Calling an Islamic terrorist ‘sick & depraved’ gets Brigitte Gabriel censored from Fakebook

Well done, Zuckerbugger!

Anything that isn’t politically correct and in accordance with leftwing globalist standards is considered to be hate speech and automatically censored.

In direct contravention to the First Amendment to the Constitution, they are trying to turn America into Europe. They need to be broken up and dispersed in a hurry to set a precedent that such un-American actions in defiance to our Constitution will not be tolerated anywhere in America.

I’m sick of Google, Twitter, Facebook, youtube. All saying we’ll try to fix it. They won’t and they know it. We know it. No conservative voices allowed.

President Trump Planning Major Action Against Tech Monopoly Censorship

Mark Zuckerberg

The Associated Press

Facebook censored the account of ACT! for America founder Brigitte Gabriel for publishing a post which called an accused terrorist who allegedly trained children to go on school shootings “sick and depraved.”

“This is the smile of a sick and depraved Muslim terrorist who is back on the streets (on bail) after training children to shoot up schools,” posted Gabriel in response to alleged terrorist Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. “The judge who allowed this to happen should be removed from their post ASAP. If he harms anyone while on bail, the blood is on their hands.”

Though the post was also published on Twitter without being censored, Facebook allegedly removed the post from Gabriel’s account for “hate speech.”

Trump decries social media giants for “closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT”

He is right, of course, and if it isn’t stopped, only one point of view will be able to be aired in the United States. That is not what makes for a free society.

Elizabeth Heng: Big Tech Can ‘Swing Elections as They Censor Conservative Voices’

The threat is real.

Robert Spencer: Silicon Valley Blacklisting Conservatives ‘with No Recourse, No Appeal, No Discussion’

Anne Aly, spare us the Alygator tears!

SBS Australia

“I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of having to stand up against hate, against vilification.”

Get some sleep, Aly. You’re not getting paid for being tired.  You’re not in parliament to fake emotional distress.

Stop lying. Stop faking it.  You are here because of our foolish politicians. In your country, Egypt,  non Muslims are vilified, hated and murdered almost daily. You’re fooling no one.

Australia’s first female Muslim MP, Anne Aly, was moved to tears as both sides of politics join to condemn Fraser Anning’s maiden speech.

3 thoughts on “Calling an Islamic terrorist ‘sick & depraved’ gets Brigitte Gabriel censored from Fakebook”

  1. From what has been reported …
    There is only one current Australian Politician who should be in the Australian Parliament – Fraser Anning

    The rest should all be REMOVED from their positions of “authority” and PERMANENTLY “incarcerated for Treason/Sedition/Subversion or just for being an islam muhammad emulator (like Anne Azza Aly [born 29 March 1967] how you got into Parliament is a criminal act – by criminals – in itself)

    As reported in a Pickering Post article
    Even Derryn Hinch shook Anning’s hand and congratulated him on the speech before realising the media were in meltdown. He then professed to be so shocked that,“I went home to wash my hand”. What an opportunistic grub that Kiwi is?
    Not to be outdone, Pauline Hanson also claimed to have been disgusted at something she has often proclaimed as an “immigration problem”.


    That islam criminal Ally stated …
    I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of having to stand up against hate, against vilification.”

    • Just when have you done that islam criminal Anne Azza Aly

    Then what is to become of you islam criminal Anne Azza Aly
    What will you do
    … you can’t get away from being what (an intollerant islam ) & being who (an intollerable muhammadan) you are !!!

  2. Facebook has put in in “jail” again for the 4th time and I have had Black’s people send me offensive pictures of white women with black dildos and horrible filthy language and FB did nothing, yet if I tell someone watch out when the next Civil War comes and they will be in the crosshairs of a patriot’s gun then I get suspended for 30 days! Talk about double standards!

  3. Facebook, Google, etc are the new ROBBER BARONS of the 21st Century.

    The control of information has brought them into the same prominence as their predecessors, the Rockefellers, Gettys, Morgans and Vanderbilts!

    They are Monopolies and need to be broken up……

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