Australia follows the UK rejecting asylum for Asia Bibi

Despicable. What have we become?

Did we just kowtow to terror? After last week?

Mark Powell The Spectator Australia 14 November 2018

The Australian Government has refused to offer immediate asylum to Asia Bibi, the Christian woman falsely accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. This follows the UK also rejecting her application out of fear for attacks upon their embassies and civilians. According to The British Pakistani Christian Association:

Australia has essentially issued a statement in their refusal of political asylum to Asia. In an abhorrently administrative letter, Australia has essentially told Asia to “queue up,” citing her failure to be granted United Nations (UN) Refugee Status and the pressures on the offshore component of its resettlement programme.

In light of the recent Melbourne terror attacks, I cannot help but wonder whether this is a veiled attempt to pretend Australia’s refusal of asylum is connected to alleged pressures on its offshore program, when in reality it’s about submitting and cow-towing to extremists? What does this say about Australia (a modern, western nation, often lauded for its views on human rights) if it cannot take a strong and audacious stance against extremism and protect those threatened by it?

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This is indeed a sad moment for two great nations who celebrate their democratic ideals and freedom of religion.

After having spent the past eight years on death row—in solitary confinement—this mother of five children who was falsely accused of committing blasphemy, has been fully acquitted by Pakistan’s Supreme Court and is now in hiding in fear of her life. Indeed, according to Agence France-Presse, thousands of Muslims have recently taken to the streets of Karachi to not only protest against her acquittal, but to also call for her beheading.

What’s more, as writer and commentator Melanie Philips explains:

The accusation against her was a travesty. As she picked berries with other Punjabi farmworkers in June 2009, a quarrel developed with two Muslim women after she was asked to fetch water and they said they wouldn’t drink from a vessel touched by a Christian. The women later alleged to a village mullah that Asia Bibi had insulted Mohammed, accusations which the supreme court said were “concoction incarnate”.

If she stays she faces almost certain death. Two of the politicians who bravely defended her – Salman Taseer and Shahbaz Bhatti – have already been assassinated, while her lawyer Saif Mulook has fled to the Netherlands.

The acquittal prompted thousands of violent demonstrators to take to the streets calling for Asia Bibi to be hanged and threatening the supreme court judges with death. The leader of the Islamist party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan threatened that if she left the country there would be war.

Incredibly, it has been less than a week since Melbourne’s much-loved cafe co-owner, Sisto Malaspina, was murdered in an act of Jihad rage.

And yet, some Muslim leaders have been careful to deflect blame by saying, “It’s not our job to stop terror attacks”. But as Miranda Devine has tweeted this week, it’s all of our responsibility. Especially if the overwhelming majority of those committing these atrocities are identifying themselves with a particular religion.

Surely, the events of last week make the case of Asia Bibi all the more urgent. She has been pronounced innocent of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. All that stands between her and certain death is the political will of a nation who really believes in democratic freedom and the rule of law to extend an open hand of welcome.

And as such, David Coleman, and even the Prime Minister himself should exercise the political courage to do what no other nation in the Western world is currently willing to do. They must offer Asia Bibi asylum and not be intimidated by militant Islamic extremists.

Mark Powell is the Associate Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Strathfield.

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27 thoughts on “Australia follows the UK rejecting asylum for Asia Bibi”

  1. WHAT ??? Are the few Muslims on the Labor front benches, and the corrupt Greens already ruling in the recently still free Australia ?

    Morrison, that is not how you will win the election, we do not want COWARDS

  2. Of course they have, poor Bibi will be a lightning rod for any half witted moronic muslim savage to go after. They don’t want her here just incase she gets killed on their watch. Gutless thy name is a western politician.

      1. I would! I would gladly open my home to her and her family! She has a husband and 5 children. And I pray ever night for their safety. . And I would bet you that I am not the only that would offer to sponsor her, there are still descendants Christians in America that don’t just claim to be Christians but behave as Christians should …..
        I would do everything I could to help her assimilate and be at home in her new free country. She is my sister in Christ and it’s what my God would want me to do. Not just because she’s a Christian and so am I ( although I am not Catholic as Asia is) but because she is truely being persecuted in Pakistan simply because she is a Christian.
        How many Christians in the West would hold on to their faith as Asia has , if they were faced with what Asia has had to endure, or what any Christian in an Islamic country goes through on a daily basis?
        And I can also say that if she were living in my home and she were attached , I would protect her to the of my ability.
        I hope and pray my president Trump will show the world leaders to be the gutless moslem apologist cowards that they are and offer her asylum.

  3. Well I think the country that does accept her will have to have deep pockets to fund the security risk she’ll pose, and I’m in no doubt her very large family will have to be housed and catered for as will a string of others who’ll want to take advantage of Western hospitality.

    1. So, “bobby”, money versus principle and, for you, money wins. If you are so concerned about the costs that may follow providing this woman and her family, what have you to say about the cost of our “asylum” programme … MILLIONS of Dollars – not to mention aid to islamic terrorist organisations.

        1. Ono, When you said ” He’s gone cold” were you talking about me? I didn’t see it as a rebuttal, I’m not in an argument, we all have a view. I rarely leave a comment, nor did I receive a notification there was any response to my view, I just came on to see if there were other comments.

      1. Hi Andy,
        I’m afraid I am concerned about the ‘Money’ we do spend so much on asylum and all the associated demands that we are squeezed by it all, there’s only so much money to go around and I’m concerned that our veterans, elderly and disabled can’t get their needs met despite having what should be a birthright and contributing to our welfare state. You can come back and say asylum costs make no difference. I have given my view, you are of course entitled to think what you like.

      2. Sorry Andy, but it is BILLIONS of Aussie People’s $$$$$$. Funding islamic terrorists in Pakistan mind you. But what does 1 life matter in comparison to a politicians treason.

    2. Just like Malala Yousufzai? Should we have thrown her back to the Taliban wolves as well? Object to the cost of her medivac and neurosurgery in Britain did you?

      1. Yes. We should have thrown her back to the Taliban.

        Ever since she was saved by western medicine, western generosity and showered with money and awards by naive western fools she’s been highfalutin, lecturing us to be nice to Islam, flaunting her hijab and wagging her chubby finger at us.

        A nasty piece of work, that Malala.

  4. All Governments have declared that they know that Islam is “VIOLENT” but they still keep it on their shelves!

  5. Western countries take in hundreds of thousands even millions of Muslims who pretend to be victims and asylum seekers. In actuality they were the ones causing the problems back in their home countries. They were the ones persecuting non-Muslims (and other Muslims of the wrong type). And when they get here, they continue to steal, murder, rape, and demand to be paid. Western countries take in these fake asylum seekers, yet repeatedly turn their backs on the real victims of persecution.

    Christians have more in common with western countries than do the Muslims, yet nitwits like ‘bobby’ are afraid there will be a cost to protect this woman and her family from the monsters (i.e. Muslims) that Australia has already imported.

  6. What a sad day. To be an Aussie is more than just being born in a country called Australia. It is an essence that is hard to quantify. Is it courage? Is it perseverance? Is it commitment to the morals and principles that in our hearts we know to be true. It is all of these. Our ancestors had it. I fear we do not. When we refuse to stand up for the underdog, for the persecuted, when justice and fair play are just words, then we are not our father’s sons. We are not Australian.

  7. Oz today
    The police do nothing
    The Govt enables my enemies and they are my sworn enemies (read the Koran)
    There are no Muslim extremists merely Muslims following the edicts of Mo (read the Koran)
    The Muslims one aim is to collect the dole which they see as their right Jizra (read the Koran) and if the Jizra stops they will strike.
    We are already in Dhimmitude
    Buy a gun, be ready, the Pollies will all be safely guarded but NOT YOU or yours.
    Move to Thailand

  8. I’ve always been very proud of my heritage – up until recently, I’m afraid.
    I’ve been proud to be English, always! I was brought up in quite a poor area, but there was an inherent pride, a sense of self, and a feeling that being English was the best thing in the world to be. There was never a feeling of hesitation in righting wrongs; in fighting for something we believed in, and going back through our history, for sticking up for the underdog; for those less fortunate than ourselves.
    Then the world as we knew it came to an end. The EU came to exist: its existence was not engendered by the will of the people, but by a group of elitists rolling in money and wanting more: not more money necessarily, but the trappings that money can bring. In this case, undeserved power: and in the case of the hierarchy of the EU, also unelected. Now of course, in Britain, democracy has been one of the latest victims. We are all aware that in general, lies are all a part of the arsenal of the politician: they are not really expected to tell the truth. Admittedly, they tell a version of the truth in order to reach their position of power, then, unfortunately, reality sets in and they revert to type. Promises made are later broken, but the reason usually is ‘For the greater good’.
    Once upon a time, a young girl in the rather invidious position of Miss Asia Bibi would have gained the sympathy of every right thinking Briton whose belief in justice was inviolable. Now, however, we have a government which seems to be controlled – like lots of other straw government creatures – by an infection worse than the black plague: an infection that is spreading round the world seemingly without anyone making any attempt to stop it. In fact, all we have in government are apologists telling people how safe this disease it, how it really is harmless. That disease is islam: Islam has reared its ugly head. Yet until people realise just how harmful in most certainly IS NOT, the infection will continue to spread insidiously, into every facet of our once civilised societies. We can’t reach out to try to protect Miss Bibi because it will upset the carriers of the disease. She committed a cardinal sin against a so-called religion peopled by fanatics whose sole aim in their own words, is to take over the world, changing laws which have been in place for thousands of years and replacing those proven laws with an evil called sharia. And her sin? She drank water out of a cup beside a well, and was accused of blasphemy for using that cup. You really could not make this up. Eight years on death row, then a judge with a brain realising the stupidity of the charges and releasing her. Yet in the eyes of the ‘Religion of peace and love’, her ‘crime’ merits decapitation or hanging. This proves without a shadow of doubt that the ‘laws’ that islam lives by show only a hatred for anything and everything civilised people have fought and died for over far too many years. Their laws were made 1400 years ago, and have never been considered by those who live by them to be even remotely insane. The same people still believe that the world is flat, That alone puts their sanity in question.
    Yet these are the people who are welcomed into ‘CIVILISED’ countries: who want to run those countries according to their perverse and evil laws.
    The British government should be sorely ashamed of itself for refusing this young ‘CHRISTIAN’ girl protection from the hordes of islamics baying for her blood.
    I despair for my poor country and for a world that seems to be descending into hell without fighting back.

    1. This should remind us of a number of Jewish people escaping natzi certain death, who were rejected by some western countries, during the second world war. The ship of the damned.

    2. David , thank for laying out so clearly what surely most decent run-of-the-mill English people feel. The values of compassion and an extended hand has been replaced by greedy politics , fanaticism and Saudi etc. gold.My only hope is in the Second Coming.

  9. Only muslims hate those that spill the truth even in fakebook you tell the truth muslims comlpain and you are put into fakebook jail .. SUCH A SHAME THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT CAN NOT STAND ON ITS OWN 4 FEET,,,

  10. It’s disgraceful! Hasn’t she suffered too much as it is. Pakistan lives by the Koran. Can’t you people even now see Islam is not a religion of peace. What does it take to open your eyes!! Reminds me of Mr. Magoo!!! We can allow nannies to stay in the country but we can’t offer this poor lady a refuge after all she’s been through.

  11. She has done nothing to deserve this. She is a Christian. This is how sharia law acts. And this is how islam/muslims think about those people who are not of their ilk. islam is a cult, not a religion, and should be treated as such. But in Australia they have been able to build a city for themselves where no non muslim can enter. This city will get bigger and bigger and every major city in Australia will be effected. This cult should fund themselves and not rely on Australia to help it grow. God told us to love one another, but also said that we should be wise. We should have harsher laws. It seems that islam/muslims get away with more than the average Australian does.

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