Learning from the Balkans | Failed multiculturalism in Skopje/Macedonia

Note  the German-speaking Muslima:”We don’t have to integrate anywhere.”

Get her on the BBC and watch the professional ‘multiculturalist’ presenter throw a hissy fit. For anyone who is sick of having the myth that; “Diversity is our strength” rammed down their throats… “We don’t have to integrate anywhere.” Ladies and gentlemen – the entire attitude of Islam, in one concise sentence.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

In other news:

Amnesty Int’l urges Greece to protect female refugees

Amnesia is totally sold on the Mohammedan invasion.

Women and girls fleeing persecution and conflict raise their voices, make ’10 overarching demands’

London-based rights watchdog Amnesty International on Saturday announced “10 overarching demands” of women and children living in Greece‘s refugee camps to overcome human rights violations.

In the report published on Saturday, the human rights watchdog reveals that the women and girls who fled persecution and conflict after facing violence and sexual abuse in their countries gathered in hope for a better life in Europe.