German’s told not to worry about Islamic conquest

CDU politician Barbara John

Merkel Party Member Tells Germans Not to Worry About Becoming a Minority

A member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has penned a column telling Germans they should not be worried about becoming minorities in their cities.

CDU politician Barbara John has claimed “it is only a matter of time before people with a migration background make up the majority of the population in larger cities,” and that Germans should not be worried, in a column the 80-year-old penned for German paper Tagesspiegel this week.

Last year, Frankfurt became the first city in Germany in which native Germans are a minority and almost all the recent population growth in the country has been shown to have been driven by mass migration.

“The trend towards the rapidly growing proportion of migrants is irreversible,” according to John who added that Dutch cities like Amsterdam and the centre of Rotterdam, in which the native Dutch are not the majority, prove that fears of becoming a minority were “unfounded”.

There is no plan ‘B’ for this. Can we hold Barbara John personally responsible for the consequences?

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