Is it no longer okay to be white?

As Colognization continues, Germans have been figuring out what is being inflicted on them: soft genocide, the result of which will be the same as with hard genocide. This is in accordance with the malevolent dreams of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, primary Founding Father of the ideology prevailing within the Eurocracy. The Kalergi Plan calls for blending the European race out of existence. Black Pigeon Speaks sounds the alarm:

The immigrant army marching on the USA from Central America in a scene straight out of The Camp of the Saints reminds us that whites will soon face demographic eradication not only in Europe.

This has got to be stopped before it is too late. (Moonbattery)



The Morrison Government make itself a joke. It votes in the Senate that it’s “OK to be white”, but then say it’s not because racists say so. Which means dozens of its Senators are either sheep or racists.

The stupid is hair-raising on on Bolt’s blog’s comments. Do take a look. its bad.  I mean real bad.

Klein to Australia: Ignore ‘Arab Street’ Myth, Move Embassy to Jerusalem


Brooklyn: Muslim who beat Jewish man while screaming “Allah” now charged with hate crime

They had to drag the judge kicking & screaming to make this decision:

“Sources confirmed to YWN that the Brooklyn District Attorney upgraded the charges on Friday afternoon, after inexplicably resisting calls and recomendations [sic] all week to do so.”

Why did they resist? So as not to appear “Islamophobic”?

Swedish SJW Facing Jail After Blocking Deportation of Criminal Afghan

That broad even looks dumb. Wouldn’t you like to beat the living shiite out of her?

Pro-immigration activist Elin Ersson could face up to six months in jail after disrupting a flight to prevent the deportation of a criminal Afghan asylum seeker, as prosecutors in Sweden said they have indicted the 21-year-old for breaking aviation laws.

The student was hailed as a heroine by the liberal international media in July when she single-handedly blocked the Afghan’s deportation flight from Gothenburg to Turkey, livestreaming her protest to Facebook.

Jordan Cancels Part of Peace Agreement with Israel

Jordan Cancels Part of Peace Agreement with Israel

Time for Trump to tell this insolent little punk which way the wind blows.

Pope Francis Calls Catholics to ‘Global Solidarity Walk’ for Migrants

Who will rid us of this commie POS?

Pope Francis waves to faithfuls after presiding over a canonization ceremony in St Peter's Square at the Vatican, on October 14, 2018. - Pope Francis canonizes two of the most important and contested figures of the 20th-century Catholic Church, declaring Pope Paul VI and the martyred Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero …
Pope Francis plugged the one-million-kilometer “Global Solidarity Walk” for migrants and refugees Sunday, urging all Catholics to participate in the pro-immigration event.

The walk, organized by international Catholic relief service Caritas Internationalis, involves walking “side by side with migrants and refugees” but also has an explicitly political purpose. By walking together, we “send a strong message of unity to political leaders,” organizers declare.

The pope tweeted Sunday that the pro-immigration walk was like the journey of two disciples on the road to Emmaus after Christ’s resurrection, where they were joined by Jesus as they traveled.

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  1. Dick Von Clovenhoof Klergi?!

    Liberals have been taught the fallacy that the idea of “nations” is what has always caused all past wars – the simple and “jealous” struggle for other’s territory.

    Furthermore, they think that only all the white people, including the Jews, invented the idea of property and territory; that innocent nomadic savages who believe in tribal collectivism are better than greedy individualists who want to horde (and improve!) personal property! To them, nationalism began during the Enlightenment.

    But the simple truth is, nations were all formed naturally and organically from families, clans, and tribes, and eventually become states and empires over time.

    So, naturally (being tool-blaming idolaters) leftists then decided to destroy all sovereign nations, to prevent all future wars: “no nations = no wars for same!”

    It’s like saying people will fight over diamonds, or food – so the liberals’ “solution” is do destroy all the diamonds and poison all the food, FIRST.


    BUT this is really only an evasive feint and excuse for each individual perpetraitor’s innate cowardice:


    YES, all liberals/socialists/communists (and muslims, nazis, etc) are “TOTALITARIANS.”

    And what does that mean? Simple! It means they want TOTAL control over everyone else.

    In other words, they are wannabe slavers. And to achieve that gang-might-made-right utopia (where they have all the rights and no responsibilities, and everyone else has no right to defend themselves from their “expert authority,” but only a responsibility to become and remain their slaves) they need to form into ever-larger gangs. And why are they like this? Because they are scared little weenies and bullies who always blame everyone and everyone else for their own fears, seeing them not as internally generated helpful warnings to aid them in avoiding future mistakes and problems which cause pain-causing damage – but as additional externally-generated pains, to be ignored opposed and attacked. Since thinking prioritizes pain and fear in order to earn hope, they fear the scary dynamics of thinking itself, in both them selves and in all others. Hence, “psycho-paths” are literally thought-killers, always trying to impose new restrictions on everyone else. They form and join ever-larger gangs (leading to globalism) to go along (with criminal lies and extortion aka political correctness) to get along (with all the other scary criminal extortionists) simply because they are too scared not to.


    And, how does that gangster excuse even gain any traction, since it’s so totally opposed to objective reality?!

    If you remove the Arabs, Jews, and Latinos from the mix, then the remaining ‘Caucasians’ (whites) are in fact THE GLOBAL MINORITY coming in at 7% (while with those others added, as geneticists tend to do, it’s 15% which is on par with the Negros) up against the global majorities (which leftists pretend are the minorities) of Asians and Dravidians (“Hindus” and Pakistani muslims, and also Australian aborigines). So why aren’t those diversicrats screaming that there’s too many Asians in Asia, too many Hindus in India, and too many Negroes in Africa? The answer is obvious: Jealousy.

  2. I wonder what would happen if I got a ‘IT’S OK TO BE WHITE” sticker for my car. It’s white. I’m guessing all the non-white calls will call it a racist.

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