France: Interior Minister Replaced With Dimbulb Who Calls Islam a “Religion of Happiness & Love”

Islam is a ‘religion of happiness and love’ says new French minister in charge of the police

After Gerard Collomb abruptly quit, left his job and basically announced that a civil war may happen in France in the near future, a new Interior Minister has been appointed.

Muslim couple in Strasbourg, France –

His name is Christophe Castaner and he is, as of today, in charge of France’s police and intelligence.

But Castaner’s remarks on Islam may leave the French people with doubts of his understanding of the gigantic problem that this religion poses, especially in France, a country that suffered immensely by Islamic terrorism.

In related news:

For example, in a radio interview for RTL, when asked about the possibility of a hijab’s ban, he refused to consider such a ban and went as far as comparing the Islamic veil with… the Catholic veil.

“Some years ago, when in France, our mothers wore a veil, wore a Catholic veil, we didn’t even ask questions”.

Or this one, when he said that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam : “We must stop talking about the Islamic State, they betray the religion they pretend to serve”.

And lastly, another example of his naïveté on Islam: in a TV interview, he equated Islam with the Catholic religion.

“Some, in the name of Islam, have unacceptable behaviours. But it has nothing to do with the religion that is Islam, which is a religion of happiness, love, like the Catholic religion is”.

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  1. Wow. I suppose the only book on Islam he has read is by Karen Armstrong! lol France is doomed, doomed I say. They spurned LePen for Macron. Why?

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