UN calls niqab a ‘human right’ and criticises French ban

Just more proof that the OIC runs the UN.  France is in full submission mode; the burqa-ban is unenforceable. On a few occasions it has been tried and the resulting riots have shown the police to back off. Now the OIC wants to legitimise the hideous shrouds. Again.

France’s ban of the niqab is in breach of human rights and has to review the legislation, according to the United Nations.

The niqab is an Islamic veil that covers the full face and has been banned since 2011. France has argued that the ban was necessary for ‘living together’ and was necessary and proportionate for security.

Unfortunately, the UN is not convinced, stating, “In particular, the Committee was not persuaded by France’s claim that a ban on face covering was necessary and proportionate from a security standpoint or for attaining the goal of ‘living together’ in society”.

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“Feminist Muslima” Asserts Her “Right” to Wear the Freedom Sack

Glasgow Labour councillor reveals why she wears hijab – ‘I’m a feminist Muslim and wearing what I want is the right of all women’

Soryia Siddique has shared fears over anti-Muslim behaviour in the city in the wake of Boris Johnson’s inflammatory Daily Telegraph column on the burka.

‘I CAN WEAR WHAT I WANT’ Labour councillor told she ‘wouldn’t get elected because of head scarf’ as she blasts ‘increasing Islamophobia’ in Glasgow

Sure. In Glasgow there are enough clueless lefties who let her get away with wearing her Mohammedan shrouds. Back in Pakistan she wouldn’t be so brazen NOT to wear it, because when its mandatory the enforcers are making sure no uppity female goes without. (SY)

Read it and weep.

Sadiq Khan’s internet speech police must be working overtime:

TIDE OF HATE Boris Johnson’s Facebook page flooded with hundreds of anti-Islam hate comments after burka row

A source close to the outspoken politician said he ‘totally condemns’ the hateful views posted on social media

What a wuss!

Statements – even those including the tag “#islamophobicandproud” – have inundated the ex-Foreign Secretary’s social media page after he likened women wearing burkas to “letterboxes”.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s Facebook page has been inundated with Islamophobic comments


Other online comments used terms including “devil worshippers”, “invaders” and “lepers”, a Sunday Times investigation revealed.

A source told the paper that the politician “totally condemns” the hateful views expressed online.

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Tim Blair has another burqa story that might interest you: women should wear Hijab to prevent ‘Jinns’ (evil spirits) from falling in love with the hijabless woman and then possessing her.

But many revealed fears Johnson’s controversial opinion piece had opened the floodgates, giving the green light for Islamophobic views to be voiced online.

In one particularly hateful comment online, a person wrote on Johnson’s official Facebook page: “No Muslims in government, police or army”.

Johnson is now being investigated in an internal party probe over the article, where he said a woman covering her face “looked like a bank robber”.

It is the job of Facebook to remove offensive posts after administrators of a page report comments. However, Johnson’s team appears not to have done so.

A country that upholds freedom of speech does not rely on FB to censor “offensive posts”. 

Johnson was directed to apologise for his comments over burkas but never did so.

He even refused to backtrack after PM Theresa May piled on the pressure by saying his comments “obviously have offended”.

Offending Mohammedans! What’s the world coming to. Off with his head, right now!

Politicians fear that Johnson’s comments could have opened the floodgates for more hateful language to be voiced.

What kind of politician would  be that fearful?

Burka-wearing scientist Sahar Al-Faifi says Boris Johnson’s comments are making Muslim women ‘dehumanised’ and like ‘criminals’
Islam is a criminal organisation. The burqa dehumanises women. This “scientist” needs to get her head examined.

Allies of Mr Johnson called the demands to apologise “ridiculous” and an attack on free speech.

He was backed by a leading imam, who said in a letter to The Times that face veils pose security risks and subjugate women, and Mr Johnson had not gone far enough.

Comedian and free speech champion Rowan Atkinson also backed Mr Johnson, saying in a letter to The Times: “All jokes about religion cause offence, so it’s pointless apologising for them.”

France, UN, Freedom Sack

The committee is made up of independent ‘experts’ who see that member states are in alignment with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. They have given France 180 days to put together a plan to undertake the corrective action.

Under the current legislation that was put in place by former President Nicolas Sarkozy, no individual, whether citizen or foreigner, is allowed in public with the veil on.

Refusal to comply with the law would result in a fine of 150 Euros, and a compulsory course on citizenship. Recently, an attempt by French police to uphold the law resulted in two nights of riots, several injured police and 18 arrests.

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  1. Human Rights are not a disposable tool for unilateral commodity.
    Safety measurements are not to be confused with real breach of human rights.
    Islam is a champion of unilateral globalism, like its major but temporarily partner – namely Cultural Marxism.
    Want to know where human rights are really offended?


    You can see here… those who complain in the West louder are often the greatest offender.

  2. “Burka-wearing scientist Sahar Al-Faifi”

    Goodness me, does she have any colleagues?

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