Nothing to do with Islam: Flinders Street Vehicle Jihadist Did it “in the Name of Allah”

“I did it in the name of Allah” – Muslim who mowed down pedestrians in Flinders Street –

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“I did it in the name of Allah”

“I just support my religion”

An ISIS sympathiser who mowed down pedestrians in Melbourne’s Flinders Street, killing an elderly grandfather, said he “did it in the name of Allah”, a court has been told.

Saeed Noori drove his mother’s SUV into 16 pedestrians outside Flinders Street Station on December 21, 2017.

He was arrested by off-duty police officer Francis Adams, who had just alighted a tram near the attack, while Noori said “Allah Akbar”.

One of his victims was 83-year-old Antonios “Anton” Crocaris, who later died from head injuries.

Noori later told homicide squad investigators a “voice within” told him to drive into pedestrians, a Supreme Court of Victoria pre-sentence plea hearing was told on Tuesday.

“I’m sorry for the people that I injured but I did it in the name of Allah,” he was quoted as saying, and: “I’ve been tortured by this government for about three-and-a-half years. They got me to a point that it was a voice within — within me ask me to do it”.

Noori, who had fasted for seven days before the attack, also condemned the Australian government and racists and for oppressing Muslim people, repeatedly saying he believed that he and other Muslims were targeted by “bullies” at ASIO, the court was told.

He also said he was sympathetic to ISIS, but didn’t know any members and “I just support my religion”.

His computer and a USB stick were found to contain a number of images from terrorist attacks internationally, videos about ISIS and other material that an expert said showed he had a “degree of radicalisation”.

Noori has previously pleaded guilty to murder, 11 counts of recklessly causing serious injury and five of conduct endangering life.

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  1. and the Treasonous Australian authorities – politicians judiciary and academia are STILL to rid Australia of themselves invader islams and diverifier criminal African tribals !!!

    … so the time has passed for them to rectify their Treason/Subversion/Sedition
    … now their incarceration is the only solution !!!

    1. Once again, JD – when you keep it short and sweet, I can understand and agree with you.

      The worst psychopaths we have are in education, banking business, politics, journalism, law, and its enforcement wing. In other words, most self-appointed control freak “Authorities.”

      Their only real goal is to gain and maintain their power over others, and they do it by tempting us to agree with them that we are all really ever only equally helpless victims of mysteriously unknowable yet equally mysteriously known to be “inevitable” forces beyond our control. The self-centered double standards of their chosen hypocrisy begets paranoia as its main excuse and masochism as it’s only possible greedy, fear-limited form of hope. They know that if everyone agrees to attack and be attacked, then there are no crimes or criminals, so their main excuse is the “So what? My crimes aren’t crimes if and when you all do it, too! Whee!” In short, psychopaths and (monkey-see, monkey-do) examples of their psychopathy create more psychopaths. Our children are exposed to and bombarded with corporate advertisements which are based on the most basic fear-and-greed carrot and stick binary – which is also used by our binary “democratic” party systems, the false laws and their enforcements which result from it, and even in the so-called “education systems” which really only “teach” (abuse our children with) the exact same false notions that there is no free-will self-reliant choice, but only mysteriously inevitable forces beyond our control.

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