Islamic Terror, Coverups, Mo-toons & the Jiziya

Google and Twitter are prepared to break their own search engines just to silence us.

Let that sink in.

ISIS claims responsibility for Toronto shooting after cops claim it’s not terrorism 

Media hides Toronto shooter’s Islamic terror links….

Radical Sentenced to 15 Years for Plot to Kill Swedish Mohammed Cartoon Artist

Sweden: Radical Devout Muslim Gets 14 Years for Plot to Kill Mohammed Cartoon Artist

Watch – ‘No Judgement Day Until Muslims Slay the Jews’: Danish Imam on Hate Speech Charges

Watch – Danish Imam: ‘No Judgment Day Until Muslims Slay the Jews’

Abbas Vows to Use ‘Last Penny’ to Pay Palestinian Terrorists’ Salaries

Abbas Vows to Use ‘Last Penny’ to Pay Palestinian Terrorists’ Salaries

In other news:

Dennis Prager: Leftists ‘Don’t Believe in National Identities’

UN Already Had Plans To Replace Europeans With 159 Million Migrants 18 Years Ago

The UN report’s highlights were posted in a French Twitter post, which has received a lot of attention, as it sheds a different light on the refugee ‘crisis’. (BCF)

Italy’s Salvini Slams EU ‘Charity’ Offer To Pay €6,000 Per Rescued Migrant

Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has slammed an EU offer to give members states €6,000 for each migrant they rescue as “charity,” claiming the bloc simply misses the target of what is actually needed.

As part of efforts to assume a “truly shared regional responsibility” for the ongoing migrant crisis, the EU’s executive said on Tuesday that the offer would be valid for those member states willing to take in migrants disembarking from rescue boats.

But Salvini swiftly rejected the proposal, saying it is far from enough.

(From BCF)

4 thoughts on “Islamic Terror, Coverups, Mo-toons & the Jiziya”

  1. This is a Head Outta Ass moment: terrorism is not limited to kinetic attacks. “Any strategy designed to terrorize an enemy”‘ used in Tafsir Ibn Kathir “Rewards Of Jihad” and “The Book Of Jihad” in it’s List of Sunnah Acts.

    Moe terrorized his victims by sending threatening letters, a reputation for barbarian rapine, assassinations, burning date palm plantations and words. That’s right: “I bring you slaughter”, spoken to some Mekkans who mocked him.

    Isdamnic law requires every Muslim to be “an object of terror to infidels on account of his liability of attacking” see Hedaya, volume 2, pages 154….157.

    Every Muslim has three links to terror: Allah “I will cast terror”; “Allah cast terror”, Moe: “I have been made victorious with terror” and every GdM who has perpetrated an attack anytime, anywhere.

    Once the threat and the call to Jihad have been issued, everything that provokes terror and or paranoia is Isdamnic terrorism even if not done by a GdM. It is the ends that counts, not the means! See “The Quranic Concept Of War”, pg. 59.

    Need more detail & documentation? Google: “Scribd + Kab Ashraf + terror”.

  2. The e’ffing Imam quoted the infamous genocide hadith: Bukhari 4.52.177 & Muslim 41.6985. Google: “Eternal Humiliation Is Placed Upon The Jews” for the tafsir of 7.167 end times prophecy.

    There is no excuse for allowing the presence of Allah’s slaves in Dar al-Harb!!!

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