Fraser Anning’s speech did not consist of two words

“Final Solution” Hysterics, Part II

It is totally irrelevant that Fraser Anning used the words “final solution”. The Nazis don’t own our vocabulary.  Australia had nothing to do with what happened 70 years ago in Germany.  The hysterical reaction from the fake news media & the feigned outrage from our political clown gallery  must not allow them to derail the demand for a conversation on where the country is heading with the import of unassimilable third world savages. 

Both sides slam Anning over ‘final solution’ speech that praised White Australia Policy

Katter’s Australia Party senator Fraser Anning said Australia should ban Muslims from settling in the country and hold a plebiscite on whether to return to a European-only immigration system.

Crossbench senator Fraser Anning has drawn fire from across the political spectrum for calling for a “final solution to the immigration problem” and advocating a return to the White Australia Policy.

The Queensland senator, who replaced One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts but since joined Katter’s Australia Party, used his maiden speech in Parliament on Tuesday to call for a complete shutdown of Muslim immigration.

The phrase “final solution” is commonly associated with Nazi Germany’s persecution and systematic genocide of the Jewish peoples of Europe during World War II.

Fraser Anning and Bob Katter in June.

Fraser Anning and Bob Katter in June.

The 68-year-old defended his comments on Nine’s Today show on Wednesday morning, saying his use of the phrase was never intended as a reference to Nazism.

“If that offends anyone then that’s the way it has to be,” he said.

“I don’t regret anything.”

But his comments drew swift condemnation on social media and in political circles.

Energy and environment minister Josh Frydenberg, who has Hungarian heritage, said Senator Anning should retract his comments and “go and visit a Holocaust museum”.

“Like a number of colleagues in this place I have relatives who went through the Holocaust,” Mr Frydenberg told reporters at Parliament House on Wednesday morning.

“His comment about the final solution to immigration was insensitive, was ignorant, was divisive and was hurtful.”

Insensitive? Not.  

Ignorant? Absolutely not.

Frydenberg is the ignoramus here.

“Divisive?” Nonsense.

Allah divided the world in believers in disbelievers 1400 years ago. Too late. Nothing we can do about it.  Frydenberg is not “hurt”. He doesn’t want to debate what must be debated.


Labor frontbencher Tony Burke blasted the speech in parliament on Tuesday evening.

“There has to be a point when this parliament says enough. If we haven’t reached that point tonight then for some of us there is apparently no limit at all,” Labor frontbencher Tony Burke said.

“Senator Anning has just delivered his first speech and, in delivering the sort of bile that we get from time to time against Muslim Australians, decided to invoke the term ‘final solution’—another speech belittling Australians, dividing the nation and inciting debate.”

Tony Burke is the worst hypocrite of the lot. His whole political life depends on the Muslim vote. This pasty corruptocrat is the worst of all traitors & parasites in parliament.

The Turnbull government’s citizenship minister Alan Tudge said the speech “did not reflect the views of the government nor the views of fair minded Australians”.


“We will always maintain a non-discriminatory immigration program,” he said.

How absurd. How perverse! Do you want to be replaced by this, Aussie?

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull concurred, saying Australia was “the most successful multicultural society in the world built on a foundation of mutual respect”.

This hollow phrase melts like the snow job it is under the light of reality:

“We reject and condemn racism in any form,” Mr Turnbull wrote on Twitter.

Does this muppet (still) not know that Islam is not a race?

Senator Anning’s party leader Bob Katter will comment on the speech later on Wednesday.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson said her former colleague “went too far” and said she did not support his remarks. Senator Anning quit the party on his first day in office despite being elected by One Nation voters.

You too, Pauline?

In the speech, Senator Anning claimed a majority of Australian Muslims live on welfare and do not work.

“While all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all terrorists these days are Muslims,” Senator Anning said.

“So why would anyone want to bring more of them here?”

Prove him wrong! Stop vilifying the man!

He called for the government to ban all welfare payments to migrants in the first five years of living in Australia, labelling many asylum seekers as “welfare seekers”.

Senator Anning also called for a plebiscite on who comes to the country to allow people to decide whether they want “wholesale non-English speaking immigrants from the third world”.

“The final solution to the immigration problem is of course a popular vote,” he said.

“The final solution to the immigration problem is of course a popular vote”


The speech drew immediate criticism on Tuesday from Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane, who called it “disturbing”.

It doesn’t take much for Soupie to be “disturbed”.

“This is a deeply disturbing intervention. The use of such language risks inciting the most serious kind of hatred and violence against Muslims,” he said.

Australians need to be protected from Muslims, not the other way around, you dog.

“Anyone who knows a thing about history will have felt a shiver up their spine upon learning of Fraser Anning’s words.”

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane.

Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr Tim Soutphommasane.

While vice president of the Islamic Council of Victoria Adel Salman told SBS News the speech will “live in infamy”.

May the Islamic council of Victoria live in infamy. There shouldn’t be one.

“His use of the description ‘final solution’, surely he knows that has a very, very sinister connotation to it and for him to actually use that in a speech – in any forum – is quite hard to understand,” Mr Salman said.

He said the words constituted hate speech and may embolden others with “extreme” views.

“Hate speech” is all speech these malcontents hate.

“I would like to think that his speech will receive nothing but condemnation, complete condemnation.”

Senator Anning also said Australia was entitled to insist migrants were predominantly of the “historic European Christian composition”.

“Ethno-cultural diversity – which is known to undermine social cohesion – has been allowed to rise to dangerous levels in many suburbs,” he said.

“In direct response, self-segregation, including white flight from poorer inner-urban areas, has become the norm.”

Senator Anning called for a cultural counter-revolution to restore traditional values and redefine national identity.

He said anyone persuaded to advocate the “false claim” there was an infinite number of genders had surrendered their political soul.

There are two genders, end of story.

“To describe the so-called safe schools and gender fluidity garbage being peddled in schools as cultural Marxism is not a throwaway line, but a literal truth,” Senator Anning said.

He outlined plans to boost agriculture through re-establishing rural state banks and re-establishment of marketing of farm goods through grower co-operatives.

Other issues he noted were countering the growing threat of China, slashing government spending, building coal-fired power plants and taking back culture from left-wing extremists.

Senator Anning said Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s reign as Queensland premier was the state’s “golden age”.

More of the same here:

Australia: New Federal Senator Fraser Anning Proposes Banning Muslim Immigration; Muslims, Dhimmis, Useful Idiots Shriek With Rage

As reported yesterday by Dan Conifer for our reliably-Islamophile ABC.

“Senator Fraser Anning Gives Controversial Maiden Speech Calling for Muslim Immigration Ban”.

And it’s about time this was talked about in public. Got Muslims? Got Mosques? Got … Jihad, the unceasing struggle, by Muslims, by any and all means up to and including ultraviolent terror raids, to make Islam – that is, Muslims, the Ummah, the Mohammedan Mob – dominant – absolutely and everywhere.  I’d like to know how many of the Aussie non-Muslims who are now having conniptions and frantically condemning Senator Anning for being a ‘bigot’ and a ‘racist’, have ever – with attention – read the Quran, let alone the Sira, or a selection of the orthodox Hadiths, or taken a look at the material promulgated by the likes of Qutb or Al-Qaradawi, or taken a random stroll through the thousands of bog-standard Muslim-world sermons and youtube clips compiled in the MEMRI archives, with accurate English subtitles; nor how many of them have had a good long talk with, say, the members of the Coptic Movement Association in Australia, or with the – pitifully few – Assyrian Christians and Yazidis from Iraq and Syria that we’ve admitted into Australia in the past few years, or with Chinese Christian – or Buddhist, or Confucian – immigrants who have come into this country from either Indonesia or Malaysia, or HIndus who’ve migrated here from Bangladesh, or Sudanese Christian refugees who endured and survived the depredations of the Janjaweed and of the Muslim North Sudanese military during the Jihad that split Sudan in half, in order to discover what it is like to be a non-Muslim person living in a country where Muslims enjoy absolute dominance both politically and numerically.  Because the answer is, very often.. “generally unpleasant, and frequently deadly dangerous”. – CM

‘In a provocative first speech to Parliament, Queensland senator Fraser Anning has called for a return to a “European Christian” immigration system and a ban on Muslims migrating to Australia.

The first proposition need clarification: for I would not wish to reject non-European Christians – such as Copts from Egypt and Assyrian Christians from Iraq and Syria – who were attempting to escape from Muslim oppression and violence. Nor would I reject Hindus and Buddhists from the minority communities in Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia, who are also suffering discrimination and abuse at the hands of the dominant – and ever-more-aggressively orthodox – Muslim majorities there.  But the second proposition I support, absolutely: it is a sine qua non, if we intend to effectively defend ourselves against the Global Jihad.  Anyone who has read ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s chilling book, ‘Al-Hijra – The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”, in conjunction with ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo’s “Global Jihad”, “Faith, Power and Territory” and especially, “Islam in Britain”, which last should have been subtitled, “A Case-Study in Infiltration and Subversion”, knows that an expanding Muslim colony necessarily destabilises the host society and will, indeed, if permitted to expand without resistance, ultimately overthrow and destroy the host altogether.  – CM

‘The Katter’s Australian Party senator’s praise for the White Australia policy has been swiftly condemned as “vile” and “bile” by his parliamentary opponents.

If they want to know what ‘vile’ and ‘bile’ really look like they should go to MEMRI and view a couple of hundred accurately-subtitled Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, Urdu and Persian mosque sermons and Muslim-media talk shows and a random sampling of the content of Hamas and Fatah kiddie TV programs. – CM

“We as a nation are entitled to insist that those who are allowed to come here predominantly reflect the historic European-Christian composition of Australian society”, he told the Upper House.

“Those who come here need to assimilate and integrate”.

Yes.  No burqas, no niqabs, no demands that halal should be the norm for all food in the shops, no surreptitious practice of child ‘marriage’, forced ‘marriage’, polygyny, FGM, and ‘honour’ murders. – CM

“He said migrants should embrace the English language and Asutralian values, saying cultural diversity undermined social cohesion.

“Ethnocultural diversity.. h as been allowed to rise to dangerous levels in many suburbs”, he said.

Correction.  What is happening is that ‘diversity’ is diminishing rapidly in all suburbs where Muslims are gaining dominance. Everyone else – ‘white’ or not – eventually leaves or is driven out, and the area becomes a Muslim monoculture.  Afro-Caribbean Christians fled alongside ‘white’ Christians from certain areas in the UK, once Muslims came to dominate those areas. – CM

“In direct response, self-segregation, including white flight from poorer inner-urban areas, has become the norm”.

Not only ‘white’ flight.  It’s kuffar flight.  As I said: everyone who is not Muslim – whether they be Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, atheist, and no matter what colour they are or language they speak – will (if there is no official ‘pushback’) be driven out of areas where Muslims become a plurality and then, in the end, a majority.  Aussie journalist, Paul Sheehan, twelve years ago, in an article published in 2006, described the steady Islamisation of Lakemba and neighbouring suburbs (such as Auburn) in southwestern Sydney.  Some of those who fled were ‘white’ Aussies; and some, also harassed and attacked, were ‘middle easterners’ also, but not Muslim.

Worth quoting a chunk of Mr Sheehan’s article, to make clear what Mr Anning – not very well – is (or should be) trying to articulate.

“A Minority Causes Collateral Damage to the Way We Live’.

“One of the edges of the global clash between Muslims and the rest is a bottle shop in a small and ratty shopping mall in western Sydney. The owner of the bottle shop is suffering low-level but steady harassment from his neighbours, who want him gone.  He’s a Christian [and Sheehan notes, later in the article, that “The harassed ooperator of the bottle shop, for instance, is an Arab Christian” – CM] who has been told repeatedly, “This is a Muslim area”, and he is selling alcohol, which is proscribed by Islam.

“The one-hour parking zone outside the bottle shop is always occupied because local Muslims leave their cars there all day. The owner has written to the local council to complain, and nothing has been done. He does not want to be identified because he fears retribution. His reaction is sensible.

“A friend of mine, Jenny D, used to live in Lakemba.  **She began receiving insults from people in the street, usually Muslim women wearing headscarves, and sometimes Muslim men. If she wore a short skirt, she could expect abuse or comment. She left Lakemba.** (My emphasis – CM).

“Soon after, I moved to America, stayed away for 10 years, and thought nothing more of her story. But after I came back to Sydney I found Jenny’s experience had been part of a larger pattern.

“One particularly strong witness to this pattern was Judith, who managed an agency helping war widows, because she encountered “dozens” of cases where people were harassed by Muslim neighbours who wanted them gone. “It was common,” she told me. “A lot of these ladies couldn’t take it and moved out. It happened in Campsie, Belmore, Lakemba, Bankstown, Punchbowl …”.

“It was everything … throwing rubbish over the fence, screaming abuse, blocking the driveway, knocking fences down. One guy would throw coffee grains on the windows and bottles on the roof late at night … I confronted some of them, and the men would call me a lot of names, mostly in Arabic.”

Thus, Paul Sheehan.  As  New English Review’s own Hugh Fitzgerald has put it, in a lapidary statement, “The presence of large numbers of Muslims anywhere in the Infidel lands (Bilad al-Kufr) has led to a situation of greater daily unpleasantness, greater expense, and greater physical insecurity, than would be the case without such a presence.”   Now, back to Senator Anning. – CM

‘The Queenslander called for migration numbers to be slashed (which would be an excellent idea in any case, given the fact that we are the driest inhabited continent with a wildly variable climate and our ecosystems are already severely degraded and generally degrading even further, while more and more of our unique plants, animals and birds are being bulldozed flat by rampant urban sprawl – CM) and a ban on Muslim people migrating to Australia.

Hear! Hear!  Because.. to repeat … Got Muslims? Got Mosques? Got Jihad. – CM

“He said the Muslim community had “consistently shown itself to be the least able to assimilate and integrate”.

True dat. And not only within ‘western’ countries, but everywhere that there are Muslims in an otherwise non-Islamic society.  But it’s not only ‘the least able’.  The reality is that Muslims are not willing to integrate. They do not intend to assimilate or integrate; their goal – and it is the goal of all orthodox Muslims, it is what their cult tells them to do, in its founding texts – is to conquer, and dominate; to impose Islam, to ultimately erase the host society and replace it with an Islamic society in which the sharia is the only or main source of law, and Muslims… rule. The core Islamic principle is “do not be like them”.  Islam teaches Muslims that they must not assimilate or integrate. For, as Hassan al-Banna, a founding member of the Ikhwan or Muslim Brotherhood put it, “Islam is to dominate, and not be dominated”.  Muslim females are not to marry non-Islamic males.  Muslim males may take non-Islamic females as wives or as sex slaves; but they are told not to “love” them, they are to use and abuse them, unless and until the wife converts to Islam.  – CM

I believe that the reasons for ending all further Muslim immigration are both compelling and self-evident”, Mr Anning said.

YES.   Anyone who has read surah 48.29 of the Koran together with 9.29 (or any of the other 100+ jihad verses in the Koran; and never mind about the other Islamic texts, the Sira and the Hadiths, which are equally aggressive), and who has also studied the history of the expansion of Islam, and observed the horrendous cruelty with which Muslims, once in power, normally and routinely treat conquered non-Muslims (see for example Mark Durie, “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom”, which analyses the viciously-cruel Dhimma system), and who is also aware of the apostasy law of Islam and the ‘blasphemy’ law, knows that Muslim immigration into every remaining majority-Infidel country on earth, should be stopped, now. – CM

The record of Muslims who have already come to this country in terms of rates of crime, welfare dependency, and terrorism, are the worst of any migrant [group] and vastly exceed any other immigrant group”.

ASIO and the AFP do not need to anxiously monitor Hindu and Buddhist temples in Australia; but if they are not monitoring the mosques, they ought to be.  And since the Senator has mentioned crime, let me glancingly mention the ‘Middle East Organised Crime Squad’, which only had to be created after large numbers of Lebanese Muslims were permitted to enter Australia from the late 1970s onward. The overwhelming majority of those arrested by this Squad are… Muslims.  Not Christians, Not Jews.  Muslims.  So much so that it should rather have been called “The Muslim Organised Crime Squad”.  Let’s link another article, to go with the one by Paul Sheehan, mentioned above.  It was written by a retired policeman, Tim Priest, who saw it all happen, from the beginning; it was published in ‘Quadrant’, Volume XLVIII, Number 1, January-February 2004, and was called “The Rise of Middle-Eastern Crime in Australia”.  It lacked clarity because even Tim Priest did not fully grasp that Muslim aggression was uniquely ideologically driven, but it is still a good account of the outworking of the programme that ‘Sam Solomon’ describes in “Al-Hijra”; and it is further illuminated by the insights of Danish researcher Niccolai Sennels, “Among Criminal Muslims”.

Here are the opening few paragraphs of that article:

“I believe that the rise of Middle Eastern (sic: Muslim – CM) organised crime in Sydney will have an impact on society unlike anything we have ever seen.

“In the early 1980s, as a young detective I was attached to the Drug Squad at the old CIB.  I remember executing a search warrant at Croydon, where we found nearly a pound of heroin.  I know that now sounds very familiar; however, what set this heroin apart was that it was Beaker Valley (sic: Bekaa Valley; a location in Lebanon – CM) Heroin, markedly different from any heroin I had seen. Number Four heroin from the golden triangle of South East Asia is nearly always off white, almost pure diamorphine. This heroin was almost brown.

“But more remarkable were the occupants of the house.  They were very recent arrivals from Lebanon, and from the moment we entered the premises, we wrestled and fought with the male occupants, were abused and spat at by the women and children, and our search took five times longer because of the impediments placed before us by the occupants, including the women hiding heroin in baby nappies and on themselves and refusing to be searched by policewomen because of religious beliefs.  We had never encountered these problems before.

“As was the case in those days, we arrested every adult and teenager who had hampered our search.  When it came to court, they were represented by Legal Aid, of course, who claimed that these people were innocent of the minor charges of public disorder and hindering police, because they were recent arrivals from a country where people have an historical hatred towards police, and that they also had poor communications skills and that the police had not executed the warrant in a manner that was acceptable to the Muslim occupants…”.

If you have never read this article, click on the link and read it all, it’s very sobering stuff, and it reveals just exactly what Anning is trying to get at.  Now, back to his speech in Parliament the other day. – CM

“The majority of Muslims in Australia of working age do not work, and live on welfare.

“While all Muslims are not terrorists, certainly all (or, to be precise, most – CM) terrorists these days are Muslims, so why would anyone want to bring more of them here?”

A further point he could have made is that many Muslims, though not engaging in actual jihad attacks themselves, are complicit/ enabling/ approving; they are (to adapt the title of a famous book) “Mohammed’s willing executioners”. A very large percentage of Muslims polled in the UK were prepared to tell a pollster that they would not ‘dob in’ a fellow Muslim whom they thought was preparing a terrorist attack. One cannot know which apparently-passive Muslim may suddenly Go Jihad. Nor can one know which child or grandchild of seemingly-“peaceful’ Muslim immigrants, will Go Jihad, murderously destroying or attempting to destroy people from the host society. All that we do know is that some most assuredly will; and that the more Muslims one has, the more such murderous attacks, or attempted attacks, one will endure.  Senator Anning should have put it simply, “Got Muslims? Got Mosques? Got Jihad.  Why should we continue to play this deadly game of ‘Muslim roulette””?  Until Muslims chanting Koranic verses and howling Allahu-akbar murder a priest in a church during mass, or a rabbi in a synagogue, or a child in a Jewish school, or children in a state primary school??- CM

Senator Anning said, “The final solution to the immigration problem of course is a popular vote.  We need a plebiscite to allow the Australian people to decide whether they want wholesale non-English-speaking immigrants from the third world, and particularly, whether they want any Muslims.

He should simply have said, “We need a plebiscite to ask Australian people to decide whether they want to continue, or to stop, Muslim immigration”.  For his opponents have had an absolute field day with that unfortunate phrase, “final solution”.  It was just jam for them. – CM

“Or whether they want to return to the predominantly-European immigration policy of the pre-Whitlam [Government] consensus’.

I have written to the Senator stating that I think he should focus solely on the necessity of bringing a halt to the influx of Muslims, and stating, moreover, that not all Christians are ‘white’ or ‘european’, these days, and that indeed, I would be greatly in favour of offering asylum to Coptic Christians from Egypt, and Assyrian Christians from Iraq and Syria – people who would be excluded if one were to return to ‘white Australia’, but who are suffering dreadfully at the hands of persecuting, oppressing Muslims, and who – like their Armenian and Lebanese Christian forebears of the late 19th century – would assimilate and integrate wholeheartedly into secular-Christian Australia. – CM

“The “final solution” was a phrase used in Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler to describe the mass killing of Jewish people.

Senator Anning has not proposed killing anybody.  He has merely proposed preventing the entry of the proudly-self-declared adherents of a relentlessly-supremacist and aggressive cult – called by Sir Winston Churchill, “the religion of blood and war” –  that, if one examines its passage through time, has been responsible for enormous mass-murders, most famously the mass-murder of the Armenian Christians in Turkey, but also more recently, mass murders and displacements and enslavement of deemed-inferior black Muslims of Darfur and black Christians in south Sudan, mass murders and mass displacements of indigenous Christians in the Moluccas of Indonesia, mass murders of Chinese Buddhists and Christians in Indonesia in the 1960s, and – from the 8th to the 18th century – the murder of scores of millions of Hindus and Buddhists in India. – CM

‘Later on Tuesday night, Senator Anning dismissed the criticism of his “final solution” phrase.

“The ‘ultimate solution’ to any political question is always a popular vote”.

And that, again, is a very good reason for stopping the influx of Muslims, now; before the hijra, the immigration-invasion, results in the ‘capture’ of key electorates, and the corruption of the political process – as has happened in both India and the UK – by the lure of the Muslim ‘bloc vote’. – CM

‘Vile, racist, bigoted, and has no place in our society’.

‘Labor front-bencher Tony Burke slammed the Senator for invoking the phrase and labelled his speech “bile” against Muslim Australians.

Mr Burke needs to read the Quran, Sira and Hadiths – and listen to some anti-Jewish ‘sermons’ by Muslim imams and other rabble-rousers, as translated and made public by MEMRI – t find out what real ‘bile’ is.  He needs to find out about the Muslim principle, ‘al-wala wa al-baraa” and find out where the Quran uses the phrase ‘enmity and hatred’ and discover who it is that Muslims are repeatedly enjoined to thus regard. It is not for nothing that Wafa Sultan, ex-Muslim, raised in Syria, called her book about Islam, and its outworkings in society, “A God Who Hates”. – CM

“Another speech belittling Australians, another speech dividing the nation, another speech wanting to incite debate” he told Parliament.

Debate is exactly what we need to have.  I am sick and tired of having the wonderfulness of Muslims, and Islam, rammed down my neck by dhimmis like you, Mr Burke.  And as for ‘dividing the nation’, you blithering idiot, go find out what dar al harb is, and dar al Islam and who it is that divides the world into those two halves, one half of which – dar al Islam – is supposed to wage war relentlessly on the other half – dar al harb – until everyone in it is Muslim, Dhimmi, or dead. – CM

‘Greens leader Richard di Natale, demanded an apolgoy for the “vile comments”.

“Referring to immigrants, particularly Muslim immigrants, with the same language that the Nazis used to discuss the extermination of Europe’s Jews during the Holocaust, is vile, racist, bigoted, and has no place in our society, let  alone our Parliament”, Dr di Natale said.

Dr Di Natale, one may note, by the by, is a zealous supporter of the ‘poor palestinians’ and an egger-on of the Jihad against Israel.  His pose of concern for Jews is deeply hypocritical; he is not interested in Jews, he is interested in assimilating Muslims to Jews, so as to create sympathy – unfounded sympathy – for Muslims who historically, beginning with Mohammed, have been oppressors and killers of Jews.  But let us dispose of the absurd ‘Muslims are the new Jews’ trope; it is soon exploded, if one begins to ask oneself why so many of the remaining Jews of Europe – especially those in France – are fleeing, mostly to Israel.  The answer is that Muslim murders of Jews, Muslim violence, Muslim threats, are driving them out. And one finds, also, that polls examining antisemitism in Europe have discovered that virulent antisemitism is far more prevalent among the immigrant or immigrant-background Muslims, in Europe, than it is among native non-Muslim Europeans.  The Muslims, in short, are not ‘the new Jews’, they are, rather, very much like the Nazis, in that they are Jew-haters and persecutors and killers of Jews.  And anyone who, like Senator Anning, proposes keeping Muslims out henceforward, is therefore proposing a measure that would make Australia rather safer for Jews, in future, than it would be, if the Muslim presence is permitted to continue to expand, and expand, and expand. – CM

“Australia is a proud multicultural society that is made better every day by the contributions of immigrants”.

Like Curtis Cheng, eh, a Chinese Buddhist immigrant who worked hard, obeyed the law, served the law (as a police accountant)… and was murdered, in broad daylight, by… a Muslim. Had that Muslim’s parents – qua Muslims – been denied entry to Australian; then Curtis Cheng would still be alive. – CM

‘Labor Senate leader Penny Wong, who was born in Malaysia, rejected the speech.

I would like to know how old she was when she came to Australia; and what, if anything, her parents have told her about the systematic discrimination meted out to the Chinese non-Muslims, in Malaysia, by the dominant Malay Muslims; in many ways it is a de facto dhimma system.  I have heard quite a bit about it, from Malaysian Chinese Christians who had come to Australia to study at university, because they were denied access – qua non-Malay and non-Muslim – to university in Malaysia.  Has Ms Wong ever asked her parents why they chose to leave Malaysia, and whether it just possibly had something to do with perceiving that there was no future for them, as non-Muslims, in an ever-more-Muslim Malaysia? – CM

“My parents were married in the dying days of the White Australia Policy”, Senator Wong said.  “We’ve rightly consigned that policy to the dustbin of history”.

Senator Anning would have done better to focus, simply, on the necessity of keeping Muslims out, in order to protect the existing social ecosystem from being devoured by the grimly supremacist Islamic monoculture. – CM

‘Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Alan Tudge, said Senator Anning’s comments did not reflect the views of the Government.

But now that the idea – of stopping Muslim immigration – has gotten out into the open air, people are talking about it, it cannot be unthoght. And surely many people will be thinking: if Muslims had not been let in, Curtis Cheng would still be alive; if Muslims had not been let in, numbers of other people, too, would still be alive, who now are dead.  And we would not have to have a Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad. We would not have faceless women parading up and down our streets and through our shopping centres – no other immigrant group, no matter of what colour or creed, requires their women to wear masks in public.  We would not have anything like as many cases of FGM, or surreptitious polygyny.  We would not have people marching down streets shouting, “Kill the Jews”, “Death to Israel!” Or holding up signs saying, “Behead anyone who insults the Prophet”. We would not have the enormous expenditure of man-hours and money that are required in order to try to track and nip in the bud all the proliferating jihad mass-murder plots.  – CM

‘Senator Anning replaced One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts in Parliament after Mr Roberts wa found to be a dual citizen.

‘Senator Anning’s speech was reminiscent of Pauline Hanson’s first speech as an MP in the mid-1990s.

‘The One Nation founder called for multiculturalism to be abolished, saying Australia was in “danger of being swamped by Asians”.

Inarticulate and prejudiced as she was, she was onto something… or why has the ABC recently run a whole slew of articles discussing and deploring the way in which the totalitarian despots of communist China have been deploying ‘soft power’ in Australia, in particular, by making use of Chinese expats and ethnic Chinese resident in Australia?  – CM

Then there is a second article, on the ABC’s AM programme, with political correspondent Louise Yaxley, and political reporter Stephanie Borys, telling us all about yet more frantic virtue-signalling by dhimmis and useful idiots, and some crocodile tears from Muslimah MP Anne Aly.

“MPs Condemn Fraser Anning for Controversial Maiden Speech Which Called For a Ban on Muslims”.

‘Both houses of the Federal Parliament have widely condemned Queensland senator Fraser Anning for advocating a return to the White Australia policy, and using a Nazi phrase, but he is unapologetic.

‘Senator Anning used his maiden speech last night to call for a complete overhaul of the immigration system, insisting most migrants should be from a European Christian background (he would have been smarter to simply insist on migrants being non-Muslim;the rest being negotiable on a case-by-case basis!  and he should have perhaps sought to emphasise the need to prioritise non-Muslim victims of Muslim oppression, in our humanitarian/ refugee intake– CM) and all Muslims should be banned.

‘In that speech he used the phrase ‘final solution’, which was the phrase used by the Nazis under Adolf Hitler which meant annihilating Jewish people from Europe.

Jews in Europe in the 1930s were not behaving toward Europeans as many Muslims now resident in Europe are behaving nowadays.. nor as Muslims routinely behave toward minority non-Msulims in all countries where they, Muslims, are dominant.  That said, Mr Anning’s use of the phrase was a major tactical error and someone should have told him so before he made the speech.- CM

‘He called for a national vote on who should be allowed to enter the country.

“The final solution to the immigration problem is of course a popular vote” he told Parliament.

He should have said, “I call for a plebiscite on the scale and composition of immigration into Australia.  I call also for the people of Australia to be specifically asked whether they wish to halt Muslim immigration into Australia.”   That would have offered no ‘handle’ for the Virtue Signallers to seize upon. – CM

‘It has been strongly criticised by politicians from across the divide in both chambers, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull describing the “final solution” as a “shocking insult” to those who died in the Holocaust.

A holocaust of which a great many Muslims eagerly approve; Hitler is much admired throughout the dar al Islam, and Mein Kampf, in Turkish and in Arabic translations, is a hot best-seller. Muslims will claim that the Shoah did not occur (i.e. that the Joooz are lying about it, that it is a hoax) or, privately, be very happy that it did occur, and applaud the Nazis for killing off so many Jews.  Hajj Amin al-Husseini was great friends with Hitler, and enthusiastically egged him on in his efforts to destroy European Jews.  Hitler admired Islam; Muslims admire Hitler; many fleeing nazis, after the fall of the third reich, were welcomed into the lands of the dar al Islam, where many – e.g. the notorious Jew-hater Johann Von Leers – rapidly converted to Islam. Those are a few facts that might be publicly brought to the attention of our pious virtue-signallers. – CM

‘But Senator Anning is unmoved and his party leader Bob Katter (among whose forebears, be it noted, are Lebanese Maronite Christians who endured the seven hells of dhimmitude under Muslim overlords, before managing to escape and flee to Australia – CM) has called the speech “magnificent” and “solid gold”.

‘Mr Katter said he discussed the speech with Senator Anning before he delivered it.

As I said, they should have reworded it to avoid the phrase ‘final solution’, because it’s the phrase that – taken totally out of context – his opponents, all the zealous Islamophiles, have obsessively focussed upon. One would think that he had proposed that all Muslims currently already resident in Australia be exterminated, rather than that he had merely quite mildly and sensibly proposed that – in light of manifest problems associated with Muslim already present, problems not presented by any other immigrant group – we should not permit any more foreign Muslims to enter, and settle in, Australia. – CM

“His speech was absolutely magnificent, and it’s everything that this country should be doing.”

‘When challenged this morning on the use of the term, Senator Anning told Channel Nine he “didn’t even think about that, funnily enough”.

He should have. – CM

“I know that Mr Frydenberg earlier on had a go at me on that, but the fact is, all I said was, the final solution to the immigration problem is a vote of the Australian people”, Senator Anning said.  “That has nothing to do with “the final solution”, the thought police got onto that.  Good men died for our right to say whatever we wanted to say, and use whatever words we want to use.  If people want to take it out of context that is entirely up to them”.

“It was never meant to denigrate the Jewish community (and he could have added, “who are, by the way, persons most endangered by an increasingly aggressive Muslim presence, as we see today in France and the Netherlands and numerous other European countries” – CM), it is two words, and if that offends anyone, unfortunately that is the way it has to be.  I don’t regret anything, I am not going to apologise or regret anything that I say”.

‘Senator Anning joined Parliament last year as a One Nation senator, but has since defected to Katter’s Australian Party.

‘Crossbench Senator Derryn Hinch was sitting in the Upper House listening to the speech and said it was excruciating.

“It was Pauline Hanson on steroids”, he told the ABC’s AM program.

“There as hardly a group of Australians he did not offend, unless you were close to being a member of the Ku Klux Klan”….

Regardless: anyone who knows anything about the jihad doctrine of Islam, the apostasy law of Islam, the blasphemy law of Islam, who has read the Islamic founding texts, who knows about the Dhimma, who knows about taqiyya and multifarious other sacralised forms of malevolent deceit, who has observed the fact that non-Muslim indigenous minorities and expats are neither safe nor free in any of the 57 OIC member countries and that it is Muslim countries that are amongst the worst countries in the world in which to be a woman, will support Senator Anning’s call to put a stop to all further immigration of Muslims into Australia.  And since Mr Hinch has mentioned the Ku Klux Klan, perhaps he should be instructed as to the ferocious Arab supremacism coded into Islam. – CM

‘Senator Hinch called it one of the most “disgraceful, racist, homophobic, divisive, misogynist, spiteful, hateful speeches” he had ever heard.

Let’s just forget about the fact that if we stop Muslims flooding into Australia, we stop an influx of people who are taught to hate – hate, hate, HATE – all kuffar qua kuffar (but Jews, most especially); and whose cult is ferociously misogynistic and ferociously homophobic (as is moderately obvious, for example, from recent developments in Indonesia).  – CM

‘Senator Hanson took offence at Derryn Hinch referring to Senator Anning’s words as “Pauline Hanson on steroids”.

“I am appalled by Fraser Anning’s speech” she said.  She was not in the Upper House when Senator Anning gave the speech last night, and criticised the senators who were there and chose to shake his hand. “How gutless are members in this Parliament?  The fact is, if you were so appalled, yoiu should have got up and walked out of the place” Senator Hanson said.

The Greens moved a motion in the Upper House to censure Senator Anning over his comments, but it did not get enough support to pass.

Now that is interesting. – CM

‘The Senatte did, however, pass a motion recognising the merits of immigration and multiculturalism, and a similar motion was moved in the House of Representatives.

Fools.  But at least they weren’t specifically lauding the merits of Muslim immigration and  of Islamisation of our society and nation. – CM

‘Many MPs and Senators spoke during the debate over those motions, in shared condemnation of Senator Anning’s speech.

Falling over themselves to proclaim that Islamisation of Australia must not be impeded – it must be facilitated – and that Muslims, and Islam, must never be criticised. – CM

‘The Prime Minister rejected Senator Anning’s repeated references to Islamic terrorism as a reason to end Muslim migration.

“The vast majority of the victims of Islamist terrorism are Muslims”, Mr Turnbull said.

If I had a dollar for every time I hear this line being burbled by Defenders of Islam, I’d be a rich woman by now.  It ignores the doctrines of Islam. It ignores the jihad imperative. It pretends that the Quran, Sira and Hadiths do not say what they say, and it ignores the bloody history of Islamic jihad against numerous non-Muslim societies, and the gross cruelties practised, under the Dhimma system, by ordinary Muslims, against members of non-Muslim minorities.  Pious Muslims always kill to terrorise into greater conformity those they deem insufficiently-Islamic; but all that means, is that they are treating those ‘slack’ Muslims as if they were kuffar. It doesn’t mean that lax Muslims are not dangerous to kuffar. – CM

“Let’s be clear, those who seek to demonise all Muslims on the basis of the crimes of a tiny minority (bzzzzt ! buzzword bingo – it’s onlyatinyminorityofextremists – CM) are helping the terrorists.”

Idiot!  Mr Turnbull, please read William Kilpatrick.

“We often hear it said that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and reject violence… (but) even if only a small percentage of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are prepared to use violence, that still works out to a large number….

“There is a good deal of polling data to suggest that the vast majority of Muslims are not just your standard-issue vast majority.  For example, Pew polls of public opinion in Pakistan and Egypt show that the vast majority (about 82 percent) favour stoning for adultery, amputation for theft, and death for apostates.  So, even if a majority in these countries are not personally inclined to violence, they have no problem with the violent application of sharia law…”.

The question is, is there something about Islamic cultures that make them more susceptible to warlike attitudes more of the time?…”.

If you haven’t read this article by Kilpatrick, do.  It demolishes the casual assumptions of the likes of Turnbull, who entirely ignores the jihad doctrine of Islam, the grim Islamic division of the world into dar al Islam and dar al Harb, and the bloody outworkings of Islamic doctrine throghout 1400 years of history. 

And as for the nonsensical claim that if we ‘demonise all Muslims… we are helping the terrorists’… Mr Turnbull needs to get a grip and realize that all we need to do, to be targets of jihad terrorist attack, is to be.. non-Muslims, people who do not think mohammed was a prophet, and who live by systems of law other than the sharia of Islam. – CM

“Be very clear about this.  I say this as Prime Minister, whose most solemn responsibility is to keep Australians safe.”

Really, Prime Minister? Then: stop letting in Muslims!!!  Got Muslims, got mosques, got Jihad, you blithering idiot. Don’t you grasp it, yet?  The more muslims we have inside our gates, the more jihad we will get, guaranteed. The more Muslims you let into this country the less safe I – a practising Christian – feel.  – CM

‘Cabinet Minister Josh Frydenberg had relatives who went through the Holocaust, and this morning slammed the words as ignorant, insensitive, divisive and hurtful.

“The Nazi war machine was responsible for the deaths of more than 10 million innocent lives, including 6 million Jews and 1.5 million children”, Mr Frydenberg said.

And if the British had not bowed to Arab Muslim threats and nonsense-and-lies and created an iniquitous White Paper that in the late 1930s slammed shut the doors of Mandatory ‘Palestine’ against many, many Jews that might otherwise have been able to flee there and find refuge, that toll would have been signficantly smaller.  Mr Frydenberg: you, as a Jew, would be much, much safer, and all your fellow Aussie Jews with you, if Mr Anning’s proposal were to be implemented, and Australia closed its gates against any further influx of Muslims.  The more Muslims there are in Australia, the less safe are Australian Jews.  Or haven’t you noticed who it is, exactly, who – right now – is terrorising Europe’s remaining Jews, murdering not a few of them, and driving them out?  Muslims!  Who is it who – according to a number of opinion polls – represents the most antisemitic group currently present in Europe?  Muslims!   Mr Anning is proposing a measure that will protect you and yours, along with the rest of us, and you’re condemning him? You, Mr Frydenberg, don’t know who your friends are. – CM

‘Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton told Parliament he strongly supported the motion moved by Labor to condemn racism.

“All of us unite together to fight against the scourge of racism”, he said.

What race is Islam, Mr Dutton? Do tell? What race is Samantha Lewthwaite, white British convert to Islam and now running around Somalia with Al Shabaab?  A ban on Muslim immigration would be – necessarily- colour-blind; it would simply exclude Muslims, of all colours, including white converts to Islam, or Bosniak and Albanian and Chechen and Circassian Muslims… Muslims such as the white Muslims who detonated bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. – CM

‘Labor MP Anne Aly, who is a Muslim, broke down as she spoke during a motion supporting Australia’s non-discriminatory immigration policy.

Which, at present, seems to somehow discriminate very effectively against the victims of Muslim persecution and oppression – against Copts from Egypt and Assyrian Christians from Syria and Iraq  -whilst allowing in , by the hundreds and thousands, their unrepentant persecutors and oppressors, namely, Muslims. – CM

‘Ms Aly told Parliament she was proud of the response form all sides of politics against Senator Anning’s speech.

Translation: “Oh, good Dhimmis! Gooood well-trained Dhimmis!  It’s so nice to see you suppressing the wicked blasphemer who has dared to criticise Muslims and propose an impediment to the hijra-driven Islamisation of Australia!” – CM

‘But she said she was sick of being forced to defend multiculturalism.

Pffft.  Islam is not about multiculturalism. Islam is all about the ultimate imposition of an Islamic monoculture: a global sharia despotism. Islam Islam, Uber Alles, as John Roy Carlson acerbically observed.  And I bet you know that, Ms Egyptian Anne Aly. – CM

“I’m tired of fighting, I’m tired of having to stand up against hate, against vilification, time and time and time again”, Ms Aly said.

Oh, cry me a river, Ms crocodile-tears-hijabi Aly.  Tell that to the Copts. Tell it to the Christians and Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan, who live under the boot of the Muslims, constantly hated, vilified, abused, degraded, exploited, oppressed.  Tell it to the Yazidi and Iraqi Christian girls enslaved by Islamic State. Tell it to the Jews of Israel and elsewhere who hear the Musilms menacingly invoking Mohammed’s murderous raid on the peaceful Jews of the Khaybar Oasis. Tell it  – oh, do tell it – to Aasia Bibi and all the other victims of shrieking Muslim accusations of ‘blasphemy! blasphemy!”  Your cult, Ms Aly, could even be described as a religion of hatred.  Come on, Ms Aly, will you explain to us what al-wala wa al-baraa is all about?  And those verses in the Quran that enjoin ‘enmity and hatred’?  Your cult is rotten with hate, Ms Aly. It is full of bizarre vilification of Jews and Christians and everybody else who isn’t Muslim.  And you dare to whine about ‘vilification’ and ‘hate’ if anybody dares to point out the unpleasant contents of your cult texts, and the assiduity with which many pious Muslims have obeyed the vile teachings of those texts. – CM

‘Shadow Multicultural Minister Tony Burke gave a passionate speech in response to Senator Anning.

“There has to be a point when this Parliament says enough, and if we haven’t reached that point tonight, then for some of us there is apparently no limit at all”, he said.

Mr Burke: I said ‘enough’ when Curtis Cheng was gunned down by a pious Muslim with a gun he got in a mosque. As far as I am concerned, I’ve had it with Muslims and the proliferating jihad plots; and I want a stop to Muslim immigration, right now. That’s my‘enough’.  I want a stop to the pouring in of Muslims and the proliferation of mosques aka command-and-control centres of jihad recruitment and incitement; I want a stop before we have an attack like the one in Nice, or like the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, or like the broad-daylight ritual murders of the French priest in his own church and of Lee Rigby and of Theo Van Gogh, or like the mass murder at the Bataclan, or the murder of eight-year-old Miriam Monsonego by an allahu-akbaring Muslim, Mohammd Merah; I want us to stop bringing in more Muslims, before some Muslim plotter eludes the expensive vigilance of ASIO and the AFP and we have a mass murder of tens, or dozens, or scores or hundreds of people. 

Post scriptum:  I would encourage all Australian readers of this blog who, like me, think that a ban on further Muslim entry into Australia is an elementary self-defence measure long, long overdue, to communicate, post haste, with Senator Anning, and state their support for such a ban.  And letters to Mr Burke, and to Minister Dutton, and to the Prime Minister, making exactly the same point, briefly and clearly, should also be sent; just to reinforce the point that there are a lot of us out there who have had enough, and who do not desire any further Islamisation of Australia. We want to remain free and safe; and we wlll not be free and safe, if any more Muslims are let in; the 600,000 Muslims already present – out of whom pullulates an extraordinary amount of criminal activity, and an ever-increasing array of murderous jihad plotters – are already making us less free and safe than we would have been, had no Muslims ever been admitted to Australia.