Assam: the jihad against India

Four million people Moslems have been left off a list of citizens in the northern Indian state of Assam.

Comedy from this article in the Indian media:

…we must build more impermeable border fences, and do a deal with Bangladesh to take back at least some of its illegals.

Bangladesh will never do a deal to take back illegals. Al hijrah is the greatest jihad. Those who migrate to make the world Islamic must never retreat.

People in Assam protest against the settlement of illegal immigrants in the state. (Daily Sokal)
The illegal immigration problem is largely a Muslim problem even though both Hindus and Muslims came over from Bangladesh. A cursory look at the decadal Census tells us why. Between 2001 and 2011, while the total population of Assam rose 17 per cent, from 26.65 million to 31.20 million, this surge was led by Muslims, whose population soared by nearly 30 per cent, against just under 11 per cent for Hindus. The Muslim rate of growth is more than two-and-a-half times the Hindu rate, and that could not have been possible without illegal immigration.

Four million people in northern India have effectively lost their citizenship after their names were left out of a national database of registered citizens.

The list now includes only those who were able to prove they were in Assam state before 1971.

For the people who have been left out of this list, there is fear they might become stateless or even face deportation.

Narendra Modi‘s government argues they could not produce valid documents. But Indian leaders have assured them there will not be any immediate deportations and people can appeal to have their names registered.

This all goes back to Bangladesh‘s 1971 war of independence. That is when hundreds of thousands of people fled to India to escape the fighting.

Many of them settled in the northeastern part of the country, mainly in Assam. So, have they become stateless? And will this create further division?

What are the requirements to be ‘Indian’ in Assam state?


The Great Betrayal

“International law” means sharia.

The Spectator Australia 28 July 2018

The news that, behind our backs, the team that signed us up to the greatest betrayal of this nation by its own government since federation – the Paris Agreement on climate change – has been secretly co-authoring a new treaty that will rob Australia of its sovereignty and border security is beyond belief. Yet that is what has been happening: the Global Compact for Migration is officially in the works.

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Dutton is right to reject this United Nations claptrap

Chris Merritt The Australian August 1, 2018

The Global Compact for Migration contains an affirmation of respect for national sovereignty that would have to be the world’s finest example of dissembling claptrap. It means nothing.

Also bereft of meaning is the argument that this pact is benign because its provisions are not enforceable. They don’t need to be. They work by encouraging governments to pass laws that the UN considers to be correct.

Without change, Peter Dutton is right to reject this pact. Signing up would permit the UN to make Australia a whipping boy for deviating from the terms of the compact. Continue reading The Great Betrayal

Spain, France, Germany: all going down fast

Spain Welcomes Excrement Throwing African Savages While Other European Countries Move In Right Direction (Red Ice TV)

But the real problem is “Islamophobia!”

We urgently need to confront Islamophobia in this increasingly divided nation

The key issues are power and vulnerability, not race and religion. Yet these cases are used to imply Muslim men are predisposed to attack white girls, alongside endless scare stories about sharia courts and Islamic terrorists. …

When the lies come so fast & hard, always ask them: what did Muhammad do?

Worrisome new trend in ‘ultra-right’ terrorism reflects mainstreaming of Islamophobia in France

Any form of resistance is vilified  as “Islamophobia”, a non-existent mental condition.

“If groups are forming to defend themselves,” National Rally Vice-President Louis Aliot told L’Opinion, “it is first and foremost because the state is being soft on radical Islam.” …  Arab Weekly

In other news:

Former Playboy a Radical Headbanger

Election of Islamist Pakistani Leader Imran Khan Stokes Fears of Christian Persecution

Election of Islamist Leader Muslim Fanatic Stokes Fears of Christian Persecution in Pakistan

Christian watchdog groups have voiced concern over last week’s election of former cricket star and Islamist Imran Khan as Pakistani Premier, noting Khan’s public support for the nation’s harsh blasphemy laws.

Shortly after the election, Khan—who attributed his victory to the will of Allah—told the nation that his preferred form of government is “the Islamic State as established by the Prophet Mohammad in Medina.”

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Roadside bomb, assault on compound kill 17 in Afghanistan

Roadside Bomb, Assault on Compound Kill 17 in Afghanistan

Palestinians to Pay Family of Israeli Father’s Murderer

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“Australian man”, “Queensland man”, “Logan man” or just Muselman? Jailed for 17 years

“Australian man” pleads guilty to terror charges after police claimed he stockpiled weapons for a planned attack

“Logan man” Agim Kruezi bought rifle, machetes for terror attack, court hears
  • A man who was accused of a dozen terror charges has pleaded guilty to two
  • Queensland man” Agim Kruezi pleaded guilty to two terror-related offences
  • He was initially charged with stockpiling weapons for a terror attack in Australia 
  • Details are yet to be finalised and he is due to be sentenced in late July

“A man” accused of a dozen terror charges who was set to face trial has instead pleaded guilty to two offences.

Queensland man Agim Kruezi has pleaded guilty to preparing for incursion into a foreign state and preparing or planning for a terrorist act, reported Courier Mail. 

During a brief hearing at Brisbane Supreme Court, Kruezi had ten other charges withdrawn.

Kruezi was found in possession of a firearm, machete, balaclava, military fatigues, a compound bow and arrow and a jerry can of petrol

Kruezi was found in possession of a firearm, machete, balaclava, military fatigues, a compound bow and arrow and a jerry can of petrol

He was initially charged with stockpiling weapons for a terror attack in Australia and also attempted to recruit members for Islamic State.

It was also alleged that he was preparing for incursions into Iraq and Syria and had stockpiled weapons for a terrorist attack in Australia.

Kruezi was found in possession of a firearm, machete, balaclava, military fatigues, a compound bow and arrow and a jerry can of petrol.

Australian Federal Police raided an Islamic bookstore in Logan where they were conducting an anti-terrorism investigation.

He has been behind bars since his arrest in September 2014 alongside Omar Succarieh.

Succarieh pleaded guilty to four foreign incursion offences in 2016 after he was charged for more terror-related crimes and was sentenced to a minimum of three years in prison.

Related news:

‘Islamic State bomb maker’, 25, arrested in Sydney terror raid – as a 17-year-old boy is stopped at an airport trying to flee Australia

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Manchester bomber was rescued by the Royal Navy three years before he slaughtered 22 people

Saving a Mustard is like nursing a rattlesnake in the belief it would make a nice pet that never bites.

Rescuing Islamic terrorists from Libya is really proving to be sensible isn’t it? This should be top story everywhere in the UK right now. It isn’t. This is what the left wants more of. Pathological altruism.

Act of betrayal: Manchester bomber was rescued by the Royal Navy from Libyan warzone and evacuated back to Britain – three years before he slaughtered 22 people at a pop concert
  • Both Salman Abedi and his brother were rescued from Libya by the Royal Navy
  • The HMS Enterprise took Abedi to Malta before he headed back home to Britain
  • He was on a gap year from Manchester College when he was saved by the ship 
  • Abedi’s younger brother Hashem is in jail in Tripoli facing trial over the attack
Manchester bomber Salman Abedi (pictured) was rescued from Libya by the Royal Navy

Manchester bomber Salman Abedi (pictured) was rescued from Libya by the Royal Navy

The Manchester suicide bomber was rescued by the Navy from war-torn Libya three years before his pop concert atrocity, the Mail reveals today. Continue reading Manchester bomber was rescued by the Royal Navy three years before he slaughtered 22 people

The Truth About Lakemba

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

For those who have not yet seen the stunning police reaction to Lauren’s planned visit to Lakemba, a heavily islamic part of Australia, you have to see it. The police literally just make up laws as needed to stop her. The ultimate in selective enforcement. Not just pointing at vague laws and deciding they apply to her and no one else, but literally just making up laws as they go along. Truly 3rd world.

Bleeding Hearts For Islamic Headchoppers

Euro Human Rights Judges ‘Will Block UK Plans to Waive Death Penalty Protection for ISIS Torturers’

– They aren’t UK citizens or even citizens of another EU country
– They aren’t in the UK
– Their crimes weren’t committed in the UK
– They aren’t being held by the UK
– They killed American citizens abroad in one of the most gruesome manners possible

Why does the EU care so much about foreign criminals, and not just ordinary criminals, but the worst sort. Do they want to give them asylum?

Leftists, Senior Tories Fight to Save ISIS Killers from Execution, Despite Public Support for Death Penalty 


European Court of Human Rights judges would almost certainly rule plans to not block the death penalty for Islamic State terror suspects unlawful and could order Britain to pay damages to the alleged ‘Beatles’ members, experts have said.

A letter from the Home Office to the U.S. Attorney-General, which was leaked to the media last week, prompted outcry from self-proclaimed human rights campaigners who noted Home Secretary Sajid Javid said Britain would not demand a ‘no death penalty’ assurance in the cases of Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee El-Sheikh.

On Thursday, it was revealed that Britain has since been forced to pause intelligence-sharing with the U.S. regarding the two remaining members of the so-called Beatles — a terror cell accused of beheading Western hostages — after El-Sheikh’s mother launched legal action against the Home Office.

According to Gareth Peirce, the human rights lawyer representing the complainant, Mr Javid’s decision not to seek extradition for the two men — who were stripped of their British citizenship earlier this year — so they can face trial in Britain, is illegal.

While the suspension was described by the Home Office as “only a very short-term promise” pending a judicial review, legal experts told The Telegraph that even if British justices say Britain is entitled to allow Kotey and El-Sheikh be tried in the U.S., the decision is almost certain to be struck down by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).


Plans to end European Court of Human Rights’ jurisdiction over Britain have been scrapped in the Tory manifesto. 

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Hungary, the last bastion of sanity in EUrabia

Orban: Central Europe Will Be Anti-Globalist Bastion of Christian Culture and National Identity

Hungary’s prime minister warns ‘United States of Europe’ plotters are using mass immigration to engineer a “post-national, post-Christian” super-state. 


Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has told supporters he will use his third consecutive election victory as an opportunity to advance into a “new era”, with Central Europe becoming a bastion of Christian culture and nation-state democracy as multicultural globalism turns liberal democracies into “liberal non-democracies”.


Aussie police and their bizarre reversal of responsibility


Derelict in their duty to protect but quick to charge protection money to do what they are there for: to serve and protect.

NSW treat Southern as the problem

NSW treat Southern as the problem


Noticed something sinister about our police? How they’re now helping the violent against the peaceful?

Two weeks ago, Victoria Police billed Canadian internet star Lauren Southern $68,000 for protecting her from Leftist rioters who tried to shut down her speech on multiculturalism and the murder of white farmers in South Africa.

Police charged the peaceful speaker rather than the fascist Leftists attacking her listeners.

NSW police last week proved that this bizarre reversal of responsibility was no mistake.

Again, their target was Southern. A police inspector stopped her and her small TV crew from walking along Haldon St towards Sydney’s Lakemba mosque. Inspector Rick Agius stepped in front of her and asked her “not to attend” because “they are highly religious there”.

We will no longer have Paris….

Powder Keg Paris: As a devastating report reveals 300,000 illegal migrants are living in one French suburb…

….this is a parallel state — a state within a state, with its own rules and religious courts — where allegiance to Islam comes ahead of fealty to France.

Saint- Denis
  • Andrew Malone ventured into the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis for a week
  • The neighbourhood is home to as many as 300,000 illegal immigrants
  • Many rely on crime or the ‘black economy’ to get by and live in poverty 
  • He found rule of French law, equality, religious freedom, was lost in the suburb
  • There are more mosques there than anywhere else and 35 known jihadis 

These numbers are just laughable. They pull them like rabbits out of a hat.

WATCH: Boatloads of Illegal Migrants Storm Spanish Tourist Beaches and Scatter

 Boatloads of Illegal Migrants African Savages Storm Spanish Tourist Beaches and Scatter



Saudis buy former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair for $12,000,000 

Shameless. Utterly corrupt. Read the whole thing below the fold.

Germany: Muslim migrant sexually harasses 13 women — “Nobody told me this was wrong”

Muslim migrant sexually assaults 13 German women because ‘nobody told him it was wrong’: These woman were ‘uncovered meat’ – veil-less, burka-less, out and about with no male guardian. According to Islamic teachings, he is well within his rights.

‘National Disgrace’ – UK Home Office Rejects Syrian Christians, Refugee Intake 100 Percent Muslim

‘National Disgrace’: UK Rejects Christians, Refugee Intake 100% Muslim

Not a single Christian was among the 1,112 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK in the first three months of this year, the Home Office has admitted.

Pope Admits Illegal Migration Linked to Organ Trafficking, Prostitution, Begging Rackets…
France: ‘Dozens’ of Women Complain of Sex Attacks During World Cup Celebrations 

Islam on a winning streak:

UK:  Naz Shah got Sarah Champion’s job. Think about that for a minute, then ask if you can vote for a party that replaced a woman who objected to rape gangs, with a woman who thinks victims should shut up for the good of diversity. This is Labour.

Ms Shah took her political oath of office on the Koran, in the usual manner of English-hating Muslim members of Britain’s government, and was most upset about Sarah Champion noticing the gang-rapists were mainly Pakistani gang-rapists, and described her views as incendiary and irresponsible.

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