Moonbattery Is Destroying Canada


Devoting their dollar coin to promoting sexual perversion is only the tip of the iceberg. Moonbat cultural engineers are truly destroying Canada.

In the name of their depraved ideology, liberals are erasing the country’s history and displacing its population. Black Pigeon Speaks gives us an idea of how bad things are getting up there under the moonbat rule of the tasteless joke named Justin Trudeau:

Relief from the relentless moonbattery is on the way. Here’s something that should come as a breath of fresh air to besieged Canadians:

Canada First will launch next month as a weekly program. Watch it on Faith Goldy’s YouTube channel at 9 PM Eastern on Mondays.

Religion of Peace Attacks Tourists in Egypt (Again)

Egypt tourist bus explosion: Four dead and 11 injured after blast near pyramids

The explosion reportedly took place when the bus was travelling along the famous Mariouteya Pyramid Road in Cairo, Egypt

An improvised explosive device blew up near a tour bus in the Haram area in Egypt on the road from Cairo to the Great Pyramids. Four people (or two, according to some reports) were killed and a dozen or more others wounded. Three of the dead were Vietnamese tourists, and the other was a local tour guide.

Egyptian forces 'kill 40' in response to tourist bus attack


Egyptian forces ‘kill 40’ in response to tourist bus attack

Al Jazeera

Egypt’s interior ministry says police have killed 40 suspected fighters after roadside bomb attack killed four people.

Egypt’s interior ministry has said at least 40 fighters have been killed on Saturday in response to an attack on a tourist bus in which four people were killed the night before.

According to the official state news agency MENA, security forces killed the suspected fighters in raids in Giza and northern Sinai – a volatile desert region that has been a hotbed for various armed groups.

Three Vietnamese tourists and an Egyptian guide were killed and 11 others injured when a bomb blast hit their bus on Friday less than 2.5 miles from Egypt’s world famous Giza pyramids, authorities said.

A roadside bomb hit a tourist bus near the Pyramids of Giza, south of the capital Cairo, on Friday, killing three Vietnamese tourists and their Egyptian guide.

The blast wounded 11 others, including Vietnamese tourists as well as the Egyptian driver.

Egypt coup: Five years since Sisi took power

No group claimed responsibility for the blast.

The bombing is the first deadly attack against foreign tourists in Egypt in more than a year and comes as the tourism sector, a vital source of foreign currency revenue, recovers from a sharp drop in visitor numbers since a 2011 uprising that toppled former leader Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt has for years been battling an armed movement in the thinly populated Sinai, which has gained pace since the military overthrew democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in mid-2013.

Other armed groups are active in Cairo, as well as other cities, where they have targeted security forces, judges and pro-government figures in the past few years.

The government says the battle against such groups is a priority as it works to restore stability after the years that followed the 2011 protests.

“No group has claimed responsibility.”

Has Australia Got a “Far-Right” Problem?

Taxpayer financed ABC Fake News journaille insist that we do. For them, it’s not African savages who are terrorising the natives; it’s the dastardly “Far-Right”.

Far-right activist refuses police requests to stop filming group playing soccer at St Kilda Beach

Our friend Sergio is right on the money with his rant:

Freedom of expression comes first..
Strange that anyone who stands against stupidity is called a racist.
Public areas are not for gang gatherings of mono cultural groups…blacks do not have more rights than Asian or whites…just as whites or asians have no greater rights than blacks.
These people are  out of control. Time to send them back or move them to other areas of Australia in small family groups.

Hell no. Do not distribute them around the country. Even in small family groups they cause the same problems.

Apparently videoing in a public place is a crime in Victoria!

Victoria’s Police Minister has warned the community against inciting violence after far-right activists filmed a group of men playing soccer at St Kilda Beach, refusing multiple police requests to stop recording. “I’m allowed to film, mate, don’t touch me … it’s a public area mate, you can film where you want,” one of the activists can be heard replying. The activists refuse to stop filming, and one can be heard saying “I’m just filming, it’s a public area, I’m legally allowed to film”.

Victoria’s Police Minister has warned the community against inciting violence after far-right activists filmed a group of men playing soccer at St Kilda Beach, refusing multiple police requests to stop recording.

SBS runs with “racism” rather than “Far-Right”

You can count on the Propaganda arm of the Sharia Broadcasting Service to turn any non white criminal into an under privileged victim of racism and to blame all regular Aussies for African crime gangs.

Police have decried “racism” behind an altercation at St Kilda beach.

Racism may not make us any safer but then again neither do the cops in Victoria. What say you?

7 News Melbourne

Residents and traders in Melbourne’s north-west are threatening armed retaliation, fed up with months of violent attacks on shopkeepers. Police are warning the Vietnamese community of St Albans against taking vigilante action.

Interesting. The police is threatening the victims and protects the criminals. Sounds like a plan.

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Sharia will only rule if we let it…

But we let it. That’s the problem.

Legal Expert: European Court Ruling Could Open Door to Sharia in EU

Legal Expert: European Court Ruling Could Open Door to Sharia in EU

French legal expert Gregor Puppinck has said that a recent European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling in Greece could open up the door for limited aspects of Islamic sharia law to be adopted in Europe.

Puppinck, who serves as director of the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ) and is a member of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Panel of Experts on Freedom of Conscience and Religion, said that the ECHR ruling in Greece earlier this month runs counter to a previous judgement in 2003 that found sharia incompatible with “the fundamental principles of democracy,” Le Figaro reports.


The new ruling followed a case in which a Muslim woman in the Greek region of Thrace was deprived of her inheritance of her dead husband’s estate due to an application of sharia law which has been allowed in the region since the 1920s, despite his will naming her as his beneficiary.

London: 2 Men Injured in ‘Acid Attack’ in Day
English Channel Migrant Crossings ‘Major Incident’
Illegal Migrants Try to Seize French Fishing Boats for Cross-Channel Runs

Illegal migrants appear to have boarded and forced the bridges of a number of French fishing vessels in an attempt to reach the British coast.

French fishermen discovered fishing boats in the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer which had seemingly been forced overnight by illegal migrants having to steal the vessels and make a drive across the English Channel, La Voix du Nord reports.

The migrants were unable to start the vessels, although at least one of them, the Don-Lubi II, had had its dashboard taken apart in an attempt to hot-wire it.

Another Boatload of Illegal Migrants Lands in UK – ‘Authorities Must Get a Grip’

Another Boatload of Illegal Migrants Lands in U.K. – ‘Authorities Must Get a Grip’

‘Yellow vest’ protesters target Macron’s vacation hideaway

‘Yellow vest’ protesters target Macron’s vacation hideaway
E.U. Slams Concessions to Yellow Vests, Demands Macron Deliver for Agenda


Some news updates, first:

Tourist bus BOMBED near the pyramids in Egypt, DOZENS DEAD: Jihad. It’s what they do… on instructions of ‘allah’

Sweden: Muslims who wanted to “kill as many as possible” over Muhammad cartoon to be released from prison: Madness.

These terrorists have threatened violence to staff and other prisoners during their prison sentence,…

Church attacked in Austria, 15 injured, monks taken hostage by “foreign” men: Speaking with a foreign accent …. 


A group of ‘African-Australian’ youths…

We keep harvesting the fruits of MultiCultural enrichment, provided by past and current career politicians.


He knows nothing
He knows nothing

Melbourne’s non-existent African gang problem just keeps not happening:

(African) Youths have glassed a young man, bashed others and robbed beachgoers of their belongings during a horror night on a Melbourne beach last night, which coincided with police being pelted with rocks in the western suburbs.

A series of incidents throughout the night at Chelsea Beach, in Melbourne’s southeast, culminated in what witnesses said was a series of crimes committed by a group of teenagers of African appearance …

Three men, aged 25, 28 and 30, were later approached, assaulted and the attackers stole a mobile phone.

A 19-year-old man reportedly had a glass bottle smashed over his head, and was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Behold a Christmas miracle:

Six youths were arrested over an unrelated brawl and a separate robbery in St Albans, in the northwestern suburbs, that took place on Christmas Eve.

Actual arrests. Unbelievable.

Wally shaken & stirred

Waleed Aly’s fans are a devoted bunch. They don’t much like it when their idol is questioned. And Wally has never been more “shaken or angry” than when  he told a shocked and distressed Project panel. “I was trying to leave Israel and as I was I leaving they just picked me out and just took me aside and it just went for hours basically.”


Look how distressed is Waleed’s co-host
Look how distressed is Waleed’s co-host

Poor Waleed Aly. Apparently the tragic drama baby was once strip-searched by Jews:

Waleed Aly has opened up about his “horrific” experience being searched and detained while leaving Israel …

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Why does Burma tolerate Mohammedans?

‘Myanmar wants to drive out all Muslims’: Q&A with Kyaw Hla Aung

If that’s the plan, the Burmese have been quite slack about it. There are mosques all over Burma and Mohammedans from Arabia along with their Western useful idiots are making sure that the “Rohingya” issue is constantly on the cooker. 

Leading lawyer speaks to Al Jazeera on plans for repatriation of Rohingya refugees and anti-Muslim sentiment in Myanmar.

by &

'After driving all the Rohingya out they will go after all Muslims from across Burma' Kyaw Hla Aung [courtesy of Kyaw Hla Aung]

‘After driving all the Rohingya out they will go after all Muslims from across Burma’ Kyaw Hla Aung [courtesy of Kyaw Hla Aung]

Doha, Qatar – U Kyaw Hla Aung is a well-known lawyer and activist who has been fighting for the rights of the Rohingyaethnic group in Myanmar for decades.

The 78-year Rohingya man was awarded this year’s Aurora Prize by the Armenia-based Aurora Humanitarian Initiative for his advocacy of rights for the persecuted mostly Muslim minority.

He donated the $1m he received in prize money to humanitarian organisations providing medical aid and assistance to Rohingya refugees.

Nearly a million Rohingya were forced to take shelter in neighbouring Bangladesh after Myanmar’s army, responding to attacks by an armed group, launched a brutal campaign against the minority in the country’s western Rakhine state last year.

The Rohingya have faced persecution in Myanmar for decades. The military government, which took power following a coup in 1962, stripped the Rohingya of citizenship in 1982.

Since 2012, following deadly riots between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya, tens of thousands of people from the minority have been forced to live in squalid internment camps.

Hla Aung, who was born in the city of Sittwe in Rakhine state, spent more than 12 years in jail for his political work on behalf of the Rohingya people.

Al Jazeera caught up with the veteran activist in November in the Qatari capital, Doha, where he was invited to attend a global health conference.

Al Jazeera: Why have Rohingya been denied citizenship in Myanmar? What are the criteria for citizenship?

Hla Aung: According to the 1948 citizenship law, a person who lived in Myanmar for 10 years and eight years continuously was eligible for citizenship. They are denying us citizenship since 1982.

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Islamprop vs Idiocy

Bollards being installed in Londonistan to thwart attempts by muslims to express their muslimness by blowing people to smithereens or mowing them down with vehicles] London’s Bollards of Peace

Shameless Islamoprop in the Daily Mail WV

The prophet of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), was a shining exemplar of tolerance and good will.

He wasn’t. He killed & enslaved everyone who wouldn’t convert.

….the Day of Ashura (the day that the Israelites were freed from Egypt) was considered a day of celebration by the Jews on which they fasted.

Ashura is a form of collective insanity practised by shiite Moslems by which men beat themselves bloody with all kinds of devices. It has nothing to do with the Israelites being freed from Egypt.

UK Home Secretary draws distinction between “those who practise Islam and those who you might describe as Islamists”

That’s not a distinction I would make.

“Sajid Javid defends deportation of grooming gang members,” by Matthew Weaver, Guardian

UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid defends deportation of members of Muslim rape gangs

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has defended the potential deportation of convicted grooming gang members to Pakistan even if it risks them reoffending.

“It’s time to stop discussing racism and Islamophobia and time to start discussing the rape of Britain’s children”

I’d say that’s long overdue.

I read the Jay Report last year and I cried. I cried knowing that what was happening all those years ago in Rotherham was still happening today not just in Rotherham but in Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle, Telford – the list of towns and cities keeps on growing, the number of victims keeps on increasing yet the help that was promised for this national threat is nowhere to be seen.

I wanted to make sure this country feels the full impact of what it has covered up and what it is still covering up. And that is the rape and trafficking of children by Muslim rape gangs.

When African Savages Attack

Welcome to Australia, the most successful multicultural democracy in the world.

Diversity is our strength.

From the Daily Mail:

Brave Vietnamese shopkeepers in Melbourne take matters into their own hands after African gang tried to rob their stores

  • A brave group of shopkeepers took matters into their own hands in Melbourne 
  • A group of youths of African appearance were confronted by the store owners
  • The confrontation- filmed by an onlooker -appears to be over attempted robbery

A brave group of shopkeepers have defended their stores from a brazen daylight robbery attempt by a group of youths in a brawl which started over cigarettes.

The dramatic footage, captured in Melbourne on Tuesday, shows the shop owners gathering outside their shop-fronts to exchange blows with the offenders

The dramatic footage, captured in Melbourne on Tuesday, shows the shop owners gathering outside their shop-fronts to exchange blows with the alleged offenders

The dramatic footage shows the shop owners gathering outside their shop-fronts on Monday afternoon and defending themselves with chairs against a handful of young men of African appearance.

They’re called Africans.

The youths, who had come to blows with a group of middle-aged Vietnamese men in the area just days before, returned to the Song Huong restaurant in St Albans in Melbourne’s south west to ‘start trouble’, a witness told Daily Mail Australia.

The alleged assault began when the youths asked the Vietnamese men for cigarettes but were denied, according to a message thread obtained by Daily Mail Australia.

‘They wanted smokes and the locals refused and they started attacking … my mate’s dad is in hospital with fractures, mild amnesia and internal bleeding,’ one message reads. 

‘They went into the shop … and stole people’s handbags and phones that are table,’ another messages reads.

‘And now today they’re sitting outside [the] door … Not letting customers in.’

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Orban: Africa Will ‘Destroy Europe’s 2,000-year-old Culture’

Orban: Bringing Africa’s Problems to Europe Will ‘Destroy 2,000-year-old Culture’

That’s a very polite way to describe the planned genocide of white, native Europeans.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has warned mass migration from Africa would destroy Europe’s culture.

Ah, it’s your culture! Why didn’t you say so!?

“[W]e should deliver help to Africa and not bring the problems to Europe,” he said in an interview with the Austrian media, adding that the conservative-populist coalition government in Vienna holds the same position as Budapest.

“Some people say that the solution is to bring migrants to Europe because they think it will be good for their country. The Hungarian position is that we don’t want this. There is an ideological difference,” he explained.

“This isn’t a solution for Africa, nor for Europe. In this case, our culture, which we have been cultivating in Europe for two thousand years, would be destroyed.”

France for the French. Italy for the Italians. Hungary for the Hungarians.

Germany Considers ‘Mosque Tax’ to Counter Foreign Funding Influence

Germany Considers ‘Mosque Tax’ to Counter Foreign Funding Influence

The German government is considering a new “mosque tax” for the German Muslim community to pay for its own mosques rather than rely on foreign funding.

Humbug. They will still teach the same Islam from the same Quran.

Countryside-Dwelling, Environmentally-Friendly Families are “Right Wing Extremists”, (Leftist) Researchers Warn

The left is disgusting. They are the dangerous extremists they are warning us about.