Who are the organisers of the shuttle service in the Mediterranean?

Lifeline reaches Malta, but Europe heads into migration storm

Who pays for these dodgy refugee taxis in the Mediterranean?

The stranded rescue ship with over 200 people docks in Malta as EU leaders set to meet to discuss the refugee crisis.

As EU meets to discuss ‘disembarkation platforms’, officials and rights groups warn against ‘passing the buck’.

The UNHCR expects 80,000 people to arrive in Europe by sea this year
Its not about “refugees”, its about invading Europe

Officials of northern African countries, rights groups, and the UNHCR chief have condemned European proposals to set up offshore processing centres to screen refugees, a subject expected to take centre stage as the EU begins a two-day summit in Brussels on Thursday.

The 28-member bloc, which is deeply divided over how to stem the refugee flow, will discuss what it terms “disembarkation platforms” in countries such as Niger, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt.

From the Gates of Vienna:

The Italian government is prepared to block any results of this week’s EU migration summit if a declaration of shared responsibility for sea rescues is not included. Meanwhile, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini derided French President Emmanuel Macron in a CNN interview, saying that Mr. Macron had no lessons to give Italy. Mr. Salvini also predicted that the next year will determine whether the EU will continue to exist in its present form.

In other Italian news, according to a recent poll, support for the relaxation of gun controls has risen to 39% among the Italian people.

Italy issues migration ultimatum

ITALY’S Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has issued an ultimatum to the European Union set to shake the bloc to its core as the leader declared the current EU immigration laws must be changed because “Italian coasts are European coasts”.

Unfortunately, Giuseppe insists on redistribution of unassimilable African savages. We oppose any settlement whatsoever, so we beg to differ…

Italy delivers EU SUMMIT THREAT: Conte issues migration ultimatum

ITALY’S Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has issued an ultimatum to the European Union set to shake the bloc to its core as the leader declared the current EU immigration laws must be changed because “Italian coasts are European coasts”.

The head of the newly appointed populist government said Italy is ready to battle Brussels until all member states share responsibility of migrants reaching Italian’s shores in a warning shot to the EU.

In the run up to the EU summit, Mr Conte unveiled the 10-point plan that he believe will make the EU summit a “watershed”.

In his speech to the Italian parliament, Mr Conte called for the abolition of the Dublin Regulation and a new take on immigration rules.

He said: “We need to take concrete decisions in this European Council.

“Without hesitation, ambiguity and fear.

“With the strength of a government that speaks only one language in Europe.

“This immigration meeting, thanks to us, can become a watershed.”

His plan wants to “overcome Dublin”, the set of rules regarded as notorious in Italy as they state the immigrants’ country of entry to the EU must bear the burden of examining their asylum-seeking requests.

He said: “The problem is the so-called primary movement.

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Hungary’s Orban says “Everyone should be wary of the idea of Islam being part of any European country”

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has congratulated Italy’s Matteo Salvini for calling out the NGOs ferrying migrants from Africa to Europe as “white-collar people-smugglers”, slammed the EU for backing them, and warned that “everyone should be wary of the idea of Islam being part of any European country”.

Most Muslims Believe there is Only One Islam

67% (736.3 million) of Muslims surveyed believe that there is only one true interpretation of Islam’s teachings.  Disagreements over the interpretation of Islam have sometimes resulted in deadly violence, mostly between Sunnis and Shias.  However, the acceptance of Shias by Sunni Muslims varies considerably between countries.  Though most Muslims are certain about the true interpretation of Islam, they are divided over how far to stretch the boundaries of Islam.

Most Muslims Prefer to Live Under Sharia  

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Sharia by Stealth

Slowly, ever so slowly, some Westerners are waking up to the Mohammedan modus operandi.

Sharia by Stealth, by Augusto Zimmermann

Criminalising comments deemed offensive to any religious group intimidates those who wish to freely express their ideas and opinions, a liberty our democracy has always maintained should be available to all. Such laws are antithetical to all the West represents — and all it should be defending

18c logo IIIThe infiltration of non-Muslim countries by Islam is one of the strategies Mohammed devised when creating his ideology. His initial approach was persuasion through infiltration and, if that failed, he then adopted a military strategy through conquest and total domination. This is still Islam’s approach today. The financing of universities by Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for gaining critical leverage and massive influence has been endemic in the United States but also other Western countries, including Australia. This enables these oppressive Islamic regimes to strategically insert academics who become prominent and thus extremely influential in corrupting the minds of gullible students.

There is no Centre for Western Civilisation in Australian universities. However, there are plenty of centres dedicated to the promotion of Islamic states and societies. Take a look for instance at the Centre for Muslim States and Societies at the University of Western Australia. Its director is Samina Yasmeen (BSc Punjab, MSc Quaid-i-Azam, MA ANU, PhD Tas), a self-described expert in ‘the role of Islam in world politics’. When the media reported violent protests in Sydney by radical Muslims attacking the police, she dared to create a moral equivalence between the violence of Muslims and the so-called ‘violence’ of YouTube videos that ‘inflame emotions across the Muslim world.’[1]These videos ‘violate the special place assigned to Prophet Mohammed. Any disrespect is felt as an intrusion into this sacred space’, she said.[2]

This Muslim academic claims it is the disrespect of Islam that triggers the violent responses of radical Muslims against non-Muslims. Instead of addressing the appalling levels of intolerance and bigotry within the Muslim community, Yasmeen proposes a form of punishment of those who ‘violate’ the ‘religious feelings’ of Muslims. She argues that Australians should be forced to respect these ‘religious feelings’, which cannot be ‘invaded’ by infidels.  Any criticism of Islam is, in her opinion, a primary source of Islamic terrorism and all sorts of intolerant behaviour: ‘I would argue that intentionally violating spaces sacred to Muslims or any other people falls within the space of violence. Though not obviously targeting anyone living today, deliberating inflaming emotions needs to be acknowledged as violence’, she says.[3]  Yasmeen also talks about ‘coordinating financial sanctions’ that ‘could help the Muslims deal with such attacks on religions feelings’. In order to ‘help Muslims to deal with such attacks on religious feeling’, a form of Sharia law by stealth should be imposed:

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“Netherlands is Turkey, We are the Boss Here…”

“Integration experts” are worried about the increasingly anti-Dutch attitudes of Turks living in the country, newspaper De Telegraaf reports.

“Integration experts?” What kind of animals are those?

“Wait for it”, says a young Turk in Amsterdam. “We are already the boss here now. Look around you, this is Turkey, we keep on growing in the Netherlands.

Of the Turks allowed to vote in the Netherlands, around 70% voted for Erdogan.

Islamic Terror Cost Europe €200 Billion Since 2004…

Spain: Socialist ruling party wants to give migrants the right to vote

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan/African proletariat:

The ruling party PSOE aims to facilitate the right to vote for immigrants in future municipal elections by eliminating the requirement of reciprocity and making the procedures to be a resident far more affordable and quick.

The goal of the – unelected – socialists is to clearly increase the number of immigrants who can vote in the municipal elections, so they have included a series of far more relaxed measures in their migratory policy project to enable the immigrant vote.

 Birmingham HAS FALLEN: White people are now a ‘Minority’ in UK’s second city

Birmingham is known for its segregation, ghettos and was described by TV DOCUMENTARY-MAKER ROSS KEMP as “more shocking than Afghanistan” earlier this year!

“The children, the children…”

“Homegrown” is an idiot word to misdirect understanding of the jihad threat.  Its totally irrelevant whether an Islamic terrorist was indoctrinated in a Pakistani madrassa or in a mosque in Europe.

Officials have warned that the threat from home-grown jihadis who are prevented from joining Isis in Syria and Iraq is increasing, with the group inciting global terror attacks to maintain momentum.

Western leaders have failed in their duty to identify the root cause of jihad terror; anyone who tries to educate the public about this is labelled “Islamophobic.” Organized, systematic witch hunts are increasingly directed against truth-tellers and concerned citizens, even by authorities who should be monitoring the spread of the jihad ideology, which is now deeply embedded in Western nations, via the internet and Islamic hate preachers.


Oh the Injustice! Mohammedans Decry Trump’s Travel Ban

‘A real human cost’: American Muslims decry travel ban

Al Jizz

Rights groups expect an unprecedented number of families to be separated and warn of a rise in attacks against Muslims.

‘Advancing a white nationalist agenda’

Washington, DC –  American-Muslims have decried a US Supreme Court ruling that upheld a controversial travel ban on five Muslim-majority countries, expressing anger and fear over what it will mean for them and their families.

Dozens of people gathered outside the court building on Tuesday, holding banners and shouting slogans such as “No ban, no wall” to protest against the decision on a policy Donald Trump has fought for since his first week in office in January 2017.

The ban prevents entry into the US by most people from IranLibyaSomaliaSyria and Yemen.

‘Expression of Islamophobia’

The Supreme Court’s ruling could also embolden the president to carry out further border and immigration restrictions, analysts said.

“I think not only will the ruling increase Islamophobia, it is an expression of Islamophobia,” Hooper said at the rally outside the Supreme Court.

“This is a culmination of years of Islamophobia exploited by candidate Trump and now President Trump.”


 The world is coming to an end because Trump wants to keep Moslem terrorists out.   A moslem twat on TV,  whining about this ban, compared it to world war two, when people were ‘forced to do terrible atrocities’!  Open the floodgates or we will kill you!
“Our” value free ABC opines:
The judgment potentially undermines America’s longstanding constitutional tradition of religious tolerance.
Mohammedanism is not about religious tolerance. Its about submission. But there doesn’t seem to be one leftoid in the country who understands that.

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Facebook permanently bans young anti-migration “Identitarian” movement

The anti-mass migration Generation Identity movement has been banned permanently from Facebook…Facebook confirmed that the group had been permanently banned from the platform, “citing their policies against extremist content and organised hate groups.”

Over the last few years, Westerners have been conditioned to accept madness. Calling out human rights abuses and trying to save Western countries from becoming mirror images of Islamic states is not “extremist,” and does not constitute “hate.” The young “identitarian” movement has been expanding to defend against Islamization.

Across Europe from Ireland to Slovenia, groups of young people are mobilizing against migration. A growing “identitarian” movement, led by mostly smart and tech-savvy young men, is attracting attention in its efforts to “stop and reverse” the flow of migrants from the South.

It is difficult to argue against the mission of the identitarian movement as it is stated on their website:

Generation Identity (in some countries, ‘Identitarian Movement’) is a Europe-wide patriotic youth movement that promotes the values of homeland, freedom and tradition through peaceful activism, political education, and community & cultural activities. We want to create an awareness for a metapolitical patriotic value base

Yet elected globalist leaders who continue to betray their countries have allied themselves with Islamic supremacists, and are slowly dismantling the freedoms of their societies. Members of this alliance continue to lie about, condemn and smear anyone who stands against their socialist-left and Islamic supremacist agendas. The cornerstone of any free society is free speech, dialogue and debate, which Generation Identity also promotes:

We are a non-violent youth movement that highlights the need for open and honest public debate about immigration policies, identity and the future of our nations and of Europe. Continue reading Facebook permanently bans young anti-migration “Identitarian” movement

Dutch Newspaper Office Hit By Flaming Truck in ‘Deliberate’ Attack

The Dutch police said the strike was a “deliberate action” and revealed a manhunt was underway after a suspect managed to escape the scene.

Just last week, an Amsterdam building housing two other publications, the Panorama and Nieuwe Revu, was attacked with a rocket launcher.

Nothing-to-do-with-Islam, as usual….

GettyImages-983991748A van was driven into the offices of a “right-wing” Dutch newspaper in Amsterdam Tuesday morning, bursting into flames and causing significant damage in what is being called an attack on the news organisation.

De Telegraaf, the publication targeting at around 4:00 am on Tuesday morning, described the incident as an “attack” in their coverage. Continue reading Dutch Newspaper Office Hit By Flaming Truck in ‘Deliberate’ Attack

Spain Rejects African Welfare Looters On Migrant Taxi

Spain refuses docking to migrant rescue boat as bad weather looms


Just as the term “refugee” has changed meaning over time, the word “stranded” has now changed meaning; the ship isn’t “stranded”, it can drop the migrants and refugees off in nearby , but the goal is to bring migrants-refugees to EU; it’s not about being “stranded”

Unlike the moonbats comprising our Democrat Party, some of those running Europe appear to be capable of learning. Virtue-signaling Spain recently accepted a boatload of African coloniststhat Italy had wisely rejected, offering extravagant welfare benefits and even kicking Spaniards out of their homes to provide accommodations. But it looks like pushback was sufficient to bring about a change of heart, preventing the next boatload from getting the same reception:

Spanish Economic Development Minister Jose Luis Abalos said on Monday that his country would not offer docking to a NGO boat carrying some 230 migrants rescued at sea, saying Spain could not “become the sea rescue organization for all of Europe.”

His remarks come after the boat, operated by German NGO Mission Lifeline, was turned away by both Italy and Malta, with German lawmakers who have visited the stranded vessel speaking of worsening conditions on board, and a possible humanitarian emergency as weather conditions deteriorate.

A clear-eyed Europe would recognize the refugee boats as an invading navy and an existential threat. Each one would be sent to the bottom of the Mediterranean.

Spain says it will not accept the Lifeline rescue boat left stranded in the Mediterranean after its rejection by Italy and Malta. This comes as German lawmakers describe the situation on the vessel as precarious.

Spanish Economic Development Minister Jose Luis Abalos said on Monday that his country would not offer docking to a NGO boat carrying some 230 migrants rescued at sea, saying Spain could not “become the sea rescue organization for all of Europe.”

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Le Pen: Pro-Mass Migration EU Can’t Be Trusted on Borders, Migrant Boats Should Be Sent Back to Africa

Le PenNational Rally leader Marine Le Pen has warned that the EU is ‘immigrationist’ and cannot be trusted to control Europe’s borders, and says illegal migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean should be sent back to Africa.

The veteran campaigner was defeated by globalist poster boy Emmanuel Macron in France’s 2017 presidential elections, but was estimated to have won almost half of the youth vote and around two-thirds of the working-class vote, and was returned to the National Assembly as the representative for the Pas-de-Calais shortly afterwards.After reforming and rebranding the old Front National as the National Rally, she has reemerged as an active voice against Macron, whose popularity has declined precipitously since his election. (Breitbart)

Julie Bishop gives another $20M to Muslim Mindanao in The Philippines – $40m in March, $1M in June plus $90M in education funds

British PM, Theresa May, gives £2,000,000,000 to the Muslims in Syria and wishes them “Eid Mubarak”


Egyptian cleric: The Armenian genocide is a lie; Muslims never perpetrated a racial massacre

MEMRI) Egyptian cleric Sheikh Sharif Abadi said that throughout history, the Muslims never fought peoples, never conquered in order to collect the jizya poll tax, never forced people to convert to Islam and never perpetrated a racial massacre.

According to Sheikh Abadi, the Armenian massacre was “a lie fabricated by the British in order to topple the Ottoman Caliphate.” He further said that when the Jews were banished from England, they came to the Ottoman Empire. | JNS.org

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Turkey Steps Closer to Dictatorship

Italy’s Salvini Jets to Libya, Negotiates Deal to Stop Illegal Migrants at Country’s Southern Border

EUSSR’s foreign minister Federica Mogherini is calling for member states to put more money into a rescue-Africa trust fund. Meanwhile, the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee voted to punish Hungary for its migration policies. (GoV)

EU Votes to Punish Hungary for Migrant Policies


Italy’s new anti-establishment Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini jetted to Libya to strike a deal with the UN-backed government to combat people-smugglers and illegal immigration Monday.

Salvini, who leads the Lega party which forms one half of Italy’s new populist coalition government and acts as its minister of the interior, shared the details of his visit on his Facebook page, which he uses to reach millions of supporters directly.

“I am proud to have chosen Libya as the first official overseas visit as the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy… to confront the whole problem of undercover illegal immigration from Libya to Italy,” Salvini declared.

Turkey Steps Closer to Dictatorship

Erdogan’s success ‘meant for all Muslims’

Of course. A win for Muslims only. Nothing  for the kuffar. What were you thinking?

Erdogan Declares ‘Democracy Wins’ as Arrests, Fraud Claims Mar Turkish Election

Erdogan Declares ‘Democracy Wins’ as Arrests, Fraud Claims Mar Turkish Election

  • Millions of anti-Erdoğan Turks are now terrified of the prospect of further torment under an Islamist-nationalist coalition show run by a president with effectively no checks and balances.

Christianity is on the brink of extinction in Nigeria, Leaders warn

Nigerian Christian leaders have warned that if the current rate of massacres continue, with hundreds of believers being killed each month, Africa’s most-populous nation is on the brink of decimating its Christian population by 2043.

The warnings echoed as 86 more people were killed by the largely Muslim Fulani herdsmen in attacks on Christian farmers.

North Korea Cancels Annual ‘Victory in the Fatherland War’ Anti-American Rally

North Korea Cancels Annual Anti-American Rally

German Populist AfD Party Hits Record High Popularity

French President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron referred to the resurgence of nationalist sentiment in Europe as “populist leprosy”, in a specific reference to the new Italian government. In response, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini described Mr. Macron as “a polite young man who drinks too much champagne”, and Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio said that the real leprosy is European hypocrisy. Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti said that the EU needs to rip up its existing migrant system.

In other news, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez accused Italy of being “anti-European”.


They’ve been doing that for ages. Surprised that Andrew Bolt took so long to pick it up:

The ABC reports on Saudi Arabia lifting its ban on women drivers. It is described not as a Muslim country but merely a “conservative” or “deeply conservative” one, even though the ban was driven by religious edicts. But the ABC isn’t biased, of course.

Interesting Developments

Iran: Protesters Chant ‘Death to Palestine’ in Tehran’s Grand Bazaar

A group of protesters chant slogans at the old grand bazaar in Tehran, Iran, Monday, June 25, 2018. Protesters in the Iranian capital swarmed its historic Grand Bazaar on Monday, news agencies reported, and forced shopkeepers to close their stalls in apparent anger over the Islamic Republic's troubled economy, months …

Iranian Labor News Agency via AP

Thousands of Iranians reportedly took to Tehran’s historic Grand Bazaar on Monday, forcing its shutdown in protest over the Islamic Republic’s decision to spend money on Iran’s adventurism abroad instead of helping fuel its troubled economy at home, where over 40 percent of its population is unemployed.

According to the Associated Press, the demonstrations, which appear to be an extension of nationwide protests that began on December 28 and have continued for months – cameafter protests forced two major shopping centers for mobile phones and electronics to close in Tehran on Sunday.

Video of Iranians chanting “We don’t want the mullahs” outside the Grand Bazaar spread over social media:

In what appears to be a stunning turn away from Iran’s generally anti-Semitic stance, which is replete with chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” – both long considered the “little Satan” and “great Satan” by the regime – Iranian protesters were chanting “Death to Palestine!”

Everyday Iranians have revolted against the regime’s decision to finance wars and its revolutionary endeavors in places like Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Lebanon, and its support for the Palestinian people instead of its own struggling population.

Mohammedans & Mohammedanism

Oh yes, they do worship Muhammad. “Allah”, the moon god of the ancient desert Arabs, is an unknown quantity. But Muhammed they know. And since every Mohammedan must emulate Muhammad, who are we to deny that they worship him?

Nigeria: Muslims kill 86 Christians – Media ignores to avoid damaging Islam’s image

“Nigeria: Muslims murder 86 Christians, burn 50 houses. Christians are being massacred in Nigeria but the Media ignores to avoid damaging Islam’s image”.

“The Fulani herdsmen, who are mostly Muslims, are committing genocide against Christians and non-Muslims in Nigeria”.

“The Islamic persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa has become genocide”.

Pali & Syrian Migrants Prosecuted for Sweden Synagogue Firebombing

Three migrants from Palestine and Syria have been convicted for attempted arson after attacking a synagogue in Sweden, following the announcement the U.S. embassy in Israel would move to Jerusalem.

The attack occurred in the city of Gothenburg in the south of the country last December, with a gang of a dozen masked men throwing firebombs at the building after an anti-Israel demonstration nearby where anti-Semitic chants were heard.

Why “must Italy accept” a shipload of unassimilable African savages?


Italy caved!

The Danish container ship ‘MAERSK’ landed in the port of (Sicily) in the evening with hundreds of illegal African migrants, after having  not been granted permission for several days.

Italy’s refusal of Maersk migrants 'unreasonable': Denmark’s immigration minister
The ‘Alexander Maersk’ waits off the coast of Sicily.
Danish minister for immigration Inger Støjberg says that Italy must accept migrants rescued by shipping company Maersk.

The Italian government has refused to accept migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea but reportedly asked a ship belonging to Danish freight company Maersk to rescue 113 people on Saturday.

Støjberg, herself an immigration hardliner, told broadcaster DR that the position of the Italian government was “unsustainable” and “unreasonable”

No. We will not always have Paris….