Pat Condell: Our Crippling Fear of the Truth

Pat Condell has discovered why anyone who won’t denounce the English Defence League as fascist is denounced as fascist. Western society is suffering from an epidemic of veritaphobia — fear of the truth. We fear the truth because it offends Islam, and offending Islam invariably leads to violence.

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8 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Our Crippling Fear of the Truth”

  1. Pat Condell is exactly what free speech is about.

    He uses hard hitting obvious facts to deconstruct PC lies.

    That’s why the progressives do not like him.

  2. I refrain from portraying the Civilization of Islam as a religion.

    Merely praying for our deaths, which they do regularly, is just as effective as praying to win the Lotto. This is protected by the First Amendment.

    The difference is in becoming the anointed hitmen of the God of the Universe. Tolerating the ambition to turn the planet into a human abattoir is unacceptable social policy and, of course, this ambition is unprotected [ by sane people ].

    Simple prosecutions for seditious conspiracy would put them in long-term federal lockup [ no parole ], in the tens of thousands. Combine that with expulsions, sans US Passport, and the Muslim Crisis in the USofA fades.

    Then we can go after them internationally. I’m willing to wage the War Against Islam they proclaim already exists.

  3. Should note that this was up on Mr. Condell’s YouTube page five years ago. Even more relevant today. That’s always a good way to to tell the difference between the truth and lies. You don’t have to change your story when you are telling the truth.

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