Every Mosque is a bastion of Islam; none should exist in the West

…at all three of the Abrahamic religions, which originated in the Middle East, follow the same God.

No. There is nothing “Abrahamic” about Islam. Islam is not “Abrahamic” and has nothing but mockery and contempt for the biblical prophets. 

Sharia-Style Blasphemy Laws About to Become a Reality Down Under?

Its happening  before our eyes.

In an unprecedented move, Australia has refused Lauren Southern’s visa application. After waiting an inordinate amount of time for her working visa to be processed, her Australian immigration legal team recommended she apply for an ETA (short stay tourist visa).

Islam Wants to Reverse the Battle of Tours — Hence the Mosque in Poitiers

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Islam rewrites history. 

A cautionary tale for the rest of us re how Western notions of free speech can be tossed aside in the name of “diversity” and sparing peoples’ precious feelings.

The centuries-long struggle of Europe against Islam is no longer well-understood by most Westerners. When I was young, we still studied the Islamic conquests in school to a certain extent. However, I’d wager that nowadays all pedagogical discussion leaves out this important aspect of European history, which lasted from the conquest of Iberia in the early 8th century until the Second Siege of Vienna in 1683. Whenever the interaction of Islam with Europe is mentioned, I’m certain that all our children hear about are the evil Crusaders, and maybe the later colonization of Islamic lands by European empires.

Muslims, in contrast, are well aware of their martial history. They celebrate their victories over the infidel, mourn their defeats, and burn to avenge the loss of previously held Muslim territory.

The following report from France is a perfect illustration of this dichotomy of historical understanding. Muslims know perfectly well what happened at the Battle of Tours, and why they are building a large mosque in Poitiers.

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More on this subject from Robert Spencer:

The placement of mosques throughout Islamic history has been an expression of conquest and superiority over non-Muslims.