Paul Weston, Ezra Levant, and the MEF on Tommy’s Release

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna:

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media (whom Tommy thanked for his help) filed this report from London about the conditions Tommy had to endure while he was inside:

As Tommy acknowledged in his brief video from home, the Middle East Forum provided him with major financial support and legal assistance. Their efforts were crucial in securing his release from prison. Here’s the press release from the MEF:

The Middle East Forum applauds the release of Tommy Robinson from prison this morning, after the UK anti-Islamist activist won his appeal over a contempt of court sentence.

In June, Mr. Robinson, a long-time target of UK authorities, was covering a rape-gang trial involving Muslim defendants in England when he was arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced to 13 months prison, and jailed — all in the course of five hours, all while denied access to counsel.

The full resources of the Middle East Forum were activated to free Mr. Robinson. We:

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Theresa May announces the end of free speech in UK: “We value free speech…we also value tolerance to others”

This heralds the end of the freedom of speech in Britain, for May’s statement is flatly self-contradictory. Who will decide whether one’s criticism of Islam has shaded over into becoming “intolerant”? Presumably the police or some governing authorities. But the freedom of speech is designed precisely to protect people from being prosecuted or persecuted by the governing authorities because their speech dissents from the accepted line. It was developed as a safeguard against tyranny.

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Gareth Lloyd

The fact that Downing Street has pop up security bollards, a set of 20ft wrought iron gates and very big men with machine guns, tells us that the government knows the country isn’t safe anymore.
However we can’t employ a security detail and fortifications, and until the government has to live with the consequences of their failures, then they will carry on pursuing policies that puts money in their pockets, and makes the country not only dangerous, but in places unrecognisable.

How is it right that they get to live safely behind ramparts and fortifications, and we not only pay for this security but have to live with the consequences as well.

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  1. Theresa May: ugly, treasonous Bitch you make my anus itch! Devil take you!!!

    Tolerance, when applied to the intolerant, becomes an absolute evil. 3.85 declares that only Isdamn is accepted. 3.110 declares that Muslims are the best of peoples for the people. Bukhari 6.60.80 adds: “as you bring them to Islam with chains on their necks”.

    Sahih Bukkari 1.8.387 informs us that our blood and treasure are not sacred to ‘slimes and we have no rights until we become ‘slimes.

    Hedaya, vol. 2, page 141 informs us that, under Isdamnic law, we can be attacked without provocation.

    If I were an Englishman, in Great Shitin, I would p[ray for the privilege of pissing on yer grave!

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