Anne Marie Waters

How Jihadist ideology is gaining power through the back door — and with our blessing.

Last week I read a shocking statistic.  It is not a surprising statistic, but a shocking one nonetheless.  Figures now reveal that a staggering 40% of people under age five in Germany come from a migrant background.  That is to say, almost half of young children in Germany are not ethnically German.

Some would argue that this doesn’t matter a great deal, people are people, and Germany will still be Germany.  But even if we try to persuade ourselves that this is the case, deep down we all know it is not.  Germany was German because of the German people. Now, in a couple of generations, it will be something else: the place formerly known as Germany.  This will particularly be the case if, as I suspect is likely to be the case, many (if not most) of those under fives come from an Islamic background.  That will change the face of Germany forever.  Indeed it is already doing so.

In my book, Beyond Terror – Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy – I argue that it is immigration from Muslim societies that will defeat Western civilization.  Terrorism will not.  The West will not lose a military war against the Islamists, it only needs to lose the demographic war, and the culture war, and that has already been lost.

The UK, for example, has for decades seen massive immigration from the Muslim world, and this has changed the country beyond recognition.  Female genital mutilation is now so widespread in the UK that specialist (taxpayer-funded) clinics have been established across the country to deal with the medical aftermath of this crime.  There are eight such clinics in London alone, and a new one opened last year in Wales (attended by a Labour politician, who tweeted how pleased she was to have an FGM clinic in her area).  While we build shiny new clinics, not a single person has ever been convicted of this crime.

Police show great ‘cultural sensitivity’ to FGM, and as a result, nobody is punished.  There’s a reason for this.  The reason the police pussy-foot around FGM is the same reason they pussy-foot around forced and child marriage: because the majority of cases involve Muslims.


British society has in effect capitulated to Islam; the law is subject to the requirements of Muslim scripture and not the other way around.  Just recently in Britain it was also revealed that the Home Office (the government department ultimately responsible for both law and order and immigration) has been turning a blind eye to forced marriage for some years.  We have therefore accepted it.  We’ve accepted it because we will not offend or upset Muslims, that is the priority of our law enforcement, just as it is when 1,000s of young British girls are gang-raped by gangs of Muslim men.

Britain and Europe are losing the battle for our moral and cultural soul, and it is this reality that is handing victory to Sharia.  The stated aim of the Muslim faith, as demonstrated throughout scripture, is the global subjugation of the non-Muslim to Sharia.  Jihadi terrorists aim to achieve this through terror, others are achieving it through immigration and the exploitation of human rights laws.  Muslim advocacy groups routinely use language of ‘human rights’, ‘inclusivity’ and objections to ‘discrimination’ in order to normalize Islamic practices in Western society.  They also demand restrictions on free speech, thereby impairing our ability to object.  We are slowly but surely reflecting an Islamic state.  A person in Britain is perhaps just as likely (if not more likely) to be prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ as for raping an underage girl.  ‘Hate speech’ will very often amount to criticism of Islam, or more importantly, Muslim immigration.

The key to saving the West from Islam is to end mass immigration, deport those immigrants who simply will not adapt to our laws (for example deporting non-British citizens who practice FGM or child marriage), and robustly apply the law to all people, regardless of their religion.

There are no signs of this happening however, and no signs either that the immigration is going to stop, or even reduce.

While we focus on terror, Islam is defeating us through the back door.  Terror is not the problem, ‘extremism’ is not the problem, Sharia is the problem and whether it is achieved via the bomb or the ballot box, Sharia will be the result.  It is that result we must prevent, and we must act now to do so, or the Western world will disappear not with a bang but with a whimper, and with our own consent.


My comment here:

The sharia & the jihad are just milestones on the road to implement Islam.

The will to resist is the problem.

Talking about “Islamists” & “extremism” is the problem.

Demographics is the problem.

Muslims are the legitimate owners and rulers of all infidel lands

When the Mohammedans migrate to an infidel land, they do not enter a foreign land. They are actually occupying a land which Allah has reserved for them. Every Mohammedan will tell that the entire earth belongs to Allah. Therefore, every Muslim has the inalienable right to move to an infidel land and occupy it for the sake of Allah.

The will to fight them is the problem:

Stop, for god’s sake stop, importing trouble—and Muslim immigrants, as a whole, necessarily mean trouble, in all lands where the political and legal institutions, and social arrangements, are flatly contradicted by the Shari’a. Muslims are obligated to change or tear down those institutions, in order to remove all “obstacles to Islam.” It is not special or individual malice that prompts that attitude. That is their duty, a central duty. Why not come to fully and soberly understand that duty, and out of a minimal sense of self-preservation, cease to import those into our lands (America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and every other place that has so generously admitted, under a twisted definition of “refugees,” people who do not, and can not, wish our ways or institutions or constitutions well.

Hugh Fitzgerald.

“The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels”

The “T” word is out of the bag, and it makes the soldiers of Allah and their useful idiots in the West go apeshit. Yes, we are talking openly about the concept of religiously mandated lying “to protect” Islam, to pull the Islamic wool over the eyes and ears of increasingly suspicious unbelievers.

And the dhimmi “authorities” are complicit.

Capice? Comprende?


  1. The core of modern Western Civilisation is Judeo-Christianity and Ellenism. Any degenerate ideology in opposition to such core, born in the West, would produce a tyrannical dictatorship anyway even without Islam.
    Islam could develop in the West thanks to such poisoning ideologies, which appear to me braced into an alliance with Islam, against Judeo-Christianity, aiming at achieving a global domination otherwise unattainable.
    What is more amazing is that the Vatican seems to be at the top of the globalist agenda in cooperation with Islam in the new vessel known as “Krislam “.
    If the Western People will not react with unity and awareness, by rejecting firstly the internal cultural poison, the developing dictatorship will be essentially their fault, as the job of Islam is to conquer in its own way and not to adapt to freedom and democracy.

  2. Perhaps you didn’t notice the Jesuit Coup when the Communist Revolution took power in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. This was called Vatican II. Before Vatican II you had all of the history of the Church against Muslim aggression against the West – wars, opposition, an official view of Islam as anti-Christian and all that. Then at Vatican II you had the all the KGB bishops from the Russian Church (the real ones sadly murdered among the 50 million genocided in the Bolshevik Revolution) , then you had a new mass with lots of Kumbaya and let all the religions unite bullshit. Then came JPII the big Koran Kisser. Now we are all supposed to be worshipping the same god and on the same page with the global caliphate.

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