Islam Causes Backwardness & Jihad in the Philippines

‘Backwardness to be overcome in Bangsamoro’

Humbug. Not a chance as long as Islam is the dominant religion in that part of the world. This ensures more jihad. Simple.

Autonomous Bangsamoro region will be a place of peace again, says Turkey’s IHH representative

‘Backwardness to be overcome in Bangsamoro’The backwardness and injustices in Philippines’ Bangsamoro will be overcome after the ratification of the landmark Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), a Turkish non-governmental organization’s official said.

Bangsamoro is a collective term for Filipino Muslims living on an island south of the Philippines.

The Philippines’ landmark Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) was officially ratified on Friday following a referendum win on granting comprehensive autonomy to Moro Muslims.

In other news:

Philippines: Mosque Attack Not Related to Church Bombing…

More from the Religion of Peace:

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All(-ah) hail the liberating Freedom Sack, (Down With Misconceptions!)

The hijab is not what it is, it is portable seclusion and it empowers women. It is the freedom sack after all:

“The hijab does not symbolize suppression, oppression, or silence. Rather, it is a guard against degrading remarks, unwanted advances, and unfair discrimination,” one pamphlet, titled “misconceptions about Islam,”reads.

Modern feminism is a far cry from what it used to represent.

The suffragettes fought for true female equality by securing the right to vote for women. Today, the priorities for feminist “activists” are very different.

Fictional issues like “manspreading” by men on the subway or the wage gap mythtake precedence over real female oppression. Nowhere is female oppression more prevalent than in Islam, the largest human rights violator of women worldwide.

However, a recent event at a university in Florida held an event attempting to whitewash the harmful ideology of Islam in a drastic way.

From Lifezette:

[T]he University of Miami recently hosted a “hijab-a-thon” as part of Islam Awareness Week. Organizers of the event encouraged fellow students to try on and wear hijabs around campus.

The Muslim Student group displayed headscarves on a table set up outside of the university center and passed out literature pushing back on the reality that many Islamic cultures are among the most oppressive in the world for women.

“The hijab does not symbolize suppression, oppression, or silence. Rather, it is a guard against degrading remarks, unwanted advances, and unfair discrimination,” one pamphlet, titled “misconceptions about Islam,” reads.

This feminist defense of the hijab as some kind of empowering garment fails to mention the women that are forced to wear it in Iran or Saudi Arabia, or else face death or imprisonment.

This video explains perfectly why the left should be fighting for oppressed Muslim women—but isn’t.

When one student decided to stage a counter-protest, the university went out of its way to defend the hijab-a-thon, stating that the University of Miami, “supports the upcoming Islam Awareness Week,” and that they were, “disappointed to learn” that some students were taking offense to the event.

More on the Freedom Sack Revolution:

Oklahoma: Hamas-linked CAIR enraged as judge dismisses Muslima’s lawsuit over having to take off hijab at courthouse

Here’s the competition: #NOHIJABDAY
#NoHijabDay campaign fights against Sharia propaganda, stands for women who are brutalized for not wearing hijab

This is a most welcome and much-needed initiative. The women who indulge in virtue signalling every year by donning a hijab on World Hijab Day have never shown any concern for the victims of the enforced hijab.

Saudi Arabia is about to judge NZ’s human rights record – Whale Oil Beef Hooked

The country with one of the worst human rights records in history, where women are oppressed, which still enforces the death penalty, carries out public executions and has even been known to crucify people – yes, literally – is about to make judgement on New Zealand’s human rights record.

Yes. You read that right. No. It is not April 1st. ?

In the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’ people are killed for being homosexual. After all, this is what the Koran tells observant Muslims to do. Will our LGBTIQP StormTroopers and the lunatic left organise a protest and call the mullahs homophobic?

No. These moonbats will rather slander us as ‘islamophobic’ for pointing out what Islam does to people.

#StopIslam #SupportALA

One Nation’s Mark Latham ramps up calls for burqa ban in NSW state buildings

Controversial One Nation candidate Mark Latham has got behind Pauline Hanson’s calls to ban the burqa, labelling the Islamic garment as ‘sexist, anti-social and silly’.

WTF is “controversial” about that?

The Rats Are in the House

Donald Trump ‘Surprised’ FBI Found No Motive for Las Vegas Shooting

FBI finds nothing in Las Vegas because this corrupted Deep State swamp is too busy  making up ‘Russia’ stories to topple Trump.
las vegas
The president said it was “very interesting” when asked by the Daily Caller to compare the level of FBI resources used to investigate Russian attempts to affect the 2016 election.

“You’re talking about, I guess they’re well over 30 million dollars now on this Russian collusion hoax, and everybody knows it’s a hoax,” Trump replied. “They’ve spent all this money. Nothing. … That is very sad.”

Naturally, Mr. President. They were TOO busy investigating you and your friends.

Don’t you know, Mr. President, that Hussein Obama weaponized ALL the agencies of government through the appointment of his CZARS to assist in his transformation of this country and its government WHICH IS STILL TAKING PLACE.

UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS are making decision on policy, on who is arrested and it seems that no one can stop them. The FBI no longer investigates crimes, rather opponents of the Marxist Democrats.

European Human Rights Commissioner Criticizes France for Violent Yellow Vest Crackdown

Petition Demands Nike Recall Air Max Shoe, Claims Logo Is Offensive to Muslims

Nikes Offensive to Muslims

Nike Under Pressure to Pull ‘Blasphemous’ Shoes…

Sheriffs in Rural Washington Refuse to Enforce Latest Gun Controls

The constitution is your open carry license.

Three Iraqis Arrested in Germany on Bomb Plot Suspicion

Where would we be without all these contributions by Moslems, which have nothing to do with Islam?

The Rats Are In the House

Democrat Ilhan Omar Suggests Israel Not a Democracy Because of ‘Jewish State’ Law

Ilhan Omar (Alex Wong / Getty)
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) told an interviewer Tuesday that she “almost chuckle[s]” at the idea that Israel is a democracy because it is a “Jewish state.”

Omar, who has a long history of anti-Israel rhetoric, was speaking with Zainab Salbi of Yahoo! News.

She argued that U.S. foreign policy was biased toward Israel over the Palestinians, saying that it had “always been aggravating to me” that “we have had a policy that makes one superior to the other, and we mask it with a conversation that’s about justice, and a two-state solution, when you have policies that clearly prioritize one over the other.”

Omar did not note the long history of Palestinian terrorism, including against Americans, and the refusal of the Palestinian Authority to stop payments to terrorists and their families, which has resulted in an end to U.S. aid.

Pressed to elaborate on her views, Omar mentioned Israel’s new “Jewish state” law, which she claimed “does not recognize the other religions that are living in it.”

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There Shall Be Censorship & ‘Islamophobia’ is a thing!

These 9 things are ‘officially Islamophobic’ after UK councils adopt new definition

Research indicates that Islamophobia often targets visible signs of Muslimness, such as modest clothing like headscarves, as well as prayer rituals and mosques. This time it is the prayer rug. …

Examples of Islamophobia that the Council now deems as unacceptable: …

  • Accusing Muslims as a group of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Muslim person or group of Muslim individuals, or even for acts committed by non-Muslims.
Councillors in Oxford this week who agreed on the definition
We can only hope that these degenerates don’t breed….

Councillors in Oxford this week who agreed on the definition

COUNCILS across the UK are starting to adopt an agreed list of examples of Islamophobia.

However, so far, just three local authoritieshave adopted the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group) definition of Islamophobia. No councils in Lancashire have adopted the definition as yet.

Oxford City council has this week become the latest in the UK to officially recognise the APPG definition which states:

“Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

More below the fold.

Google May Face RICO, Defamation Lawsuits Due to SPLC Partnership, Lawyers Say

In recent years, the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has faced a slew of lawsuits regarding its deceptive practice of branding mainstream conservative and Christian groups “hate groups” on par with the Ku Klux Klan. Google has decided to partner with the SPLC, even encouraging employees to work for the organization. Conservative lawyers told PJ Media this partnership may make the tech giant vulnerable to defamation and racketeering lawsuits.

“France: Migrants Make up 40 Percent of Unemployed Youth”

Migrants queue for transportation by bus to reception centres across France, from the 'Jungle' migrant camp in Calais, northern France, on October 24, 2016.
Migrant youths make up nearly half of the unemployed youth in France, according to statistics gathered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Pakistan: Muslim clerics declare that “Islam has nothing to do with extremism and terrorism”

In Pakistan, “representatives of political and religious organisations of the country have agreed unanimously to carry out a joint-struggle for the elimination of the menace of terrorism and extremism from the country.”

If these clerics truly wished to “denounce terrorism” and “resolve to end menace,” they would at least start by resolving to end the menace of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and use their influence to free Asia Bibi to live in peace.

“The joint declaration asserted that extremist and terrorist mindset has caused the most harm to Islam and the Muslim world. ‘Islam has nothing to do with extremism and terrorism as teachings of Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) has stressed on seeking moderate way.’”

Most stunning about such bizarre and brazen lies is that they are believed by so many. The clerics don’t seem to have defined “terrorism.” Do they mean the actions of jihadis, or of America and Israel?

As Muhammad said: “War is deceit.” Sahih Bukhari (52:269)

“Clerics denounce terrorism, reiterate resolve to end menace”, by Imran Adnan, Express Tribune, January 28, 2019:

LAHORE: Representatives of political and religious organisations of the country have agreed unanimously to carry out a joint-struggle for the elimination of the menace of terrorism and extremism from the country. Continue reading There Shall Be Censorship & ‘Islamophobia’ is a thing!

Cultural Enrichment DownUnder

‘Anybody could be killed’: Sudanese teen’s fears as tensions rise

Sudanese gangs have been terrorising Australians for years.

The police did nothing for years while the Sudanese gangs got bigger and stronger.

Again, the police did nothing. But now the Australians start to fight back.

Then the police starts to act, but they side with the Sudanese terrorists against the natives.

That angers the Aussies even more, and now the Sudanese thugs claim they are afraid.

You can read below the fold how this twat claims victimhood like a pro.
Fed Up Melbourne Couple Spend $1,000 a Day to Have Two Armed Guards Protect Their Property After a String of Run-Ins With Violent Teenage Gangs

The man named only as Frank and his partner Jade hired guards worth an eye-watering $1,000 per day, following a string of ferocious confrontations with a gang outside their Melbourne home.

Brother and sister MARRY each other in India to con their way into Australia – and immigration authorities are powerless to stop them

Tell me again, why can’t we get rid of them?

Sri Lankan Refugee, 29, Who Stole Mail While Working for Australia Post to Pay Off a $95,000 Debt Bursts Into Tears in Court as He Agrees to Leave the Country

A Queensland postie, who came to Australia from Sri Lanka in 2012 has been forced to tearfully sign an agreement he will leave the country after stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of mail.

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Merkel Stands Up (For Globalism & Islam)

Merkel: We Must ‘Stand up’ to ‘Excessive Populism and Nationalism’

Resistance is verboten.

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein MFerkel.

Merkel, a genocidal maniac who is on the verge of doing to native Germans what Hitler did with the Jews.

Globalist chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has used an award acceptance speech to call on the international community to “stand up” to “excessive populism and nationalism.”

Dr Merkel said that as those who lived through World War II are dwindling in numbers, the lessons learnt from the conflict are being lost, resulting in a rise of “populism and nationalism,” affirming that “we have to resolutely stand up against this type of thinking.”
The Chancellor made the comments after being awarded the Fulbright Prize for International Understanding in Berlin on Monday, the first time the American award was presented outside of the United States. While Dr Merkel made her thinly-veiled criticism of President Trump, his hand-picked ambassador to Germany Rick Grenell looked on.Merkel, the longest-serving leader in the European Union, was selected for the award for her “remarkable, compassionate leadership and her strong commitment to mutual understanding, international cooperation, and peace
More telling is that Merkel was awarded the Coudenhove Kalergi prize. If you don’t know who he is, google it. Tony BLiar was a recipient too.
But wait, it gets better:
Open Borders NGO Urges Germans to Marry Illegal Aliens So They Can Stay in Europe

German politicians have slammed Mission Lifeline after a tweet from the self-styled migrant ‘rescue’ NGO, which is based in Dresden, appeared to suggest citizens should marry aliens who have no right to live in the country.

Local media reports that Mission Lifeline was accused of encouraging people to take part in sham marriages after the NGO urged unmarried supporters to get together with illegal immigrants who “do not have the right to stay here”.

Who said ISIS was ‘defeated?’

With links to GoV & vlad Tepes

Asia Bibi update:

Pakistan’s top court upholds acquittal of Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy; she’s free to leave country.

Did you believe Trump when he told us that ISIS was defeated?

Thousands of Syrians flee last Isis territory with tales of horror: ‘We were starving there’

“We know there are Isis families among them, they didn’t come here for tourism,” said a Kurdish official involved with the process, who declined to be named. “But we don’t worry about that now. We consider them civilians when we receive them, and we help them. Then the intelligence services investigate.”

As the territory held by the group gets smaller by the day, civilians have been flooding out from the Isis enclave, each with a more horrifying story than the last. More than 20,000 have escaped over the past month, according to an official overseeing the process.

France to welcome back 130 Jihadists

The price for treason is  hanging by the neck. In France it would be the guillotine.

Castaner is a traitor. The jihadists in Syria are no longer French citizens. They burned their passports when they entered Syria to build the caliphate. These animals deserve to be dealt with in Syria or iraq.  And if the courts in Syria and iraq give the death penalty for crimes against humanity then so be it. I just hope that once the jihadists are dead that they are buried in pig skin and buried in unconsecrated ground.

Matteo Salvini: “In Italy, the Ports Are and Will Remain Closed”


The following video features remarks made by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini during a local election campaign event in the city of Sulmona.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Teaching white kids to hate themselves & their culture

“If you’re white and this stuff doesn’t worry you, then you’re ignorant. Read up on Communist China and “struggle sessions”. Because that’s exactly what these classes are. Now go take a look at what the struggle sessions led to. Wake up. If we don’t pull our heads out of our asses and put a stop to this cr*p right now, we could very well find ourselves being marched out of our homes into “re-education camps” tomorrow. People think it can’t happen here. It can. I don’t hate anyone. I’m not advocating violence towards anyone (if anything, it seems to almost always be white or jewish people spearheading this stuff. shame that blacks and hispanics seem to get blamed) I’m simply saying that white people need to grow a damn spine and stand the hell up and say “This is not acceptable, and we are not going to allow it.” How sad and pathetic is it that we haven’t already done that en masse? We’re allowing these people to brainwash our children into hating themselves, hating us, hating their ancestors and their history and their heritage. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! I don’t believe in white washing our history. Both the good and the bad should be taught. But this is not that. This is propaganda designed to humiliate and demoralize, and if we cared about our children and their future, we would all be mad as hell about this. Why aren’t we?”


Andrew Bolt

Apparently only whites can be racist and misogynist. Here are three troubling new examples.

When an Israeli Arab, Aiia Maasarwe, was murdered in Melbourne this month, there was much media talk of a toxic white male culture.

Fairfax commentator Clementine Ford claimed “politicians love to fling mud at migrant communities, … nurturing the racism and violence that all too many white people consider to be a good day out …

“Women of colour like Aiia are targeted by this violence at significantly higher rates.”

But then police charged an Aboriginal man.

In other news:

Breast Ironing Enriches Multicultural Tapestry

The colonization of Europe by sub-Saharan Africa has culturally enriched that formerly bland land with the festive practice of breast ironing:

An African practice of “ironing” a girl’s chest with a hot stone to delay breast formation is spreading in the UK, with anecdotal evidence of dozens of recent cases, a Guardian investigation has established.

In other news:

California College ‘Discontinues’ Pledge of Allegiance Because of ‘White Nationalism’

CA College ‘Discontinues’ Pledge of Allegiance Because ‘White Nationalism’
Edu Dep’t of to Investigate Anti-Male Discrimination at U. of Michigran

Pakistan Supreme Court Frees Blasphemy Law Victim Asia Bibi Again

Pakistan Supreme Court Frees Blasphemy Law Victim Asia Bibi Again
Iranian Official Threatens to Unleash ‘Inferno’ on Israel

CNN Fact-Checks Roger Stone: FBI Didn’t Storm Your House, They ‘Knocked on the Door’

CNN Spins, Covers Up for FBI

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Italy: Salvini threatens to sue refugee rescuers

Salvini’s Border Control Migrant Policy Reduces Arrivals by 95%

Italian minister Matteo Salvini threatens to sue refugee rescuers

Salvini has refused to open the ports to the mainly sub-Saharan African migrants rescued in the Mediterranean over a week ago, saying the ship had a chance to make port as it sailed through Libyan, Tunisian and Maltese waters.

Countries that are unable to assimilate migrants should stop accepting more until they are able to integrate them, Pope Francis told reporters on the papal plane Monday.

Pope Francis Praises Sweden’s Moratorium on Immigration

Reality check:

There will be no integration. Islam is not allowing integration.
Everywhere in Europe where Arabs live, they don’t become European – Europe becomes Arabic there.
Everywhere where Africans live, they don’t become European – Europe becomes African there. The No-Go-Zones are growing.

Pope Praises Sweden’s Moratorium on Immigration

Rising numbers of mostly Islamic immigrants in Sweden had led to the development of Muslim-controlled “no-go zones” where law enforcement fears to enter.

Sweden is often referred to as the “world’s capital of asylum seekers” and some 17 percent of Swedes are foreign-born.

Yellow Vest Leader Calls for ‘Uprising’ After Key Activist Shot by Police

Yellow Vest Leader Calls for ‘Uprising’ After Key Activist Shot by Police

Mutilated by Flash-Balls


The number of Yellow Vest demonstrators seriously injured by French police flash-balls increases with every weekend rally. Police sometimes aim directly at the protesters’ heads, which is against regulations. The loss of an eye seems to be a not infrequent consequence of such head shots.

The following report from France interviews two victims of flash-balls. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz Says America Exists for Immigrants, Not Americans

Tucker Carlson: Robert Mueller Is ‘a Living Rebuke to the Principles of Our Democratic System’

Tucker: Mueller Is ‘a Living Rebuke to the Principles of Our Democratic System’

EXCLUSIVE – Roseanne Barr: ‘We Have Hamas in Congress’

 Roseanne Barr: ‘We Have Hamas in Congress’

They also support al Qaeda & the MuBro’s.

Democrat Leaders Deny Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Are Antisemites

Democrat Leaders Deny Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Are Antisemites

Those ‘Democrat Leaders’ are sellouts. Despicable.

Hijabbery & the Tolerance of Islam

UAE’s ‘Gender Equality’ Awards All Won by Men…

Bah, Humbug!

“Coexistence was the hallmark of Muslim civilisations, from China to the Philippines, from Malaysia to Africa and the Middle East. It was not isolated to Muslim Spain….” —Ed Husain on the British Museum and “The True Face of Islam”

Mike Cernovich: “A moderated form of Islam is probably the West’s only hope”

This guy is a clueless f*kctard.

Robert Spencer in FrontPage:

“Scholar of Religions” Says Allah is “More Merciful” Than the God of the Bible

Western intelligentsia just can’t get enough of hating Western civilization.

Microsoft’s NewsGuard Media Blacklist Linked to Saudi Arabia’s PR Machine

No surprises here.

Migrants complain about life in France “We are victims of Islamophobia”
France’s secular laws have put a dent into the country’s relations with its Islamic community. Recent riots and clashes with police over the ban on face covering burqas, have sparked a heated debate on whether uncontrolled mass immigration is the true cause of failing multi-culturalism.
They come as refugees and then want to live under Sharia law.
France can not provide free housing, food, money and welfare benefits to millions of illegal immigrants from all over the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Every country has the right to defend itself and its borders and to preserve its culture, values and identity.


“Diversity” should include Muslimas who rebel against the hijab.

In a city I cannot name, on a date I cannot specify, an anonymous woman and I embarked on a risky drive to an institution whose address I cannot disclose. “Aisha” and I had eaten, gabbed, laughed, worked and dreamed together. I had met her family. They were lovely people. They planned to kill her. She had violated their Islamic expectations. Thus our drive to a remote safe house. In the United States. In the twentieth century.

In January, 2019, after Ilhan Omar [pictured above] was sworn in as a new congresswoman, my liberal Facebook friends celebrated her and Rashida Tlaib. They made three false claims: “First refugee elected to Congress! First Palestinian! We celebrate diversity!”

No, Omar was not the first refugee elected to Congress. Jewish refugees, and refugees from Communismpreceded her. Continue reading Hijabbery & the Tolerance of Islam