Turkey: an Islamic dictatorship that sponsors and backs Islamic terrorism


Bringing Turkey into NATO was a bad idea. NATO is a Western Alliance. Turkey is not a Western country.

Daniel Greenfield

Turkey is an Islamist dictatorship that sponsors and backs Islamic terrorists. It’s also genocidally obsessed with the Kurds.

Erdogan, Turkey’s Islamist tyrant, has massacred his own people, locked up police and judges, and is bent on massacring Kurds in Syria because as his rigged economy implodes, he wants to distract attention from his collapsing regime, and his son-in-law, with a little genocide.

His latest tantrum, aimed in part at America, President Trump and at National Security Adviser John Bolton, show why the United States should not make the mistake of dealing with the leader of an Islamic terror state.

And why Turkey should not be in NATO.

The only things that Erdogan can be counted on to do in Syria is…

1. Support those Islamic terrorists that his regime backs

2. Kill Kurds, including those allies with the United States

Whatever we should or shouldn’t do in Syria, we should never make any kind of deal with Erdogan. The only thing that will do is humiliate us. Exactly the same way that Erdogan’s Iranian pals humiliated Obama.

For Islamists like Erdogan, being able to insult and humiliate Americans is a fundamental part of their doctrine. Let’s not let him do it.

One thought on “Turkey: an Islamic dictatorship that sponsors and backs Islamic terrorism”

  1. NATO should go to war – say, with Russia and Iran.

    Funny thing – only Turkey and Iran would be destroyed in this “war,” at the end of which Trump and Putin would reconcile.

    Now that’s MY little “4-D Chess player” fantasy!


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