wingers passing out fake papers, fake stories and fake scripts to Third-Worlders, who lie about seeking “asylum” to get in on the American gravy train and wreck our country.  (Ann Coulter)

Limbaugh: Border Separation Issue a ‘Manufactured Crisis’

All this kids & borders stuff is nothing but a smokescreen to detract from the attempted coup d’état by FBI & CIA swamp creatures to dislodge Trump from the presidency.

: everything you need to know about the supposedly traumatized, invasive and illegal migrants in . These people are nothing more than  economic refugees looters & moochers!


Majority of Australians believe there are too many immigrants Mohammedans entering the country, according to social research figures, obtained by Daily Mail.

13 inspiring photos of celebrities that will make you say “fuck having borders and law and shit!”

Things that bother Mohammedans from the Religion of Peace:

: “Jesus said, ‘Suffer the little children unto me.’ He did not say, ‘Let the children suffer.’

Did Jesus also say, “I know a way to go from zero to three hundred million bucks on a government salary”?

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  1. How about the “the border crosser” wanters
    are rounded up and incarcerated as the criminals that they are.

    @ last hilllary and her ilk is/are interred !

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