Christchurch al Noor mosque produced at least two al-Qaida terrorists

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The parents of TWO dead Islamic terrorists, Daryl Jones Christopher Havard, claim their sons were radicalized by extremist  devout preachers at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch.

“The Al Noor mosque in Christchurch targeted by Brenton Tarrant produced at least two terrorists, from a very small congregation: al-Qaida recruit Daryl Jones, killed by a drone, and Christopher Havard.

The parents of these boys say their sons were radicalized by extremist preachers at Al Noor. The boys were in Yemen with the guys who trained the Charlie Hebdo killers. A 2014 story at (now scrubbed from the internet) quotes a mosque attendee who says, “A visiting speaker from Indonesia talked about violent jihad and plenty shared his views.”

Three questions: How many news reports have you read these details in? If you’d known that this mosque was a terrorist factory, would it have changed your feelings about the news at all? Finally, how does it make you feel to learn that the media has been not just ignoring these facts but deleting stories to hide them over the past 24 hours?”

In other news:

The selection of a house of worship as a target for a mass shooting is two-fold: practicality and infamy, “expertsays

What kind of “expert” could be this ignorant?

Hundreds, if not thousands of churches, Hindu & Buddhist temples have been burned and no “expert” noticed it until some nutter shoots up a mosque?

This bullshit article doesn’t focus on the horrific atrocities committed by Mohammedans, it misdirects your attention to other violent incidents.

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  1. millions of muslims die in each and every muslim country by christians… and you make an article that doesnt even have a proper source and just want to post your islamophobic opinions ?
    a mosque is like your church, we pray there. but instead of just a sunday ( or idk if you guys pray on the other days, but thats what i am familiar with), muslims pray five times everday. and people stay there to learn and read quran too… those who call themselves jihadi and kill innocent people are not muslims, and those who are muslims, dont kill. may Allah guide your poor souls , and save you from all the sins you commit.

    1. This comment is interesting. If the Jihadists say they are Muslims but you say they are not, who is right? The Jihadists will say they are Muslims because they follow the teachings of the Quoran. Why do you say that such followers of the Quaran are not Muslims? Are not all followers of the Quaran Muslims?

    2. “millions of muslims die in each and every muslim country by christians” – patenly false. “millions of muslims die in each and every muslim country by other muslims” – nearer the truth.

      1. Millions is an exaggeration for either statement.

        However, far more Muslims, maybe 20,000 are killed every year by Muslims.

    3. Watch and Wakeup NEW ZEALANDERS you have been Blindfolded by These Islamists Perpetrators Muslims Brotherhood’s unrepentant Terrorists
      Yes there may be the Genuine MUSLIMS who are seeking for the Truth and Light.
      Our Prayers are that’s they will come to See Jesus Christ Righteousness the Messiah Y’SHUAH the Scriptures said

      In HIM( JESUS) was LIFE the LIGHT of Mankind
      John 1;4

      1. mate… a so called christian you are as deluded as a muslim….all religions have killed more people throughout history than money and territory combined…what there is a fire and brimstone god sitting up there judging people depending on what random place they where born into? Pff.. Both the koran and bible where written by mere mortals, just like you and me (but with a lot less scientific knowledge than today)…..get a grip

      2. Bishop Brian Tamaki , of the often maligned Destiny Church…the largest Polynesian church in the world.. I think half Maori , half Italian , one of three successful brothers, is the only one to hv stood up in NZ. The Catholic bishop stood outside the mosque in Kilbirnie , Wgtn. God bless you. Pray for the Christians in NZ and other NZers.

    4. 900,000 Christians have been murdered by Islamists in the last 10 years. Christians only kill in self defense and to protect their families. Christians DO NOT TEACH their followers to murder ALL non-believers (Kufaars). Those heinous actions are left up to the Islamists. Your dishonest posts do no one any good but the Islamists.

    5. What fuckin world are you living in !
      Do Muslims not behead people I see it on you tube all the time and wiping out small Christian villages all over Africa, women and children.
      Your Quran says all non believers are to be beheaded and exterminated! And they follow that through in African countries, just like the brainwashed people they are!
      Peaceful my ass!

      Far from a peaceful religion!

    6. Excuse me Dawood but your taqiyya doesn’t work on intelligent individuals. We Christians love everyone until you try to do us, our families or our nation harm. Then there is no power on earth more powerful than the wrath we bring toward those individuals. We are taught to turn the other cheek but we only have two. After that . . . well you know. Your peaceful people murdered over 200 innocents today in Sri Lanka as you do each an every day. Atonement is coming.

  2. Report today. A distinct lack of equality.
    “A Labour MP for Vauxhall in London since 1989, Ms Hoey comes from the working class, ‘Old Labour’ school of the party, backing Brexit, stricter immigration controls, and individual liberty.
    Her criticism comes after Western networks and publishers have given extensive coverage to the murder of 50 Muslim worshippers who were gunned down in an attack at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, but comparatively little to the African Christians killed in a spate of attacks by Fulani herdsmen Islamic extremists in the predominantly Christian Adara chiefdom of southern Kaduna in recent weeks.
    Considered to be a greater terror threat to Nigerian Christians than terror group Boko Haram (West Africa’s branch of Islamic State), the Fulani killed 52 Christians last Monday in the villages of Dogonnoma, Inkirimi, and Ungwan Gora. The day before, 17 people were killed in Ungwan Barde.”
    We must work for equality of treatment for all or resentment will grow if one sector is treated favourably.

    In the first week of March, 32 Christians were killed in Karamar with the Muslim extremists setting fire to homes and a church, and at the end of February, 38 Christians were killed in Maro, where a church and homes were also burned.“

    1. You also missed the fact that 20 Israelis were murdered two days ago by Islamic extremists

      1. You are right. My point is that all should be treated equally. If one group is seen to be favoured that will inevitably provoke resentment in other groups. Favouritism causes problems. It does not reduce them.

      2. The inequality of reporting continues. Not much of this in UK mainstream media.
        “The death toll of last weekend’s massacre of Nigerian Christians by militant Muslim Fulani herdsmen has risen to at least 200, according to a report released Friday by Open Doors, an organization that monitors Christian persecution.

        As Breitbart News reported earlier this week, heavily armed gunmen recognized as Fulani herdsmen opened fire on Christians in a number of villages in Plateau State of central Nigeria last weekend, killing scores and injuring hundreds more, as well as burning some 50 homes to the ground. Most of the victims were returning home from the funeral of the father of a local Christian minister.

        Despite the evidently religious nature of the slaughter, mainstream media chose to downplay the militant Islamism behind the attacks, preferring to attribute the violence to “ethnic tensions,” a “battle for land and resources,” or even “climate change.”

        Meanwhile, two local Catholic bishops have called out the violence for what it was: a “clear agenda for Islamizing the Nigerian Middle Belt” by using Fulani shepherds.

        One of the bishops, Matthew Ishaya Audu of Lafia, said the attacks are not random or economically motivated, but purposefully target Christians.

        “They want to strike Christians,” Bishop Audu said, “and the government does nothing to stop them, because President Buhari is also of the Fulani ethnic group.”

        Other observers concur that the attacks form part of a larger plan to eliminate Christians from the area.

        “The killings are becoming no longer herder and farmer clashes” but a “deliberate attempt to conquer and occupy the land of the people’s ancestral heritage,” said Dr. Soja Bewarang, while denouncing an attack on a Bible school that trained Christian missionaries in Gana-Ropp village.

        Reverend Gideon Para-Mallam, of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Jos, said that the violence is part of a pattern, an emerging agenda, which represents “another Boko Haram in disguise.”

        The intensity of the attacks in central Nigeria is indicative, Para-Mallam said, “because Plateau state is the epicenter of Christianity.”

        The recent “killing spree” lasted four days, Thursday through Sunday evening and into Monday, Open Doors revealed in its report Friday.

        During this time, a dozen villages in Nigeria’s Plateau state were reportedly wiped out and on Sunday, 75 of the victims were buried in a mass grave.

        Among the victims of the massacre included a local pastor, Rev. Musa Choji, along with his wife and son.

        In a single village, Nghar, herdsmen killed over 100 Christians and burned down all the houses, as well as two churches, according to an unnamed pastor of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA).

        Assailants killed 14 members of the pastor’s wife’s family, including her mother and sister. In that household, 27 people lost their lives, all of them burned to death, Open Doors said.

        On the day of the attack in Nghar, only two soldiers and one policeman were in the village, but they reportedly fled as soon as the herdsmen launched their attack.

        Although the anti-Christian violence came to a head over the weekend, in reality it has been going on for some time, according to Pastor Steve Kwol, chairman of the Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria for Plateau North.

        Even since the weekend, with a military presence and dusk-to-dawn curfew, the assaults are ongoing, he said. Two more villages—Kwi and Dorowa—were badly damaged on Monday.

        Most of the buildings were burned down in Dorowa, including four church buildings, and the adjoining buildings, including pastors’ houses, were also destroyed by fire.

        Herdsmen set fire to a number of buildings, including churches, in Kwi as well. The precise number of casualties is unknown, but many villagers were displaced and are now living in camps in neighboring villages.

        “We’ve been living peacefully with [Fulani herdsmen]” Pastor Kwol said. “Since this crisis started in Plateau in recent months, our people have not killed one Fulani man. Instead, they have been killing our people one by one. We just buried them and carried on.” he said.

        “As a result of the ongoing insecurity, there are places where people can no longer go to farm,” he said, “because when they go, the Fulani will come and take their cows, or attack them.”

        “Just two weeks ago, they shot my wife’s young brother. But he survived. He was discharged on Wednesday and had returned home on Thursday, only to get killed in the last attack, on Saturday,” he said”.

  3. The truth regarding CHCH mosque attacks is unlikely to ever be known by ordinary people…the story has changed since the first Saturday.. at least one known cover up and lots of coincidences..etc.. See Tova O’Brien’s interview with John Podesta five days before the attacks.

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