Submissive Feminazis & Woke Frenchmen

Austrian Feminist Submits in a Flash:

Groping, rape, ‘taharush’ is Just the Price We Have to Pay for Living in a Multicultural Society

Who says feminists are inflexible?

This video from Austria features Irmgard Griss, an Austrian lawyer, judge, and former president of the Austrian Supreme Court. When she was elected to the National Council, Ms. Griss was supported by NEOS, a progressive pro-EU party that has vigorously championed women’s rights.

Her interlocutor is Henryk Broder, a popular writer and commentator.  (Thanks to GoV & Vlad Tepes)

Austria: Feminist Politician Says Muslim Migrants’ Lack of Respect For Women’s Rights a Price Worth Paying For Diversity

French Blogger Avner Solal in Movie: “I’m Not European, I’m French”

French blogger Avner Solal published a movie about his feelings towards the European Union and France.

“It hurts me to admit it, but France is no longer France”, he says.

He quoted Edgar Quinet: “True exile isn’t being torn away from one’s country. It is to live there, and find nothing that used to make you love it.”

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