Once great Britain’s collapse and imminent death as a free society

UK Govt Confirms ‘Child’ Asylum Seeker at English School is Grown Man

UK: Parents who complain about 30-year-old Muslim migrant posing as 15-year-old in high school dismissed as “racist”

Britain’s collapse and imminent death as a free society will be at the hands of those who were above all things, concerned not to appear “racist” and “Islamophobic.”

An investigation into an asylum seeker posing as a 15-year-old boy at an English school has concluded he is a grown man.

The man was placed in the Stoke High School in Ipswich, Suffolk, after entering the United Kingdom illegally and claiming asylum, with the Home Office accepting that he was a “child”.

Another Iranian Migrant Boat Arrives in Dover, French Claim Smuggling ‘Explosion’ Driven by Brexit
Khan’s Londonistan: Police Officer Stabbed in ‘Totally Unprovoked’ Attack

Churchill’s shameful heirs

Hal G.P. Colebatch The Spectator Australia 24 November 2018

It would be difficult to imagine a more cowardly and contemptible action, or one heavier with the promise of long-term disaster, than the British government’s fear-driven refusal to offer sanctuary to Asia Bibi.

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Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says Australia could give asylum to Asia Bibi, now hiding in Pakistan from mobs who want this Christian mother killed for allegedly blaspeming against Islam. “If the discussions with Canada (for asylum) fall through, we will facilitate bringing Asia Bibi to Australia.” Excellent. But hurry.

Hungary Attacks UN Migration Compact for Attempting to ‘Legalise Illegal Immigration’

Hungary Attacks U.N. for Attempting to ‘Legalize Illegal Immigration’

The strange activities of Meghan Markle

UK: Meghan Markle supported community kitchen in mosque linked to 19 jihadis

“Experts say the Duchess of Sussex has been ‘poorly advised’ and a simple internet search should have raised some questions.” By whom? “Meghan’s community kitchen housed in mosque ‘linked to 19 jihadists,’” by Jane Wharton, Metro

From the Religion of Peace:

Duchess Markle Goodwill Flop: Mosque Linked to 19 Extremists…
Nation of Islam Leader: White People are ‘Unnatural to the Earth’
British Mosques Slam Humane Stunning of Chickens for KFC…
(Nigeria) Muslim Youth Torch School Owned by Christian…
Indonesia’s ‘Millennials’ Quizzed by Police over Secular Views…
(German) Christmas Market Now Surrounded with Iron, Sand Bags…
Islamic State Wrapped Indian Teen’s Severed Head in Pink Blanket…
Refugee Rape of Woman on Beach Occurred Month after Getting Status
Parents Objecting to Migrant Man in Classroom Dismissed as ‘Racist’…
Imam Found Guilty of Sodomizing 9-Year-Old Relative…
Dutch Admit Schools Funded by Turkey are ‘Unsupervised’…
Jihadist Group Kidnaps 15 Girls…

Sinead O’ Connor is Falling Apart like the Women’s March Organization

Sinead O’ Connor hear some truth from Katie Hopkins

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