l’état, c’est moi – is Macron the Sun King?

Macron: France Could Ban Hate Speech Convicts From All Social Media For Life

Proclaiming those who disagree, as Criminals.

– It’s what these Leftist Dictators do.

l’état, c’est moi

Who does he think he is, this parvenu? Louis XIV?

French President Emmanuel Macron has floated the idea that those convicted for crimes of hate speech could be banned from social media networks permanently.

President Macron floated the idea at the annual dinner of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIR) saying that a new bill to fight against hate speech online was being tabled for May of this year broadcaster BFMTV reports.

While the bill is being floated at a time where Jews are facing rising levels of real-life anti-Semitic attacks driving whole communities out of French cities, the proposal to stifle speech online comes as President Macron faces unprecedented levels of criticism from the anti-government Yellow Vest movement. The French state has cracked down hard on Yellow Vest activists, arresting 8,400 protestors in just a matter of months.

Marine Le Pen on Muslim Jew-Hatred in France

Thanks to GoV & Vlad Tepes

In the following video, Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly Front National), discusses the recent increase of Jew-hatred in France, and the fact that it correlates precisely with the increase in the Muslim population.

She also points out what should have been obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention: the Jew-haters of the traditional far right consider her their enemy, presumably because she doesn’t blame the Jews for everything that’s wrong with France.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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In other news:

Maher: Trump Is Inspiring Terrorism with His ‘Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder’

Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Maher is uninspiring. He’s also a bit dumb. Remember when he gave Hussein Obama a million dollars for his reelection?

From the Religion of Peace:

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2 thoughts on “l’état, c’est moi – is Macron the Sun King?”

  1. Really, Micron?

    L’estat le Roi, C’est moi.

    Know your place, serf! Don’t make me go back there.

    Micron knows that, thanks to the Internet, we Bourbons can rule France (and the rest) from anywhere at all – which is why he’s out to police it!

    “Hate speech” is a projection of their own motivations used by leftopaths to virtue-signal and tar their opponents as being motivated by “negative emotions” (as if being naturally angry with criminals for their crimes was somehow and unacceptable position to hold, because of course to such excuse-making criminal psychopaths, there are no real crimes nor criminals because, since “we (i.e: you) all do it, too” we are all in stead really ever only equally helpless, fellow victims). Criminals use their own emotions as mysterious, unknown and unknowable inevitable-force “reasons” for “having to” commit their crimes. But people’s feelings are not morals; they are not justifications for one’s actions. They aren’t even reasons – they are effects, not causes. They are only lying excuses for one’s chosen hypocrisy: whatever truth one doesn’t like to hear about one’s self or chosen gang or group identity is “hateful” while one’s own similar angry criticism of others for speaking such a negative truth is “justified.”

    Therefore also, obviously, the sort of victimology-inspired “group-hug” therapies used by psychologists today can only reinforce mutual pity for “fellow victims” in an argumentum-tu-quoque critical thinking logical fallacy attempt to dilute one’s culpability while increasing one’s extortionability in a group gang or mob setting, and so as such can never lead to inculcating habitual self-reliant responsibility.

    Since “hate speech” doesn’t necessarily incite violence, it must only hurt feewings! And who cares if you hurt their feelings by accusing them of their crimes? Only CRIMINALS! So they will always promote useless pity as the highest virtue, and usefully focused anger at the criminals and their crimes as the most vile of sins!

    The Truth Hurts – liars.

    Ans so then, being liars, they will habitually double-down and proclaim that No, it REALLy hurts!

    It EXTRA-Hurts! And it super-duper really, REALLy extra-“offensively” hurts their precious feewings, too!

    “Hate” crimes are really only “HURT” crimes – CAPISCE?!

    Making “hate” into a crime, really only makes it “illegal” to hate crimes and the criminals who cause them.

    “HATE” isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom they have to address to distract us from what they’re really trying to ban.

    Since rational people get angry with criminals for their predatory choices, and criminals insist they have no choices because we’re all equally victims who should therefore tolerate the diverse differences between the kind of victim who attacks innocent others first, and those who don’t, they insist pity is always good and anger is always bad.

    Since criminals expect that all is generally allowed unless and until it is very specifically disallowed in advance, the only real crime is trying to prevent them from doing whatever they want to do, to whomever they want to do it to, and whenever they want to do it. Such attempts are always seen by them as “mean!” or more recently, “HATEFUL!”

    But as Robert Spencer noted:

    Incitement to violence is easy to spot – but incitement to “hostility” is in the eye of the beholder; so all anti-free-speech initiatives conflate (anti-crime) free speech and even (what they call “hateful”) feelings with actual violent crimes; for instance trying to criminalize speech against a religion or race (say, against someone for their simply noticing that islam isn’t really a race or a religion at all, but is only a global crime-gang; or against someone for their simply noticing that melanin poisoning exists).

    The whole notion of “hate-speech” and “hate-crimes” IS a crime! Having “hate” isn’t a criminal act, it’s EITHER the perfectly natural and neutral human response of perpetual anger towards ongoing injustices (like islam), OR it’s a victim-blaming slanderous HABIT; but either way, it’s only an effect, and not a cause of anything. I hate crimes & the criminals who commit them; so what?

    “Hate crimes” are really only *thought*-crimes, which is a victim-blaming slanderous assertion made by criminals to deflect everyone’s attention away from their own crimes (since criminals are psycho-paths who hate thinking, of course to them nobody else should ever be allowed to indulge in potentially “dangerous” thinking, either) by asserting that anyone merely considering or feeling that one should dislike something bad – ANYTHING bad, aka crime and criminals – should be accused of committing the only “illegal crime” in itself: “Hate!”

    So, hadn’t you heard?! Being angry at (“hateful” towards) criminals is now the most vile sin, while pitying (“tolerating”) them all as “fellow victims,” is to be deemed the highest moral virtue, these days!

    So much so, that the only advice we hear from “our” hypocrite governments, their pet media, and the corporazi globalist banksters who own them all, seems to invariably be:

    “Anyone who doesn’t automatically pity all criminals as fellow victims should be hated!”

    Which is why hurting the feelings of criminals by accusing them of their crimes, is now a “hateful” crime itself!

    Criminals want to ban “hate” (the neutral emotion of perpetual anger, for instance towards ongoing crimes) in their victims.

    The only “real” emotion which we should ban, is “jealousy,” because it is not a real emotion at all, but only a symptom of slanderous hypocrisy and criminal greed.

  2. SO: What is “hate-speech” and why should it be considered a crime if it’s NOT already: a) a threat; and/or: b) slander (fraud)?

    If it’s not either PHYSICALLY threatening speech – or emotionally threatening BECAUSE it is a lie which could physically impact one’s life, as fraudulent slander causes other people to react to one as if one were a criminal in need of hating and beating – then it’s THE TRUTH: and so it SHOULD cause one the emotional distress of ‘hurt feelings!’ So it isn’t objectively “offensive,” but is, in fact, socially beneficial in that it helps defend society from criminals, whether or not said predictably victim-blaming criminal is subjectively “offended” by their victims being notified about the criminals’ offenses!

    Having no facts to justify their aggressive hypocrisy, all criminals will resort to using emotive ‘arguments’ to justify their crimes by playing the victims: “I didn’t do it! My emotions made me do it! Whee!”

    So they (liberals, muslims) can be relied on to try to criminalize hurt feelings and to make offending people, (i.e: the criminals, by accusing them of their crimes) illegal, too!

    The only responsibility in speech is the same as in any other venue – to not attack first, to not lie and thereby attempt to steal the truth.

    The only right is to not be slandered by lying frauds.

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