Street prayers in France are to establish dominance

Finally, someone on French TV managed to say what is obviously, and historically, true.

The goal of Islam is to turn all the lands of Dar al-Harb (the Lands of War) into Dar al-Islam ( the Lands of Islam or more accurately the Lands of Submission)

All of Europe is currently Dar al-Harb, and it will not become Dar al-Islam until Sharia Law is implemented and the people of Europe pay the jizya, the religious tax on unbelievers. This is Islam’s true nature.

Céline Pina, an ex-member of France’s Socialist Party (PS), is interviewed on French national television in a TV show hosted by David Pujadas.

Reacting to the increasing number of street prayers in France she says:

“There is no need to occupy the street. But why occupy the street? (…) because the point of the game is to mark the appropriation, because the point of the game is the visibility.”

“There is clearly a form of takeover, and the third message is to show that the faith is superior to the law and that the determination of the faithful allows them at the same time to occupy the public space and it is limitless, since the public authority, the politicians, don’t put an end to it, even if it’s completely illegal,” she adds.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the video & the subtitles.
In other news:
Anger over BBC ‘promoting Halal slaughter’ on Countryfile

Bataclan: the State stands accused

The following article by contributor Josiane Filio of Riposte Laïque denounces the cover-up by the French government of its own failure to prevent the November 13, 2015 Bataclan massacre or, at the very least, to reduce the number of deaths by allowing the security forces to do their job properly
In related news:
Arrested Far-Right Militant Plotting Attacks on ‘Radical Muslims’ Lost Daughter in Bataclan Terror Attack


Following the arrest of ten far-right militants in France earlier this week, new information has been released about the extremists including a claim that one member of the group had lost a daughter in the 2015 Bataclan terror attack.

Earlier this week police across France raided and arrested ten far-right extremists believed to have been targetting radical Islamic imams, radicalised former prisoners, and even women wearing Islamic veils for attacks.

Since the arrests, several claims have been made about the group, known as Action des Forces Opérationnelles (AFO), including several of the names of members including leader Guy S., a 65-year-old former police officer, and two other men named Dominique C., who is said to have lost his daughter in the Bataclan massacre, and Marie-Dominique R., Sud Ouest reports.

On a website associated with the AFO, the group denied any involvement of plotting attacks saying: “Everything is false in these accusations against our comrades. Our movement does not advocate violent attacks or provocations under any circumstances, which are counterproductive.”

Bataclan: digging the sword in more deeply

One of the biggest stories coming out of France these past few days has been the scheduled appearance of Islamist rapper Médine (above) …   GALLIAWATCH.BLOGSPOT.COM

The Invasion of Europe Continues as Planned

Spanish NGO boat looking for safe dock after saving 60 refugees

Italy closes ports to a refugee boat once again, and it remains unclear where the vessel will be allowed to anchor.

'Despite the hurdles, we continue to protect the right to life of invisible people,' Proactiva Open Arms said [Olmo Calvo/AP]
‘Despite the hurdles, we continue to protect the right to life of invisible people,’ Proactiva Open Arms said [Olmo Calvo/AP]

A Spanish NGO says one of its ships is “heading to a secure port” after rescuing 60 refugees and migrants off the coast of Libya, eliciting a reaction from Italy’s far-right interior minister who said they were not welcome in his country.

The migrant crisis continues with boats full of young African men. No women or children are to be seen.

Update from GoV:

A leading bishop in the Church of England says that there should be a reading from the Koran at Prince Charles’ coronation after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Lord Harries of Pentregarth says that the reading would make Muslims feel included and accepted in British society.

In other news, Spain has agreed to accept an NGO “rescue” ship carrying 59 migrants, after Italy and Malta refused to allow it to land.

George Soros says he is alarmed and frustrated at the speed in which President Trump is dismantling the New World Order.

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“The European commission introduced its controversial hotspots – intended as hubs where arrivals in so-called frontline states would be fingerprinted, identified, registered and moved on – as part of an effort to streamline the reception of asylum seekers at the height of the 2015 migration crisis.

Ten centres, five in Italy and five in Greece, were opened, but EU member states failed to accept even a small fraction of the refugees they had pledged to take, so the centres rapidly turned into squalid, overcrowded camps.

EU’s migrant centres could breach human rights, say campaigners

That would be our human rights to live free and unmolested in our own countries without being invaded by third world savages. In Europe, we are the natives.

Fears raised over policy agreed by EU leaders in Brussels

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“The politics of hate and division”

Merkel, who was solely responsible for Europe’s refugee disaster,—now wants to solve the problem, with the same genius mindset.

Germany’s Angela Merkel has drawn up a raft of measures to tighten controls on the influx of migrants undesirable third world savages, according to a document submitted to her coalition partners Saturday as she battles for political survival.

Merkel has also secured deals with 14 EU member states to take back from Germany asylum-seekers already registered in those countries, coalition sources said, agreements that could placate hardline rebels in her government.

The move comes after the European Union’s 28 members hammered out a hard-fought deal Friday to tackle migration and avert a crisis that has threatened the very fabric of the bloc.

Teetering Merkel Concedes Some Migration Controls to Stave Off Political Demise

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Londoners Confront Sadiq Khan on Knife Crime: ‘We Don’t Feel Safe’

Londonistan’s Moslem Mayor has been shouted down at a public event, with a mother explaining she and her son do not “feel safe” in his city.

Sadiq Khan refused to take responsibility for the massive violent crime wave sweeping London, once again blaming the Conservatives and calling the Government “anti-London”.

The crowd did not accept his excuses and the Mayor was “booed by the audience as he finish[ed] his speech” as the people were “very angry at the level of crime in London”, LBC editor Theo Usherwood reported.

“There are no bobbies on our street, Londoners don’t feel safe, our communities don’t feel safe,” the unidentified woman shouted at the LBC State of London event, to loud cheers from the crowd.

Khan’s comeback was some BS about “the politics of hate and division”.

“.. the politics of hate and division”???

Every Mohammedan is engaged in the politics of hatred & division. Its in their DNA. Its in their mental baggage.

Hungarian Minister Chides ‘Unbalanced, One-sided’ BBC Anchor for Pro-EU, Pro-Migration Rant


PIRRO: ‘WELL-FUNDED’ FORCES ‘DOING WHATEVER NECESSARY TO MAKE SOCIALISM HAPPEN’ Continue reading “The politics of hate and division”

Australian government squanders taxpayer dollars on highly suspicious Muslim group

Australia: Islamic group has received over US$1,750,000 in taxpayer funds since 2010, up to 75% of its revenue

“The ICV had controversially called for taxpayer-funded ‘safe spaces’ in which Muslim youth could vent extreme speech.”

They’ve apparently received enough taxpayer money to have funded those jihadi incubators themselves.

Why did the Victoria authorities give this Islamic group so much money? Do they fund Jewish and Christian and Hindu organizations at this same clip? Why the favoritism for Muslims? Do they think their largesse will blunt the force of the jihad? Unfortunately, it will not. Making war against infidels is a Qur’anic imperative (cf. Qur’an 2:190-193, 4:89, 8:12, 8:39, 9:5, 9:29, 9:73, 9:123, 47:4, etc.); there is no exception for infidels who are kind and generous to the Muslims.

“An investigation into the Islamic Council of Victoria reveals it’s received $2.4m in state grants since 2010,” by John Masanauskas, Herald Sun, June 28, 2018 (thanks to JW):

A STATE government investigation has found that Victoria’s peak Muslim body should be more accountable for the taxpayer-funded grants it receives.

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Logan Mohammedans become victims of anti-terror police raid

Instant victimhood clownery ensues:

Family ‘devastated’ after Logan terror raids, Islamic community leader says

The family of a Logan man who was charged with terrorism offences after an early morning raid are “devastated”, a leading Islamic community member says.

The 21-year-old faces 14 terrorism charges after the Joint Counter Terrorism Team and ASIO searched the Kuraby property, south of Brisbane, yesterday.Ali Kadri smiles during a discussion

Translation: Ali Kadri doesn’t want infidel dogs to wake up & get wise about Islamic terror. Go back to sleep, kaffirs!

The charges include five counts of preparing incursions into foreign countries for the purposes of engaging in hostile activities in late 2016 and early 2017, and recruiting juveniles to join him.

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UK Insanity: Trusting a Mohammedan to “Deradicalize” His Coreligionists

In once great Britain the fox is guarding the chicken coop. A sly Mohammedan, Sajid Javid, heads the Home Office, and like all good deceivers he tells us that “the threat doesn’t only come from Daesh.

“Extreme right-wing terrorism is also an increasing threat… Daesh and the extreme right wing are more similar than they might like to think.

“They both exploit grievances, distort the truth, and undermine the values that hold us together.”

Sajid Javid knows very well that there are no “values that hold us together”.  Islam has nothing to share with the kafiroon, they must be eliminated.

Why Britain’s Deradicalization Programs Are Failing

by A. Z. Mohamed

  • The two effective initiatives were, “one defying political correctness and tackling difficult issues head-on and the other directly addressing extremism in religious [Islamic] texts.” — The Times.
…..”the threat doesn’t only come from Daesh. “Extreme right-wing terrorism is also an increasing threat… Daesh and the extreme right wing are more similar than they might like to think. “They both exploit grievances, distort the truth, and undermine the values that hold us together.
  • Unwittingly, Home Secretary Sajid Javid showed just why the deradicalization programs he is defending do not work. He said nothing about the boy’s family’s religious faith, radical Islam or the narrative of hate and intolerance founded on a “radical” interpretation of the Quran and Sunna to which the boy may well have been exposed at home, at the mosque and over the internet.

In related news:

A blast from the (not so distant past)

Sadiq Khan, Lawyer For Islamic Terrorists, before complete and utter Moonbats made him the mayor of Londonistan:

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More than 200 killed as herders, farmers clash in central Nigeria

They are Africans and mostly Christians, so of little interest to the media:

Over 200 people, most of them believed to be Christians, were massacred over three days in Nigeria this past weekend, officials and church sources are saying, as the relentless bloodshed carried out by radicals continues.

AFP | Civil rights movement called “Our Mumu Don Do” march and carry banner to protest bloody clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the vast central region that has claimed dozens of lives during a rally in Abuja, on March 14, 2018.

The Christian Association of Nigeria said on Wednesday that the current death toll in the country’s Middle Belt, based on attacks that began last Thursday and continued until Sunday, stands at 218….

The killings are a result of clashes between the radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen and local area farmers near the city of Jos, many of whom are Christians, though officials have not yet identified how many of the victims belong to each group.

Organizations representing the Fulani have denied that they are responsible for the attacks, AFP reported, though police say that the cattle-herders are indeed to blame.

Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong revealed that “sophisticated weapons” were used in the latest attacks on farmlands, which he said were “reflective of a terrorist invasion.”