The odious Akbar Ahmed claims that Islam had “a largely positive impact on Europe’s identity”

Akbar Ahmed lectures Europeans who try to resist the takeover not to be “triggered due to perceived threats.”


The ugly truth.

PJ Media.

What role if any did Islam play in shaping Europe’s identity, both in the past and the present?

Akbar Ahmed, Chair of Islamic Studies at American University, Washington, DC, and author of the new book, Journey into Europe: Islam, Immigration, and Identity, claims that Islam had a largely positive impact on Europe’s identity (including by invoking the Myth of the Andalusian Paradise).

Thus, any European suspicion or rejection of Muslim migrants is wholly unwarranted.  As Ahmed elaborates in a recent article:

To understand what is happening in European politics and society today, it is necessary to understand European identity, which can be interpreted in three distinct categories-primordial identity, predator identity, and pluralist identity.  Primordial identity emphasizes one’s unique culture and traditions, and predator identity indicates the aggressive, even militaristic lengths that people will resort to in order to protect their identity. Predator identity can be triggered due to perceived threats including globalization, unemployment, economic instability, and the greed and failure of elites. Add the presence of immigrants, and a society can move in extreme and bloody directions which challenge the very notion of a modern democracy.

Note that for Ahmed, Europe’s “predator identity” is only “triggered due to perceived threats”—as if Islam never posed any real threat. Continue reading The odious Akbar Ahmed claims that Islam had “a largely positive impact on Europe’s identity”

“The Qur’an is not for you, its against you”

Don’t know who this black preacher is, but the response he evokes from this Muselmaniac is priceless:

From the Religion of Peace:

French-Muslim News Site Publishes ‘Hit List’ of Jews, ‘Islamophobes’…
Ramadan Fasting Amping Violence in German Refugee Centers…
Deported Migrant Sends Attempted Rape Victim Threats from Somalia
U.S. Public University Organizes Muslim Religious Celebration…
Democratic TV Ad Compares Trump to Osama bin Laden…
(Dutch) 1 in 3 Belgians No Longer Feels at Home in Belgium…
Over Half Million Sign Petition to Free Tommy Robinson…
German Church Cancels Procession over Religion of Peace Fears…
Man May Get German Citizenship Despite Two Wives…
Britain Gives £5 Million in ‘Aid’ to Wealthy Gulf State…
Texas Law Enforcement Bows to Muslim Advocacy (Again)…
German Girl Needs Surgery After Violent Rape by ‘Refugee’…
‘Get a Refugee to Europe’ Video Game Pushes Propaganda to Kids…
Child “War Refugee” Rapes 14-Year-Old…
Victims Call Mosque Imam an “Abuser of Children”…
Brave Warriors of Allah Put 4-Year-Old on Hit List…
71% of Brits Say Immigration is Dividing Communities…

George Soros: “How to Save Europe”

George Soros Wants the EU to Borrow Money to Pay for Unrestricted Migration into Europe

Thanks to Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna

Update: The full text of Mr. Soros’ remarks is now available with no paywall restrictions. I’ve included the text as an addendum at the bottom of this post.

An alert reader emailed us with the latest from the prominent “American” “philanthropist” George Soros:

George Soros has published a new article. It is paywalled, but the Hungarian version is not.


In the article he recommends a Marshall plan for Africa, and he seems to recommend acquiring the money for it by putting the EU into debt.

He also says, among other interesting things (and whining against Orbán):

“My opinion has always been that refugees must be distributed strictly on a voluntary basis. Member states must not be forced to take them in, nor must refugees be directed to countries where they don’t want to go.” (my translation)

This is the diametrical opposite of what he proposed just thee years ago, when he said, among other things:

“First, the EU has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future. And, to do that, it must share the burden fairly — a principle that a qualified majority finally established at last Wednesday’s summit.”

Our Hungarian translator CrossWare declined to translate the source document linked above — she said she didn’t want to help Mr. Soros spread his [expletive redacted]. Instead she volunteered to translate this report from the news portal

The “philanthropist” Soros would have Europe take out a loan for the reception of migrants

George Soros has had another perverted collection of ideas. According to him, he has now come up with the latest idea for money-laundering, because he is afraid of the European Parliament’s defeat of the immigration forces he supports, by the patriotic forces in agreement with Viktor Orbán. That is why, before it is done, the US billionaire wants to pull tens of billions of dollars from EU pockets to move migrants in bulk to Europe.

The American billionaire, who only communicates with the world through open letters, speaking declaratively of the EU’s migration plans which now being threatened with failure, reappeared with one of its favorite cannons: the EU should take out loans for the supply and reception of migrants. Soros would resolve the migration crisis by allowing more migrants, moreover, at the expense of EU taxpayers.

“How to Save Europe?” — this is the ringing title of the billionaire’s opinion piece, where he slipped his demand for money into a glaze of honeyed drool.

Surprisingly, Soros also explains why he came up with his latest plan. The great financial conspirator is very afraid of the victory of the anti-immigration forces of European nation-states, as represented by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, at the next European Parliament election. Therefore, if he could, he would do a little business on the migrants with the EU until then.

“In Hungary, Viktor Orbán based his campaign on falsely accusing me of flooding Europe and Hungary with Muslim refugees. Orbán is now defending his own Christian vision of Europe. This vision is in contrast with the EU principles,” writes the probably desperate Soros, who is the self-proclaimed defender of the EU’s non-established principles.

The financial construction advertised by Soros, “giving Marshall aid to Africa”, is essentially about making financial resources available to Soros in the amount of 30 billion euros annually from the European Union, to support the import of African migrants (he calls them “refugees”) into Europe.

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Serial pest’s courtroom showdown with Sonia Kruger will further fuel white resentment


In order to not get put in prison for thought crime, citizens of the West are required to publicly hold to the following contradictory statements:

  • White people invented the concept of race as a justification to exploit and enslave the marginalised people of the world.
  • There is only one race, the human race.
  • Islam is a race, and if you are not ethnically Islamic and you criticise Islam, you will be arrested and if you get killed in jail it’s your own fault.

And we wonder why men are climbing over themselves to cut their dicks off..

This is why we can’t have nice things. Like our penises. Photo by Web Summit

As for Sonia Kruger, the only way I can see her getting out of this one is to go full Rachel Dolezal:

“High-profile TV star Sonia Kruger will face a directions hearing next month after failing to have a racial vilification complaint made against her dismissed.

“On July 18, 2016, an emotional Kruger, 52, kicked off a social media storm by telling Nine’s Today show viewers that Australia’s borders should be closed to Muslims…

“A complaint against her July 18 comments was made by Sam Ekermawi, a Muslim living in Australia who claimed the Nine Network vilified “ethnic Muslim Australians”.

“Late on Tuesday, the Civil and Administrative Tribunal refused Nine’s application to have the complaint dismissed without a hearing.

“Mr Ekermawi has been involved in 32 hearings before courts and tribunals, 22 of them related to vilification complaints, according to evidence heard by the tribunal.”

There are two massive red flags in this – Islam is not a race, and this guy Ekermawi is clearly a serial pest – but none of that matters to Australia’s activist judiciary. The left will love this. Sonia Kruger represents everything they hate – a successful blonde woman saying what is on the minds of normal, indigenous white Australians. The Marxists would love nothing better than a ritual humiliation. My only suggestion to Kruger is to turn up the volume and attack at all costs.

As for Ekermawi and his ilk, he is playing a very dangerous game.

There is a common refrain amongst those of us with our eyes open, the idea that surely the latest Islamic terrorist attack, the latest mass Islamic rape scandal, the latest speech suppression outrage against someone who has spoken out against Islam, will wake everybody up and the tide will turn. Kruger’s case may not be a turning point, nor may Tommy Robinson’s in Britain, every time something like this happens, the pressure builds.

And inexorably, white people get more pissed.

I started this article off with three contradictory and false statements. I will conclude with three true and complementary statements:

  • Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.
  • White people are the most tolerant people on the planet, until we’re not.
  • When white people get angry, we drop hundreds of thousands of bombs. When white people get really angry, we drop two bombs.

India tries to repatriate millions of illegal Bengali Muslim settlers

In India’s Assam, Muslims fear losing citizenship

They never had citizenship to begin with, so they can’t lose it.

More than 7 million people, including 2.9 million married women, asked to prove citizenship as part of massive exercise.

Note the sly suggestion that “married women” should somehow be exempt from the law.

Migration to Assam by people of Bengali origin  has dominated the politics of Assam for decades [Al Jazeera]

Mohammedans do not have a G-d given right to settle wherever they chose in the Dar-ul Harb.

As Assam counts its citizens, Muslims fear they may be left out
Millions of Bengali origin people have lined up at thousands of centres across the state as part of the mammoth exercise to determine who is a genuine Indian citizen [Anuwar Hazarika/Reuters]
Saif Khalid

Assam, India – Bimala Begum is worried. She is among nearly three million married women in India’s northeastern state of Assam who have been asked to prove their citizenship.

“Since I received the notice, I have gone to two neighbours and asked them what to do. I am really worried,” said Begum, 37, showing the two-page government notice in the local Assamese language.

The state is currently updating the National Register of Citizens (NRC) – the first time since 1951 – as part of a government campaign to identify undocumented immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh.

The 2.9 million women, most of whom are Muslim, and nearly 4.5 million others are part of about 13 million people who were left out from the first draft NRC published on December 31 last year.

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EUrabian Breakfast…

Greece: “Women are afraid to go out of their homes, we keep our children in our houses”.

According to the mayor, Lesbos is exhausted of the ongoing dangerous situation with migrants. The people of Lesbos were once represented by the media as the people of solidarity, who even opened their homes to refugees from Syria.

Now Greeks are afraid to leave their homes due to violent Muslim migrants: “Women are afraid to go out alone, we keep our children inside our homes”: Look at what the left has done to Europe. And they (the Democrats) want to do that here to our children, our country.

Migrant camp in Greece: Muslims attack other Muslim migrants for not observing Ramadan fast, 10 injured

They don’t act like “grateful refugees.” They behave in the refugee camps as they will when they’re on the streets of France and Britain and other European countries. That’s why crime, especially rape, has skyrocketed. And it’s only going to get worse.

Ramadan Jihad in the Netherlands:

AXE-wielding Muselmaniac screaming “Allahu Akbar” attacks police, HACKS police dog to death

Three jihad attacks on police in as many days across Europe — Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Any opposition to this genocidal ideology is deemed “islamophobic.” The continent has been subsumed by the hijrah. And the left demands more immigration.

Poland: “We will not open our doors to Islamic migrants”

The only way to protect Poland from terrorist attacks is by not allowing Islamic migrants into the country, Polish European Parliament deputy Ryszard Czarnecki has said.

Denmark bans the wearing of face veils in public

Strong Majority of Brits Back Burqa Ban

Most Brits back a ban on Islamic burqas and niqabs, a survey has found, and a significant portion said Islam, in general, is not compatible with the British way of life.

Turkey distributes Qurans in Latin America

In honor of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Religious Foundation of Turkey (TDV) distributed to some Spanish Muslims in Latin American countries copies of the Holy Quran.

Germany: Corpus Christi procession canceled due to inability to provide safeguards against jihad attacks

Everything must go…..

Failed asylum seeker, 19, who tried to get into Britain by lying he was a child fleeing war-torn Syria is jailed for raping a 14-year-old schoolgirl

The Home Office rejected his application for asylum after disputing his claims to be from Syria.

What Islam is. Not.

Malay Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad wants you to think Islam is not cruel & inconsiderate

“We will ensure that it would not portray Islam as a cruel and inconsiderate religion. That is not what Islam is,” Mahathir was quoted as saying by Malay Mail.

According to the Prime Minister, Malaysian Muslims are likely to impose certain rulings that are not in Islamic teachings

Mahathir said that there have been instances where Muslims impose certain non-Islamic rulings that portray Islam as a religion that has extremely strict practices.

“We like to impose religion, when the Quran has said, ‘There is no compulsion in Islam’,” he added.

But for some reason he won’t tell you that this verse has been abrogated by the verse of the sword.

More from the Religion of Peace:

Child “War Refugee” Rapes 14-Year-Old…
Victims Call Mosque Imam an “Abuser of Children”…
Brave Warriors of Allah Put 4-Year-Old on Hit List…
71% of Brits Say Immigration is Dividing Communities…
Haley Calls Out UN for Failing to Condemn Hamas Rocket Attacks…
Belgian Terrorist Spared Hostage Because She is Muslim…
Teenage Mother Killed by In-Laws for ‘Inability’ to Birth Male Baby…
Syrian ‘Refugee’ Stabs Dutch Police Dog to Death…
ISNA ‘Disinvites’ Journalist for His Work with Israel…
Africans Tortured, Sold into Slavery in Algeria…
Court Orders Imam to Take Care of Divorced Wife, Children…
Tables Turned on Turkish Wife-Beater…
Quran University Expels 320 Female Students over Protest…
42% of Western Europe Believe Islam is Incompatible with Values…
Dispute over Digging One Grave Results in Four More…
Pepsi AUS Lets Muslim Employees Switch Queen’s Birthday for Eid…

How Progressives Justify Attacking Free Speech

As Ben Shapiro explains, progressives use a three-step argument to justify attacking free speech:

1. The validity of an argument can be judged solely by the ethnic, sexual, racial, or cultural identity of the person making the argument.
2. Those who say otherwise are engaging in verbal violence.
3. Physical violence can be justified when it stops verbal violence.

Shapiro fills in a few details:

Thanks to Moonbattery

A Scholarly Rebuttal of Muslim Propaganda

Islam and Science Expropriation

How Muslim Propagators Swindle the Western Civilization


Muslims take high pride and boast about the critical contributions “Islamic Sciences” to civilization. It would require considerable space just to recite the many so-called crucial discoveries were allegedly ascribed to Muslims’ inventions. We are told that Muslim scientists originated in the Islamic world laid the ground to public hospitals, libraries, and universities. Muslim scientists laid the foundations of agricultural science and invented the coffee. Muslim scientists developed theories of evolution long before Darwin and proposed laws of gravitation that were proved by Newton centuries later on; Muslim scientists invented “flight control surfaces” that are “believed to have come from the medieval Islamic world.”

It is amazing, in fact confusing and perplexing to enter Islamic internet sites, for example The impression is that Islam has invented everything on Earth from the beginning of history, and continues to discover and invent everything.

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