Sharia, Che Guevara, open borders & dumbing down….

Good question:

When Twitter informs me that my tweets violate Pakistan’s Law, do they tell Pakistan that their support for terrorism violates laws of the UK, US and Australia? — Imam Mohammed Tawhidi

The UN is a sick joke

SHAME: Giant portrait of the mass murderer Che Guevara now on display at the United Nations in Geneva, home of its ironically-named Human Rights Council.–Hillel Neuer

Che Guevara murdered children. Revering him is a basic test of sociopathy.

Twitter Legal Warns Michelle Malkin Her ‘Mohammed Cartoon Tweet’ Violates “Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws” – Which Are Punishable by Prison or Death
Hard to believe:

….. 13 Republicans in the House voted with Democrats today in favor of . Sickening.

Hungary Backs ‘Europe of Families’, Not ‘Europe of Migrants’

SUBOTICA, SERBIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Migrants make their way through Serbia, near the town of Subotica, towards a break in the steel and razor fence erected on the border by the Hungarian government on September 9, 2015 in Subotica, Serbia. Thousands of migrants have funnelled their way across country to …

Hungary’s foreign affairs minister has warned that Europe will be weakened if it abandons families in favour of mass migration.

“Europe will be strong if it becomes a Europe of families, because if the Europe of migrants is realised, then it will be weak,” Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said during a conference in Budapest on Thursday.

The minister’s comments during the event, entitled Europe’s Future: Family or Migration, comes after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced a series of family-friendly economic policies earlier in February.

Australia dumbing down our future generations:

School students will soon be taught ‘Aboriginal English’ and learn phrases such as ‘sista, brutha, bro and cuz’ in a move slammed by Indigenous leaders as ‘insulting’
  • Students in NSW will soon be taught ‘Aboriginal English’ in new curriculum  
  • They will be taught phases such as  ‘sista and brutha’ in the new lesson plans 
  • Foreign language students will need to compare Aboriginal ‘loan words’  
  • Jacinta Price, the councillor for Alice Springs, said it’s ‘absolutely ridiculous’

In the UK, people who fight AGAINST ISIS are treated worse than those who support ISIS

In prison for fighting AGAINST ISIS: Ezra Levant talks Aidan James’ family

Ezra Levant of was at the Manchester, UK premiere of Tommy Robinson’s “Panodrama” documentary when he was approached by the mother, and girlfriend, of Aidan James. He left England to fight AGAINST ISIS in Syria, and was charged with “terror offences”! MORE:

Europe: Trying to Legitimize Iran’s Regime



The congratulatory note to a regime that seeks the destruction of the Jewish state and the United States of America has raised eyebrows and unleashed criticism on social media.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that the center “condemns German President’s congratulations to the most dangerous regime in the world, who are religious bigots, who hang Gays, and threaten genocide against Israel–home to the largest Jewish community in the world. When will he condemn their Holocaust denial?”

Germany sucking up to the mad mullah regime of Iran. Despicable.

by Giulio Meotti  •  February 20, 2019

  • “The E.U. only seems to care about the nuclear agreement and trade ties. It pretends that the regime is legitimate and that Iranians have no alternatives to living under tyranny”. — Alireza Nader of New Iran, reported by Benjamin Weinthal, Fox News.
  • “The fact that the Ayatollah had executed thousands of people, including many writers and poets since his seizure of power in Tehran had provoked only mild rebuke from Western governments and public opinion… With the fatwa against Rushdie, we thought the whole world would mobilise against the ayatollah, turning his regime into an international pariah. Nothing of the kind happened”. — Amir Taheri, former executive editor-in-chief of Iran’s leading newspaper, Kayhan.
  • Worst of all, now Europe’s highest court has effectively adopted Khomeini’s idea of blasphemy. The European Court of Human Rights recently decided that an Austrian woman’s conviction for calling the Prophet of Islam “a pedophile” did not breach her freedom of speech. The sharia style of “blasphemy” has now become a potent weapon to stifle and suppress free speech.

The leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, pictured in 1979. (Photo by Asadollah Chahriari/Keystone/Getty Images)

“In looking to the future, Ayatollah Khomeini has spoken of his hopes to show the world what a genuine Islamic government can do on behalf of its people”, wrote Princeton University professor Richard Falk at the dawn of the Iranian Islamic Revolution in 1979. He was one of the many Western intellectuals who, in a mix of misconception and naiveté, supported Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s regime. These deaf Western secularists succumbed to the charm of the Iranian clerics who have just celebrated the 40th anniversary of their regime. It is useful to remind the public that Khomeini orchestrated his Islamic revolution from Neauphle-le-Château, a village 20 miles outside Paris.

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In other news:

IMAM’s in Germany openly preach of their plans: “Germany WILL be an ISLAMIC State, Sharia will be Law, Your daughters WILL marry muslim…”

Western universities becoming “places where numbskulls congregate”

Lecturer who said religion should be ‘mocked and ridiculed’ is forced out of university which expelled student who complained about ‘Islamisation’ of UK

Free speech is all but dead in once great Britain. Islamic blasphemy laws are fully enforced.

Dr Hill (pictured, left) was dismissed last year and news of his row with the University of Central Lancashire emerged following the expulsion of student and Ukip member Sebastian Walsh (pictured, right)
Swedish Professor: Exchange Migration Critics for Terrorists…

Södertorn University, which has 13,000 full-time students and is tasked with providing basic training to the police, has been called a “stronghold of left-wing extremism” and “a place where numbskulls congregate”.

In other news:

Questioning Islam and Muhammad has been effectively criminalized in Europe

 $1 Million Reward for Hamza bin Laden, Osama’s Son

Why waste good money when a bullet would do the trick?

The US Department of State announced on Thursday that it is offering a reward “of up to $1 million” for information that leads to the capture of Hamza bin Laden, the son of deceased former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Just ‘Celebrating Diversity’

England: Gang Jailed for Rape, Abuse of Children in Foster Care Home

England: Gang Jailed for Rape, Abuse of Children in Foster Care Home

But the real problem is “Islamophobia”, right?

Most Violent Crimes in Oslo Are Committed by (Islamic) Culture-Enrichers

Norway is unusual in that it is willing to collect and make public the ethnicity of perpetrators — France and Sweden, for example, don’t allow such forms of data collection.

“Traveler”, a new word for Islamic head choppers who went to Syria for the Islamic State

The Rotterdammer Belmonte was one of around 300 Dutch travelers and a prominent ISIS fighter according to the NRC, which writes that the report of his death has been confirmed.

Denmark Refuses to Rule Out Deporting Somalis by Force

Out with the trash:

African migrants, who arrived the day before after fleeing Libya on March 28, 2011 rest near the port on the Italian tiny island of Linosa. Three boats laden with hundreds of African migrants, mostly Eritreans, Ethiopians and Somalians, fleeing Libya arrived in Italy, the first such vessels to reach Europe …

The Danish government has refused to rule out forced deportations of Somalians without the right to stay in the country, although Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has said he would rather they left voluntarily.

The Danish leader commented on the situation following a recent meeting with Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in Egypt saying he thought it would be beneficial if the Somalians returned to their country to help rebuild it, BT reports.

So far, the Somalian government has rejected the idea of their citizens returning home from Denmark but the Danish leader dismissed the refusals saying, “As I think now, it is not so much dependent on Somalia. But it is more dependent on the speed of our own Danish bureaucracy.”

Somali Pirate Arrested After Trying to Claim Asylum in Europe

He’s a pirate. He should be hanged. Instead, they want to ‘extradite him  to Germany’. They’ll never get rid of him.


A Somali migrant, alleged to have been involved in piracy incidents in 2010 and 2011, has been arrested after trying to claim asylum in Salzburg, Austria.

The 24-year-old asylum seeker was arrested by Austrian police earlier this week and is believed to have taken part in incidents off the coast of Somalia in which pirates captured two German ships, Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports.

The Somalian was arrested on February 12th and was sent to jail in Salzburg prison in Puch near Hallein for ten days and is expected to be extradited to Germany.

Populist Austria to Transform All Asylum Reception Centers into Deportation Centres

Again: out with the trash, asap. If trying to protect your people from criminal African savages is “populist”, the government is doing the right thing.

European Union to Fund Turkish Railway With $314 Million Grant

The EUSSR communists really love the Turkish despot, don’t they?

Almost Five Years After Brussels Jewish Museum ‘Terrorist Murders’, Trial Nears End

Democrat-Led House Passes Bill to Criminalize Private Gun Sales

The plebs must be disarmed. The second amendment be damned.

“Ambassador of diversity” hijab promo vandalised

The Swedish town of Gävle’s decision to place a hijab-clad Muslim woman on its welcome sign in order to ‘celebrate diversity’ has triggered strong reactions.


Good Doggy!

Stories like this should warm the hearts of infidels on cold winter nights.

Hero SAS dog saves the lives of six elite soldiers in Syria by ripping out jihadi’s throat while taking down three terrorists who ambushed British patrol

  • The dog had been out on patrol in northern Syria with a team of six crack troops 
  • As the soldiers left their armoured convoy they were hit with a frenzied ambush
  • A source said the unnamed Belgian Malinois took out three jihadis on its own 
  • The SAS commander in charge credited the dog with saving all his men’s lives

An SAS team was saved after a brave military dog fought off a jihadi who attacked a patrol in northern Syria.

The unnamed Belgian Malinois, a fierce breed of sheepdog known for its bravery, had been out on a routine patrol with a team of six crack soldiers from the SAS.

They had just entered a small village in a convoy of armoured vehicles when they got out to continue the recce on foot.

But soon after they left the safety of the convoy, they were attacked on all sides by waiting jihadis in what was described as a ‘360 degree ambush’.

The team had been on patrol with a Belgian Malinois (pictured), a breed known for their bravery [file photo]The team had been on patrol with a Belgian Malinois (pictured), a breed known for their bravery [file photo]

The SAS men returned fire but the jihadis began closing in and tried to outflank them.

The animal was said to have leapt to the defence of the struggling British soldiers, tearing the throat of on gunman who was firing at the patrol. 

It then turned on two other jihadis, leaving them seriously injured before the other six ambushers all fled.

More news from the Religion of Peace:

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Why Tommy Robinson should not be banned

There are many disturbing things about this latest act of Silicon Valley silencing of an awkward public voice.

Facebook and Instagram’s ban confirms that corporate censorship is out of control.

Brendan O'Neill


Only a fool would cheer the banning of Tommy Robinson by Facebook and Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you like or loathe him. It doesn’t matter if you think he’s a searing critic of the divisive logic in the politics of diversity or Luton’s very own Oswald Mosley in Jack Wills clobber. The point is that his expulsion from social media confirms that corporate censorship is out of control. It speaks to a new kind of tyranny: the tyranny of unaccountable capitalist oligarchs in Silicon Valley getting to decide who is allowed to speak in the new public square that is the internet.

Robinson, having already been thrown off Twitter and Patreon, was unceremoniously cast out from Facebook and Instagram yesterday. He had one million followers. So we are not talking about some bedroom-bound imbecile who says mad things to 27 fellow losers on Twitter, but about a public figure, someone who commands an audience and enjoys political influence. His crime, in the eyes of Facebook’s and Instagram’s community-standards cops, was to nurture ‘organised hate’ towards Muslims. He used ‘dehumanising language’ and made ‘calls for violence’, the social-media giants decreed. And therefore he had to go.

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Smash the social media monopolies!

Gab Launches ‘Dissenter’ Platform to Add Comments Section to Every Page on the Internet

A man protests censorship

Free speech social network Gab has launched a new comments platform, Dissenter, which allows users to make comments on every single website on the Internet without fear of censorship or banning.

The Dissenter platform, which integrates with Gab as either a website or a browser extension, allows users to comment on any web page in the world, with the ability to upvote, downvote, and reply to other comments.

Facebook Eliminated Over One Billion Page-Views to Conservative Websites in 2018 – Now, Thanks to James O’Keefe, We Have Proof This Was The Plan
Facebook Eliminated Over One Billion Page-Views to Conservative Websites in 2018 – Now, Thanks to James O’Keefe, We Have Proof This Was The Plan
Facebook Whistleblower: Staff ‘Deboost’ Unwanted Content – and I Saw Same Code Used on Conservatives

Facebook aims to quell new storm over Russian efforts, lobbying

Recent Facebook insider leaks released by Project Veritas reveal that the social media giant’s demoting of conservative content isn’t just done by human moderators, it’s built right into the code of the website as a technical action called “deboosting.”

Project Veritas latest bombshell report reveals inside info from Facebook. One of the most shocking revelations from the report is that Mark Zuckerberg’s suppression of conservative content on the platform isn’t just the result of heavy-handed moderation by human employees, but is actually built right into the code of the site.

Project Veritas reports:

Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Tell the truth about Islamisation and you get bumped off Facebook & Twitter, Mohammedan infil-traitors will see to it:

The social media giant claimed in a statement published Tuesday that Tommy Robinson’s own Facebook page, which had around one million ‘likes’ before deletion, “has repeatedly broken [Facebook community] standards, posting material that uses dehumanizing language and calls for violence targeted at Muslims. He has also behaved in ways that violate our policies around organized hate.”

Delingpole: Has Tommy Robinson Exposed the BBC’s Dangerous, Far-Left Bias?

Tommy Robinson Upstages “Radical Far Left” BBC Hit Piece; Gets Immediate Facebook Ban

Days after UK conservative activist Tommy Robinson upstaged an upcoming BBC “hit piece” on him with his own documentary, Facebook banned him from their platform – including Instagram, after a BBC contributor contacted them.

BBC contributor Mohammed Shafiq denies it’s “free speech” related, threatens to attack Tommy Robinson’s YouTube channel next. 

Robinson’s hour-long Exposé, Panodrama, features undercover footage of BBC journalist John Sweeney making racist and classist statements, and reveals how the BBC collaborated with a “radical far left” organization, HOPE not Hate (funded in part by George Soros) to take Robinson down.

The BBC is also accused in Panodrama of bribery, blackmail and intimidation tactics agains former Robinson employees to “invent stories” against the former English Defence League leader.

“This is massive. This is Britain’s leading investigative journalist documentary by the BBC, that we pay for, creating, editing news, in order to destroy my life,” said Robinson.

Panodrama is out!” announced Robinson in a YouTube video. “Go on my Facebook page, it’s pinned to the top.

Unfortunately for Robinson, Facebook – which is currently under tremendous pressure by UK lawmakers for violating privacy laws, may have gotten a tap on the shoulder after BBC contributor Mohammed Shafiq took action.

BBC contributor Mohammed Shafiq acknowledged contacting Faebook to discuss Robinson’s pages “and their impact in brainwashing his supporters to become terrorist and use violence against Muslims.”

As journalist Nick Monroe points out, Shafiq has been outed as a “religious extremist” who supports blasphemy laws (Monroe has been documenting the entire Robinson takedown, click on tweets below and scroll up for more).

Tommy Robinson’s PanoDrama


  • and we exposed  him as a radical headbanger:

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Gaia worship, Islamofauxbia & ISIL B*tches

Vatican Denounces Worldwide ‘Wave of Xenophobia’

Citing United Nations general secretary António Guterres, the Vatican paper said that human rights are “losing ground all over the world.”

Xenophobia and racism are a “growing plague that has poisoned the debate over crucial challenges such as immigration,” Guterres said, adding that certain political parties and leaders are “cutting and pasting ideas from the fringes of society for their own electoral propaganda.”

Pope Francis has been a vocal proponent of immigration, repeatedly suggesting that resistance to mass migration can only be motivated by xenophobia, racism, and populism and that (civilised) nations should adopt a more welcoming stance toward them.  (be overrun by unassimilable savages)

Christianity out, Gaia worship  in:

Pope Francis has chosen an ecological theme for his annual Lenten message, depicting the Christian call to spiritual conversion against the backdrop of the environment.

The pontiff said that the earth “is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth” as “once beautiful landscapes are now covered with rubbish.”

Too much truth for al BeBeeCeera:

Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Facebook deleted Tommy Robinson’s private profile, public page and Instagramaccount this afternoon.

The social media giant accused the English Defence League founder of encouraging violence against Muslims online.

Mr Robinson, 36, has hit back claiming that the ban is due to a film he made accusing mainstream media of demonising him and slammed the move as ‘censorship’.  

Keep. Them. Out!

It’s been endlessly frustrating to see the  fake news complex profile women with multiple children who left Western countries to wage Jihad in Syria as sympathetic figures who were ‘brainwashed’ into it.

As many as 100 “British” babies may have been born to ISIS brides in Syria during the recent jihad. The babies are awaiting repatriation to the UK with their mothers, who have British citizenship.

In other news, the center-right candidate supported by the Lega and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini won yesterday’s regional election in Sardinia.

Argentina’s Chief Rabbi Assaulted, Tied up in His Home

Hezbollah has agents in South America.

Anti-Semitic attacks are skyrocketing worldwide, while the “human rights community” wrings its hands over islamofauxbia. Jews across the world are under violent attack as Islamic Jew-hatred is normed under the guise of “palestinianism.” Jew-haters of all stripes are free to come out of the post-Holocaust closet, and they are — in spades. This is the handiwork of the left. All over the world, the left has normed Jew-hatred in its relentless hatred of Israel. Leftists routinely claim that they aren’t antisemitic, only anti-Zionist, but the two aren’t really separable.

Swiss Soldier Convicted for Fighting with Christians Against Islamic State

This is disgraceful. Fight against I.S. you end up in court.
Fight FOR them and you are allowed back and given a “second chance”.

Europe, what the hell is going on????

Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch, Ignatius Aphrem II, holds mass at the heavily damaged Syriac Orthodox church of St. Mary in Syria's eastern city of Deir Ezzor on February 3, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Ayham al-Mohammad (Photo credit should read AYHAM AL-MOHAMMAD/AFP/Getty Images)


A former sergeant in the Swiss army has been convicted by a military court for fighting Islamic State alongside a Christian militia in Syria.

Johan Cosar, 37, was handed a 90-day suspended fine by the Bellinzona Military Tribunal after being found guilty of damaging Switzerland’s defensive abilities by going overseas to fight, Radio Télévision Suisse reports.

The ex-sergeant was accused of serving in the Syriac Military Council, a Christian militia, from 2013 to 2015 and is believed to have also recruited Syrians while a member of the group; he was not found guilty of recruiting fighters in Switzerland.

Questions, Questions:

What’s crazier–the belief that anyone who acts out jihadi-style must be in the grip of a mental illness, or the Western refusal to understand the precepts of jihad embedded in Islam’s holy texts that give rise to (and that validate) the “nutty” behavior?

Update: Equally bonkers–those who challenge the jihad imperative, thereby failing to uphold Canada’s “diversity-is-our-strength” bollocks, can be branded “anti-Muslim.”

Update: Do you know which media outlet most definitely isn’t “anti-Muslim” (but which does have a distinctly anti-Zionist vibe)? No surprise, it’s the New York Times.  (Scaramouche)

Macron wants to permanently ban those convicted of so-called “hate speech” crimes from all social media

Macron Proposes Permanent Social Media Ban


This ought to calm down Gilet Jaune protestors who see Emmanuel Macron as a tyrant, about 8,400 of them having been arrested over the past few months. France’s Moonbat Weenie in Chief is considering new measures to free them from the burden of incorrect thoughts by banning people from social media for life for expressing them:

Macron put forward the idea of permanently banning those convicted of so-called “hate speech” crimes from all social media.

Broadcaster BFMTV reports that a bill fighting hate speech online will be filed around May.

Macron argues that permanently revoking someone’s fundamental right of free speech for saying something the liberal establishment does not like is the equivalent of banning soccer hooligans from attending games. No wonder this joker is so unpopular that the population continues to be in revolt.