Victoria Police and Leftist fascists teamed up to scare Canadian “alt-right activist” Lauren Southern from speaking here.

First police tell her to pay $150,000 for protection from Victoria’s violent Left, and then hit her with a bill for “only” $65,000.

Its true: Victorian police will only uphold our free-speech laws if they get prohibitive protection money. Something’s gone wrong here.

In other news:

“Australian man” is not Australian at all:

Australian man and former Nana nightclub owner found guilty of human trafficking

Better not be trucking:

“Ceissman had been radicalised in prison”.

An Islamic convert has been banned from driving trucks after allegedly expressing a desire to attack a Sydney shopping centre and police station.

Greg Ceissman will also have to wear electronic monitoring equipment, provide a weekly plan of his movements three days in advance and live at an approved address under the 48 conditions of his two-year extended supervision order.

The order was imposed by Justice Stephen Rothman in the NSW Supreme Court on Wednesday after the state of NSW alleged 24-year-old Ceissman had been radicalised in prison.

The judge is yet to deliver his reasons for the order.

They’re not difficult to guess.