Australia Ends Direct Aid to Palestinian Authority Amid Fears Money Is Going to Terrorists

No. There are no “fears the money goes to terrorists”. We know for a fact that the money goes to Islamic terrorists.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says she’s concerned funds may be spent on activities that ‘Australia would never support’ ■ Palestinian President Abbas says Palestinians are talking to Australian gov’t following announcement

Palestinians line up to receive porridge portions in Gaza City, May 31, 2018.

Australia has ended direct aid to the Palestinian Authority because it says its donations could increase the self-governing body’s capacity to pay Palestinians convicted of politically motivated violence.

Pope Francis Demands US ‘Close Prisons’ and ‘Open Borders’

This SOB is not sober. He is certainly no man of the Church.

Pope Francis has ordered the United States to close prisons and open borders, and has sent a delegation of Vatican cardinals and bishops the Mexican border to “inspect child detention facilities and offer a physical sign of solidarity with migrants and refugees.”

The Vatican delegation will perform a Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle on Sunday, according to reports, before embarking on a political campaign designed to use the recent child refugee controversy to promote the globalist ideology of open borders.

2 thoughts on “Australia Ends Direct Aid to Palestinian Authority Amid Fears Money Is Going to Terrorists”

  1. The big word here is “Direct” One could only imagine the “Indirect” ways they will continue to support these murdering monsters. This is epitome of political double talk with a good side order of fog and mirrors.

  2. Foreign Minister Bishop has stopped direct grants to Palestine because she’s a’feared the money might be going to finance terrorism? BS on steroids. She’s stopping the grants because she broke the eleventh commandment: ‘Thou shalt not get found out!’ The truly scary thing is that the opposition Labor Party would be a thousand times worse. It would probably increase Australia’s direct grants to Palestine, and charge anyone who says different with Hate Speech. Poor fella my Country.

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