War Against Free Speech Means the Left is Trying to Take Over the Internet

Alex Jones is now an unperson, straight out of the plot of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Regardless what you think of him and Infowars, this is the equivalent of digital book burning and sets a horrifying precedent for mass censorship by Big Tech.

The Attack on Jones Is An Attack on Free Speech

CNN has the chutzpah to deny  they were lobbying for Infowars to be shut down for months now, while simultaneously saying they are defending Freedom of the Press. Perfidious.

The Purge: Paul Joseph Watson on Silencing of Infowars

Despite Alex Jones’ tendency to indulge in conspiracy theories, Infowars must have redeeming qualities, or leftist tech companies would not be in effect colluding to silence it. One redeeming quality is Paul Joseph Watson, who sounds off while YouTube still lets him:

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Tech Giants Admit Alex Jones Censorship Part of A Larger Take Down Of Internet Freedom

This issue is not about engaging in “hate speech” or “violating community standards.” It’s about whose speech and ideas are favored and whose are opposed.

Alex Jones: Matt Drudge warned about liberal crackdown on conservative voices

Michael Savage, left, talked with InfoWars chief Alex Jones, right, about banning conservative voices.

Efforts by liberal tech companies and prominent Democrats to clamp down on conservative sites is exactly the type of “deplatforming” that Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge warned about years ago, according to Alex Jones of InfoWars, the latest outlet targeted for silencing.

Jones, who saw his voice slashed or eliminated this week on Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Spotify because of “hate” speech rules, said he is the “beta test” of a liberal move to quiet conservatives in a late bid to thwart Republicans from keeping control of Congress.

On Michael Savage’s radio show, Jones said that in silencing conservative voices, the Democrats are working from a blueprint drawn up in the Senate to take over the internet.

We need to talk about Alex Jones

Donald Trump Jr.: Big Tech and Democrats Want to Kill News Outlets Like Breitbart News

Donald Trump Jr. Warns: Big Tech and Democrats Want to Kill News Outlets Like Breitbart News

They’re doing it already. Taking Alex Jones’ Infowars  down makes that very clear.


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Claim: CNN’s Brian Stelter Mocks Alex Jones Following Big Tech Censorship Blitz

Claim: CNN’s Brian Stelter Mocks Alex Jones Following Big Tech Censorship Blitz

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