How Mark Latham & Pauline Hanson Killed One Nation

Latham & Hanson must have thought it was a good idea at the time. Eros is  real eye candy, and she would pass as a bona fide Aussie if it wasn’t for the Muselmanic part. But of course she never said she was ready to dump Moe’s  Quran and denounce the sharia. Opposing the burqa and being half-assed about other unpleasant parts of Islamic barbarity just doesn’t cut it. Emma is not one of us. She is still one of them.

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‘I’m a Muslim — this is why I joined One Nation’

Emma Eros, February 6, 2019

Many people are taken aback that I have happily joined One Nation — others have sent me kind words of support and encouragement. Many have shown themselves to be very un-Australian in their reaction. It is for you that I pray. Unfortunately, in my life, I’ve seen so much hatred, racism, religious division, segregation and oppression and, yes, terrorism.

Stop projecting & gaslighting. All of these things come from the Mohammedans, not from the Aussies who have taken you in.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has long stated that there are moderate Muslims — and there are. They need to stand, speak out and be heard, which is what I’m doing.

We have too many already. Enough!

I am Muslim and I practise religion in my way, the way I feel is right, the way I know millions all over the world practise. I may not pray every day but this is akin to one who does not go to church every Sunday.

In the Islamic state you have no choice. A female doesn’t get a say about how to practice religion.

Come Ramadan, I fast when I am able to and I practise religion from within.

To some, such controversial critic of Islam Milo Yiannopoulos, with whom I had a heated debate last year, I’m a “bad Muslim” because I don’t fit into the stereotypical idea of what a Muslim is, says and does.

Again, it’s not your choice. The witness of a female is only half of a man’s.

I went to see Yiannopoulos to ask him one question: How did he think Australia could move forward from the Islam/anti-Islam divide. I expected and was looking forward to a serious answer but this was not to be.

I guess I wanted to explain the cultural Islam Yiannopoulos was talking about was not what I and many millions of other Muslim followed or practised.

There is no “cultural Islam”. There is the Islam of Muhammad, of quran, sira & hadith. That’s it.

It saddens me to see such hatred and division in our country.

Blame your coreligionists!

I have chosen to make a difference and to contribute to the only country that I have known. My home — Australia.

So why One Nation? Because I believe the One Nation party of today is inclusive and equal.

Pauline is not too bright.

I fully support One Nation; I hold the same ideals and aspirations as One Nation, even when it comes to slowing down immigration, despite the fact that my family emigrated here from Lebanon in the 1960s. I believe charity begins at home when it comes to immigration and we have to look after our own people first. Australia is very welcoming but must be wise to immigrants from countries who will not integrate or respect our way of life.

Cool. Let’s keep the Mohammedans out. You agree?

Emma’s family emigrated from Lebanon in the 1960s.
Sharia law has no place in Australia — not now, not ever. I will never budge from this stance.

We’re already under sharia. All criticism of Islam makes us endangered species. All our food is halal. Mohammedans literally get away with murder in this country.

I also firmly believe that the burqa should be banned and I will continue to speak out against the range of barbaric cultural practices that involve oppression and suppression.

Let’s hear it now!

I will continue to speak out against anyone who espouses hatred regardless of their religion, creed or colour.

That’s BS. You mean you will attack anyone who criticises Islam.

I will continue to speak out on no-go zones and terrorism.

Let’s hear it now, why wait?

I am not sitting for this election because of the religion my grandparents practised; I am sitting for this election because I care about the future of our country.

Will you support a moratorium to stop Islamic immigration to Oz?

I care when people are struggling to pay their bills after working a 40-hour week.

That’s political pep talk.

I care when parents can’t feed their family.

I smell socialist virtue signalling.

I care when people are struggling to get the government support that it needs, whether this be small business, farmers, single parents, mental health, pensioners, our veterans and many more.

We all “care”. What are you going to do about it?

I care that the Australian dream has become exactly that — just a dream.

You are living it.

Religion is between oneself and God.

Mohammedanism is not. It must be forced on others.

It’s time to ask yourself: what future do you want?

Here is comes: an Islam free future, Emma. Are you still  with us?

1/ Emma Eros is running in the seat of Hornsby.…/…/10156252957074370…


3 thoughts on “How Mark Latham & Pauline Hanson Killed One Nation”

  1. Clearly Pauline has completely lost it. Or was Mark Latham?

    Mark Latham ? Just another lefty.

    What a joke One Nation is now.

  2. On the One Nation supporters blog ,I wrote asking Ph to explain her support a Muslim when –She has been a critic of Muslim immigration –She had MANY Christian Aussies to choose from instead of a 2% person..A couple of hundred people agreed with me and commented ,showing their dismay at her choice of candidate.. INSTEAD of addressing the issue –on the blog; Pauline had the ENTIRE section removed… Later –when others commented similarly — the WHOLE BLOG WAS SHUT DOWN.. It shows that Pauline is as democratic as STALIN.. It was a lesson i never expected to learn..I am so sorry that i wasted so much of my time supporting a person who i thought was a True Blue Aussie ,only to find that she is FAR from that IMO..

    1. Pauline doesn’t negotiate or listen to anyone , apart from the manipulators behind the scenes. That has always been the case.

      One Nation is finished. This has been one of her dumbest moves yet.

      This is precisely why she fell out with Senator Anning. She’s gone soft on Asian immigration . And now soft on Muslims.

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