The unfolding disaster (or miracle) in France


You beauties. You did it.

Belgium’s PM resigns – punished for signing the heinous UN Migration Pact.

The NYT reports  “a populist revolt”

Protestors face off against the police during an anti-migrant demonstration outside of EU headquarters in Brussels. Photograph: AP
Protestors face off against the police during an anti-migrant demonstration outside of EU headquarters in Brussels. Photograph: AP

Thousands of people marched in Brussels on Sunday against a UN pact aimed at fostering co-operation on migration, eclipsing a smaller demonstration in support of the deal, the signing of which brought down Belgium’s government last week.

Macron Losing Police: Interior Minister Meets Unions as Cops Complain of Cuts, Strain, Threaten ‘Go Slow’


PARIS (AP) – France’s interior minister is to meet with representatives of police unions, following complaints about strained resources in the wake of five straight weekends of violent protests.

Christophe Castaner has said on Twitter that he is to meet union representatives Tuesday evening.

Two police unions complained Monday about working conditions and strained resources in light of the past few weeks of protests, which have seen officers sent in to clear road blockades and control demonstrations.

The Alliance union has urged the government to invest in law enforcement while calling for a work slowdown Wednesday to protest planned cuts in the national police budget.

Another union, UNSA, said its members would only provide minimum services Tuesday and has asked to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Le Pen stands for law and order, and the gendarmes seem to appreciate that

From Gallia Watch:

November 17 and 24, December 1, 8 and 15. These are the five dates so far that have witnessed the Gilets Jaunes protests in the streets of Paris and other French cities.

You have no doubt seen a glut of images, viewed countless videos – often chopped-up and incoherent – and read a staggering number of articles analyzing the root causes of this revolutionary eruption of fervor, anger, frustration and patriotism.

Not everyone in the street was a patriot, for the left always capitalizes on any street action, claiming it as its own cause, or disrupting it to such an extent that the people turn against the movement which then fizzles, as the government regains the upper hand.

I have seen articles by Marxists proclaiming this to be at long last the end of capitalism!

While Catholics at Le Salon Beige speak of a possible restoration of the Monarchy! Louis de Bourbon is now on Twitter!

At the outset, before the presidential election in 2017, confusion was deliberately created by information sources portraying Macron as a “banker”, and a “liberal” on economic matters. All of which was nonsense. Macron was a hireling, meticulously groomed, and put into power by policy makers whose names we do not know (Soros is only one), for the purpose of finishing off the destruction, begun by Giscard d’Estaing, pursued by Mitterrand, Chirac, Sarkozy, and Hollande, of France. The destruction of a country is not a simple thing to accomplish without help from mercenary outsiders who flood into the country committing massive acts of pillage and rapine, not only of material goods, but of the culture itself. The Muslims were, in a manner of speaking, hired to orchestrate the final showdown. Muslim leaders saw immediately that they could count on weak-minded socialists, multiculturalists, white-guilt mongers, open-borders ideologues, anti-colonialists, EU fanatics, and other self-hating Frenchmen, in their quest for domination. They saw their day of glory loom on the horizon – the establishment of the Islamic State of France.

We are all aware of this. We have had a similar situation here in the United States, even if for now we have some breathing room.

The Gilets Jaunes are not officially protesting Islam. But they are protesting the effects on the legitimate people of France of decades of lies, grand larceny, and contempt by the illegitimate (though elected) rulers called the “elite”.

For fifty years this has been going on. The people have paid as much as they intend to pay. But they have gotten what they asked for, if not what they deserve. For it’s difficult to say to them: “You deserve to be slaughtered, robbed, beaten, raped, kicked out of your homes, forced to move, forced to send your children to violent schools, etc…” However, you could say to them, “Did you really not see what was happening? Were your eyes, ears, nose and brain so stopped up with stubborn resistance to the truth that you really mistook a stool of excrement for a gold nugget?”

Below, the protest in Nantes:

All the photos on this page are from the Saturday, December 15, 2018 demonstration. For more photos, including some nudity, turn to the Daily Mail.

The following text contains excerpts from an article by Sidney Touati, writing at Dreuz. He focuses on Macron’s inability to understand what is transpiring in his country:

He is always behind the movement of History. Obviously, what is happening in the country is beyond his grasp. He sees the reality, the discontent that he knows is profound, he hears the anger but his decisions are not adapted to his words. The country resembles a puppet whose disarticulated members move anarchistically.

The demonstrators are reconnecting with 1789. They wave blue, red and white flags and sing the Marseillaise. It isn’t with 1936, 1945, or 1968 that the historical connection is being made, but with 1789. Symmetrically, those in power are adopting a monarchical posture, that of poor Louis XVI but in caricature. Louis XVI met the people in Versailles while Macron barricaded himself in Élysée Palace, and – unheard of in history – he ordered Paris closed. Paris has never been closed. In 1968, at the height of the riots, everybody could move about freely in the capital. This has been the first time those in power have organized the closing of Paris and barred the French people from freely moving about.

The ruling caste clutches its privileges. The president practices public charity. They distribute a few euros to the poorest, yet they don’t touch anything. They leave intact a system that produced nine million poor and four and a half million unemployed and destroyed more than half of the industrial potential. They don’t lower public spending. They don’t lower the expenses that are strangling the country. They change nothing. They continue to head right for the wall. Without the slightest reflection. Without the slightest discussion. Or the slightest debate.

President Macron knows French history. He ought to have understood the message sent by the people, if only because of this connection to 1789. The malaise has become anger; it is not only economic, but essentially political, societal, existential.

Now, on these issues the president has not provided any answer or opened any perspective. He acts as if he is facing discontent related only to the buying power of the poorest. He thought everything would return to normal with a fistful of euros.

For our leaders everything comes down to quantity, to “how much does it cost”. They are engaged in management, in accounting, not in politics, not in values. The European leaders position their actions only in terms of “how much does it cost.” In their eyes everything is merchandise. The most sacred values are marketed or marketable. The Treaty of Rome and the subsequent treaties had the golden calf as the supreme value. They are engaged in idolatry of the business contract.

You cannot buy peace with a hundred euros. As one “Gilet Jaune” said, a hundred euros is a gallon of gas. But for the president, locked into a mercantile mentality, everything can be bought, everything can be sold. They hope to anesthetize pain with social balm. For how long?

What the people want is to get out of the ghetto in which they have been confined; to have the floor; to be able to express themselves, to be heard; to exist as the French people. To do that the scandal of scandals must cease to exist: the privileges accorded by the Republic over the years to the caste of lords and their faithful followers. The symbol of this rupture between the people and the “elite” is when the leaders dare to grant themselves salaries of several million euros while a large portion of the French population can no longer live decently.

The all-powerful caste of Finance Inspectors grants itself salaries above 300,000 euros all the while imposing the CSG social tax on retired persons whose revenue is under 1000 euros. Hyper-luxury financed by extreme poverty. Poverty for the greatest number, extreme wealth for a minority that concentrates and possesses all powers.

Note: CSG = Generalized Social Contribution. The compulsory tax dates from 1991. It’s purpose is to help maintain the welfare State.

The first reaction of the rulers, confronted with discontent was silence, then contempt, incomprehension, calumny and charity. The public dole that humiliates the one who receives it without elevating the one who gives it. The people do not want charity. They want their rights respected.

A month went by before the president took into account the economic aspect of the problem.

What characterizes real periods of crisis is the rapidity of the evolution of people’s awareness.

In record time, the demonstrators understood that the economic malaise had its source in the political reality, in the lack of democracy, in the dysfunctionality of the institutions.

The Republic has no voice. With few exceptions, the elected officials are mute. There is no real debate anywhere. Those elected await salvation from Élysée Palace, not from the people. They aren’t even asking that the voters be re-consulted. It’s pathetic and frightening at the same time. If they had wanted to show that the elected officials of the nation serve no purpose, they could not have done it better.


The awareness of the people, of those who have been making sacrifices, in silence, is changing; one could even say mutating. From a simple economic demand, they have moved to an affirmation of political will, to a questioning of the regime, a global rejection of the system. A bit more contempt and the demonstrators will realize that those in power can do nothing, that the real center of decision-making is Brussels, that the origin of the evil is Europe and globalization, the U.N. via the Marrakech pact that imposes its quotas of immigrants on the peoples. The Africanization of Europe: what a magnificent future the European Union is offering!

Today it is the rulers who are in disorder. The obese and impotent State. It is the State that organizes, that programs the pauperization, then the disappearance, of the people, in order to fulfill its own absurd interests. On Monday December 10, 2018, the French State will sign the unconditional capitulation to the will of the “foreigner”. The State has lost its soul, or what stood in for its soul, on this December 10, 2018.

Note: The pact has been signed. There were massive demonstrations in Belgium against the accord that essentially makes immigration a right for anybody who wants to move freely through open borders, and at the same time criminalizes dissent against immigration.

That evening, its representative on television, with dirty hands, claims to have understood the people he betrayed that morning.

Note: December 10 was a Monday. A massive Gilets Jaunes demonstration had taken place on Saturday December 7. That did not stop Macron from going to Marrakech, Morocco, to sign the accord, and then to speak on television later that evening, promising the insignificant measures alluded to in this article. He closed his speech with these words: “My only concern is you. My only fight is for you. Our only battle is for France.” The next day, as you know, Strasbourg was attacked.

Mr. Macron, give the people back their voice while there is still time. It’s the only possible way out of the crisis. The only one compatible with the spirit of the Constitution. Tomorrow will be too late. You cannot govern a country against the people. All authority comes from the president who draws his legitimacy from the people. Without regular consultation with the people, the institutions of the 5th Republic lose all meaning. It becomes a grotesque monarchy. The State crumbles. You cannot govern waving a miserable carrot on one side and on the other clubs, tear gas grenades, repression… France is not Turkey, or Iran, or North Korea, or China. At least not for the moment.

France is going through an unprecedented crisis. The incapacity of the rulers to provide a “political” response to the Gilets Jaunes revolt is pushing the country into troubled waters. 

© Sidney Touati pour

Below, some thoughts from Steve Turley, whose somewhat light-hearted style may please or annoy you. I have recently discovered his videos. He seems to have a reasonably good grasp of the situation in France. Here he suggests Macron’s real goal is not to rule Europe, but to have France – his France, France re-made in his image – rule Europe. In order to do this, he must permanently change France so that it resembles him and no one else. The video was published on December 15, the day of the most recent Gilets Jaunes protest.

Below, Steve Turley explains the Marrakech accord, a.k.a. the U.N. migration pact.

Below, from Euro News, some scenes of Belgian revolt against U.N. pact, known as the Marrakech Accord:

One last look at Paris, December 15:

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