Why are we funding any Muslim organisation at all?  These people take us for fools. They are correct.

Andrew Bolt

Why is such money paid in the first place to an organisation that has had hate-preachers like Sheik Hilali preach at its Lakemba mosque?:

STATE government funding to the Lebanese Muslim Association to prevent violent extremism was cut off after the charity’s program failed strict compliance and financial reporting requirements.

The LMA won a $750,000 grant under Multicultural NSW’s Compact program to educate young Australian Muslims.

The Lakemba-based charity was paid the first tranche of the funding to get the program started but last financial year, after the department audited the effectiveness of the program, the remaining $376,000 was shelved.

The Daily Telegraph yesterday revealed the LMA received $4.56 million in government grants and welfare income in 2016 but spent less than half of that on community support and welfare programs.

LMA failed to declare its President Samier Dandan was the owner of a company which received $1 million in LMA funds. Picture: John Grainger

It also failed to declare its President Samier Dandan was the owner of a company which received $1 million in LMA funds. Mr Dandan denied the funds were sourced from government grant money and said the money has been paid back to the LMA.


  1. These Kaffir Government grants to Muslims, designed to prevent ‘radicalisation,’ are predicated on a false premise. Muslims living in the West don’t embrace ‘extremism:’ they simply become more observant Muslims, and start following the example of ‘the perfect man’ more closely. All the millions of dollars of taxpayer money, still being thrown continuously at Muslim organisations, will do nothing to change that reality. Even worse, the kaffir grant money will be seen by the recipients as jizzya, tribute money properly paid by subservient infidels to their Muslim overlords.

  2. Symptoms of a clueless political class desperate for votes. Have a look at the number of Muslims with daycare centres caught rorting. How they were granted licences, then given millions in funding when they often don’t speak English (Zahraa Lami, Merrylands; Fatmeh Noor,Lakemba) and spend most of their time back in the countries they “fled” from (Hassein Dandachi) is all is beyond belief. One case in Wiley Park, the owners were two Lebanese males in their 20s who managed to funnel millions of dollars worth of government grant money into Isis and it turns out they they were both living in Malaysia. They are sure laughing at us.

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