Just as Steyn foretold: wild scenes in Chemnitz

Just as Steyn foretold: wild scenes in Chemnitz

Mark Steyn examined various European demographic and political trends back in 2006, leading to a bleak prediction:

My view of Europe in 20 years’ time is that you’ll be switching on the TV, you’ll be looking at scenes of burning and conflagration and riots in the street. You will have a couple of countries that are maybe in civil war, at least on the brink of it.

You will have neofascists’ resurgence in some countries and you’ll have other countries that have just been painlessly euthanized in which a Muslim political class has effectively got its way without a shot being fired – and large numbers of people, particularly young people, have left those countries and have moved on to whoever will take them.

In Chemnitz, Germany, week-long anti-immigrant rallies show that Steyn’s prediction is coming true – eight years ahead of schedule:

[The] levels of aggression and support – some 6000 people in one demonstration – have unnerved this city and stunned the nation …

The extremists have openly saluted Hitler and chased down immigrants in targeted attacks. Fuelled by Facebook posts spreading what one German official described as “fake news,” the crowds have gathered so quickly they have twice left police overmatched.

Dozens of people have been injured in duelling demonstrations. Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the “mob-like behaviour” that is “at odds with the rule of law in our country” …

Police and demonstrators clash

The ability of once-disparate extremist groups to work together this week and mobilise such large crowds on such short notice has set off worries that xenophobic messages are finding a more receptive audience in Germany, as the country seeks to integrate more than 1.5 million recently arrived asylum seekers.

Integration doesn’t seem to be working:

The turmoil in Chemnitz began with a middle-of-the-night fight: A 3am altercation that left a 35-year-old German citizen dead of stab wounds. A Syrian and an Iraqi – both in their early 20s – have been detained in connection with the killing.

Neatly connecting Germany’s two historic totalitarian impulses, the Chemnitz demonstrations kicked off beneath a giant bronze bust of Karl Marx:


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