France: 450 Islamic Terrorists to Be Freed by 2019

Gatestone Institute, by Yves Mamou

  • The same government that wants to deport Japanese investors, accepted 100,000 migrants from Sub-Saharan and Northern Africa alone in 2017 — most of them with no skills and no money.
  • The same government that wants to deport the Japanese creators of a spectacular new wine in France is about to release from prison an Al Qaeda terrorist, Djamel Beghal, linked to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015.
  • “We fear a possible connection between Muslim gangs from the suburbs and jihadists soon to be liberated on one hand, and jihadists coming back from war in Iraq  on the other”. — A source who asked to remain anonymous.

The ISIS jihadist who slit the throat Father Jacques Hamel (left), in his church in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray (right) on July 26, 2016 had been under surveillance and was being monitored with an electronic ankle bracelet.

A curious story is getting attention in France. Two Japanese winemakers who have been living in Banyuls-sur-Mer since 2016 were notified that they would have to leave France due to a lack of financial resources. Rie Shoji, 42, and Hirofumi Shoji, 38, had arrived there in 2011 with the idea of ​​ becoming winemakers. First they worked as farm workers and wine merchants in Bordeaux and Burgundy, and studied and received degrees in farm management and oenology. In 2016, they invested 150,000 euros ($170,000) to buy land. Their plan was to produce a natural, organic wine, in an area — the eastern Pyrenees — where everything is done by hand.

Their first wine, named Pedres Blanques, appeared in 2017, and was considered a “revelation”. It is already on the wine list of many famous restaurants in France and Spain. “Its price is skyrocketing,” said  their lawyer, Jean Codognès, “and the prefecture is saying that their wine has no future. The government is not thinking straight”.

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  1. There is no hope for the Frogs.

    Despite aberrations like Charles Martel, there hasn’t really been any for them since at least Charlemagne.

    (I should know – I come from an entire family of Bourbons)!

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