As long as the stupid doesn’t hurt, they will just keep on dumbing down…


Native title can only exist if Australia was settled, not invaded.

Why? Because international law recognises territories acquired through invasion and annexation by force, prior to the prohibition of war following World War II, as lawful conquests.

Provided that all citizens of a lawfully conquered territory are granted equal rights by the local law, the descendants of the conqueror and the conquered are not considered two separate peoples.

This in turn invalidates any claims to separate land rights under the same jurisdiction.

Brought to you by their ABC:

Thousands have marched today, demanding not just a date change, but an end to Australia Day.

True to form, the coppers arrested a patriot, not the attacking leftist scum.


We can always trust the #LooneyLeft to get things wrong. #AustraliaDay

Dumber than dirt.

Invasion Day protests held around country as debate over Australia Day continues

Thousands of protesters have gathered around the country, calling for changes to the way the nation marks Australia Day.

January 26 marks the anniversary of Captain Arthur Philip arriving with the First Fleet in Port Jackson, New South Wales, a date now seen by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as “Invasion Day” or “Survival Day”.

Here we go: Malcontents beating the Aboriginal grievance drums. Despicable.  White trash pretending they are aboriginals… just like Fauxcahontas…

“We need to change the country,” Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge told the crowd. “I’m part of the problem. I’m a member of that institution … of parliament.”

Do away with yourself, boy. Happy to pay for the rope!

Those at Saturday’s rallies said the day marks the theft and dispossession of Indigenous people, and should not be celebrated.

They gathered by the thousands throughout Australia, holding up banners on the steps of Parliament House in Victoria, marching through Hyde Park in Sydney and converging on Brisbane’s CBD.

 Protesters held their fists in the air at the rally in Brisbane.


What were the protesters saying?

As thousands of others spent the day celebrating Australian culture, some of those protesting said they wanted the national holiday’s date changed, while others called for Australia Day to be abolished altogether.

Aboriginal woman Lareesa, who attended the Melbourne event with her family, said this year was the first she attended an Invasion Day event.

She said she was in favour of abolishing Australia Day altogether.

A woman sits holding a hand-written sign saying "today is a day of mourning".

Protesters’ signs highlighted the historical significance of January 26 from the perspective of Indigenous Australians.


“No matter what day you change it to it’ll still be a day of oppression and mourning for us, so I think deleting it all together is the way to go,” she said.

Malachi, who marched with his wife and son, said he was representing his Aboriginal heritage and was calling for a change of date.

“I feel we need to still celebrate everyone being together as well, I’m still happy to celebrate Australia Day as long as it’s on another day and under a different name,” he said.

“I just feel like the Aboriginal culture is not being recognised,” he said.

Two people stand with indigenous flag t-shirts in Melbourne.

Some protesters called for a date change, while others wanted Australia Day scrapped altogether.


Bundjalung woman Deekeala Glew, who attended the Brisbane rally, said Australia Day should be celebrated on December 17, the date when in 1965 all Indigenous people were given the right to vote.

“[January 26] is a day of genocide and there is no pride in that,” she said.

Ms Glew said the turnout at the rally was heartening.

“I’m proud, I’m proud we’ve all come together like this,” she said.

The protest took place just metres from where today’s official Australia Day parade festivities will take place.

Many protesters carried banners and large props with slogans like “no pride in genocide”, while dozens of police monitored the area.

In Sydney, more than 5,000 gathered in Hyde Park and listened to Indigenous leaders speak about the pain caused by the national holiday being held on January 26.

The rally then turned into a 2-kilometre march from the park, with the streets filled with a sea of Aboriginal flags, placards and people.

As the march moved through the city, bringing traffic to a standstill on some of the busiest streets, the protesters loudly chanted “always was, always will be Aboriginal land”.

Emily Wightman-Gala, 21, said she came to the rally because she would like to see the date of the national holiday moved.

“It’s insensitive, and a difficult day for my family,” she said.

The mood was sombre in the Perth CBD where hundreds were calling for changes to the way Australia Day is celebrated.

There were speeches and musical performances at the Invasion Day rally and participants marched through the city to the Supreme Court Gardens, where others were gathering for the annual fireworks display.

Demonstration held in London

On Friday about two dozen people gathered on Westminster Bridge near the Houses of Parliament in London to protest against Australia Day.

The group wanted to show solidarity with Aboriginal Australians all the way from London.


Alongside an Aboriginal flag, the group unfurled on the bridge railings a 25-metre banner calling for an end to the celebration of Australia Day.

The group was not moved on by police, with the banner remaining in place for about 20 minutes.

“Our point is not really to get a large crowd here in Westminster but to have our voices heard there in Australia,” one of the activists Eda Seyhan said.

“We are here with a visible sign of solidarity for those protesting in Australia on Australia Day, to show our solidarity with Indigenous people in Australia who see this as a day of mourning.”


From: Jesse Bell

My comment on an ABC post about holding a “dawn service” to commemorate the “crimes” visited on “indigenous” people:

No low you lot won’t stoop to huh? Let us examine some history shall we? Australia prior to the 26th of January, 1788- a harsh land full of rapacious, incestuous, cannibalistic, constantly warring tribes of mesolithic savages who practiced gang-rape and the worst forms of infanticide imaginable as a matter of course. In short- there was nothing and no-one of substance here.

The First Fleet arrives. Establishes the infant Colony. Traded with aboriginals. Gave them succour. And had agreement after agreement broken by aboriginals. Yet still continued to provide food and medical treatment to aboriginal people.

Fast forward to Federation. Where, by vote, a vote aboriginals were open to participate in, the Colonies Federated into one entity called Australia. Made official on the 1st January, 1901.

Fast forward to today. With a modern, first-world Country, that constantly bows and scrapes to butt-hurt blacktivists who benefit from the gifts of Western Civilization, yet constantly demean and insult it- via the medium of said gifts. Who demand more and more. And more.

Heal wounds? What wounds? Ah right…there is no value in post-modern Australia to being anyone outside of the victimhood heirarchy. A land grab. A money grab. Then to top it off, a gross insult to our ANZACS, a number of whom were and are indigenous. You disgusting sophists. Revel in it while you still can.

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  1. You change the date of Australia Day once, then somebody else will find a problem with that date and it will go on and on and on.
    There will always be some idiot who will have a problem with something. Somebody please tell me what any Aboriginal gave or invented that is beneficial to modern man apart from a curved stick used to bring down Kangaroos. Like every other country in the world, it was invaded and colonised by somebody else. If you go down this path there will always be somebody who did something to someone, somewhere that will need to be addressed. Get a Grip.

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