Move over, Donald Trump: Muslims demand a seat at the table!

Salam Al-Marayati:

Trump neglected to invite us to the White House iftar, but as Americans, as Muslims, we demand a seat at the table.

Salam Al-Marayati is the president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

In other news:

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called for a new “axis” with other European countries to combat the Islamic invasion

we need an ‘axis of the willing’ in the fight against illegal migration,” Kurz told reporters following his meeting with Seehofer, according to Deutsche Welle. “I am happy about the good cooperation that we want to develop between Rome, Vienna and Berlin. I think it marks very sensible cooperation that will contribute to reducing illegal migration to Europe.” (RELATED: Slovenian Political Leader Wants To Put ‘Slovenia First’ Agenda In Melania Trump’s Home Country)

“We shouldn’t wait until we have a catastrophe, like in 2015,” Kurz added in reference to German Chancellor Angela Merkel opening Germany’s border to take in refugees. (RELATED: Italian Politician Says Sending Back Illegal Immigrants Is A Top Priority)

7 thoughts on “Move over, Donald Trump: Muslims demand a seat at the table!”

  1. In our view, we need an ‘axis of the willing’ in the fight against illegal [& islam] migration,” Kurz told reporters [sic]

    The Arrest and “incarceration” of every past and current “authority” who has aided assisted and abetted the islam invasion – prioritised – as a matter of course !

  2. Tommy Robinson has not only awakened Britain, but nations throughout the world … [sic]

    Really – point one !
    … Then how come the islamophiles are still to be
    Removed and “incarcerated !

    Really – point two !
    … Then how come the islams are still to be
    Stopped immigrating and “Expelled !

    1. so …
      now it has come to public notice that islam criminal Sajid Javid (born 5 December 1969)
      (who was appointed by islamophile “authorities” of the UK to the position of Home Secretary
      they appointed an islam criminal)
      has placed a contract on Stephen Christopher Lennon (né Yaxley; 27 November 1982)
      for his murder while FALSELY in the custody of Traitors !

      1. No, Tommy Robinson hasn’t been moved to a 71 per cent Muslim prison” [sic] (???)
        • Where has this rumor come from?
        • Is Hull Prison two per cent Muslim?
        • Has he been moved to HMP Leicester?
        • If he has been moved there, does HMP Leicester have a 71 per cent Muslim population?
        • OK, so it must be another prison in the Midlands, right?
        • Did Sajid Javid order Robinson to be moved between prisons?
        • While we’re at it, why is Tommy Robinson in prison?

        So – There ya go … maybe !

  3. (A normal human – and) Indian chess star refuses to wear headscarf, pulls out of event in Islamic Republic of Iran [sic]

    Wearing an enforceable religious dress code
    (“There is no place for an enforceable religious dress code in sports [or ANYWHERE]” [sic])
    … in islam – It’s (now ) NOT a choice !

    (wankerMALE islams demand it (now) be worn
    … irrespective of islam bullied (some aren’t) female opinions
    … and irrespective of any non-believers of “allah” opinions) !!!

    Believe in
    … islam’s “allah” (aka muhammad – the turd but not good fertiliser)
    … the turd bit !!!
    … Otherwise – NO WAY !!!

  4. Mosque leader found guilty of sexually assaulting young girls” [sic]

    What else (kind of behaviour) would you expect from an islam male !!!
    (emulating “allah” (aka muhammad – the paedophile)) !!!

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