More than 200 killed as herders, farmers clash in central Nigeria

They are Africans and mostly Christians, so of little interest to the media:

Over 200 people, most of them believed to be Christians, were massacred over three days in Nigeria this past weekend, officials and church sources are saying, as the relentless bloodshed carried out by radicals continues.

AFP | Civil rights movement called “Our Mumu Don Do” march and carry banner to protest bloody clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the vast central region that has claimed dozens of lives during a rally in Abuja, on March 14, 2018.

The Christian Association of Nigeria said on Wednesday that the current death toll in the country’s Middle Belt, based on attacks that began last Thursday and continued until Sunday, stands at 218….

The killings are a result of clashes between the radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen and local area farmers near the city of Jos, many of whom are Christians, though officials have not yet identified how many of the victims belong to each group.

Organizations representing the Fulani have denied that they are responsible for the attacks, AFP reported, though police say that the cattle-herders are indeed to blame.

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong revealed that “sophisticated weapons” were used in the latest attacks on farmlands, which he said were “reflective of a terrorist invasion.”


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