Crocodile Tears & Virtue Signalling After Christchurch Attack

Fraser Anning stands his ground:

Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?

Anning lashes out at Muslims after Christchurch shootings: ‘They are the perpetrators’

Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has been roundly condemned for his “disgusting” statement blaming the bloodshed in New Zealand’s on Muslims.

Queensland Senator Fraser Anning has been slammed for his “disgusting” comments in the wake of the fatal Christchurch mosque massacre.

In a media statement issued this afternoon that’s been widely condemned on social media, Senator Anning said the attacks highlighted the “growing fear over an increasing Muslim presence” in Australian and New Zealand communities.

He went on to claim the real cause of the bloodshed that’s left at least 49 people dead is New Zealand’s immigration policy.

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The alleged shooter said he was inspired by Norway mass killer Anders Breivik and wanted to avenge “thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders”.

Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old  Australian who was a gunman in the New Zealand terror attacks, described himself as an “ordinary white man” who was inspired by Norway mass killer Anders Behring Breivik and wanted to avenge “thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders”.

Tarrant, who filmed himself attacking a Christchurch mosque in a Facebook Live video, posted a 74-page manifesto in which he claims to be from a “working class, low income family”.

He said he was of Scottish, Irish and English stock and moved to New Zealand temporarily to plan and train and then stayed there after deciding to conduct the attack.

Are we expected to sympathize with Muslims?
Are we expected to treat them as victims?
Are we expected to treat them with respect after they’ve treated the rest of humanity with complete contempt?

Muslim cleansing: A global pandemic?


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Part of Queensland Senator Fraser Anning's statement on today’s horrific events.

Part of Queensland Senator Fraser Anning’s statement on today’s horrific events.

“I am utterly opposed to any form of violence within our community, and I totally condemn the actions of the gunman,” Senator Anning said.

“However, while this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.

“As always, left-wing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views but this is all clichéd nonsense.

“The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”

Queensland Senator Fraser Anning. Picture: David Clark

Queensland Senator Fraser Anning. Picture: David ClarkSource:AAP

Senator Anning went on to say that while Muslims may have been victims of attacks, he claimed they were also perpetrators. and blamed deaths on “the entire religion of Islam”. “It is the religious equivalent of fascism,” he said.

He ended with a passage from the bible and said those who followed a violent religion that called on them to murder “cannot be too surprised when someone takes them at their word and responds in kind”.

While evidence of him sharing that statement has been removed from his social media counts he tweeted:

A media adviser for Senator Anning told there had been no backlash to the statement, but it only took minutes for social media to blow up in outrage.

Among the criticism was a rebuke by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who described the statement as “disgusting”.

“The remarks by Senator Fraser Anning blaming the murderous attacks by a violent, right-wing, extremist terrorist in New Zealand on immigration are disgusting,” Mr Morrison said.

“Those views have no place in Australia, let alone the Australian Parliament.”

Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten also slammed the “obscure” Senator.

“While families in Christchurch mourn for loved ones they’ve lost, an obscure Australian Senator saw this act of terrorism and tragedy as an opportunity to blame the murder victims,” Mr Shorten said.

“He deserves the contempt and condemnation of decent people everywhere. He does not speak for our parliament or our country.”

On Sky News, political journalist Kieran Gilbert said someone with those views did not belong in parliament.

“I find him absolutely disgraceful,” Gilbert said. “It’s disgusting.”

British journalist Piers Morgan also lashed Senator Anning, saying he felt “blind fury” at the remarks.

Piers Morgan is always blind when it comes to things that matter.

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    Doesn’t even come close to what the islams did to their victims in the Paris Bataclan massacre
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  2. I’m Australian, and the Lebanese muslims despise all of us! But the politically correct can’t see it. About time we infidels hit back at them. Make them scared of us, instead of the other way around!

  3. But anti-Semitic comments, actions and apologists for Islamic terrorism in Parliament are always welcome from Anne Aly, former Communist member Rhiannon, lies and rubbish from Greens such as Bandt, Di Natalie et al and the coterie of anti-Semites in the Labour Party that trade on Jewish blood to lubricate their Islamic electorates and trading.

    No ‘outpourings’ for Islamic terror victims in Israel that occurs every day of the week. Arab and muslim calls for genocide on the Jews are not deemed ‘disgusting’ by anyone – just send more money to finance arab terror on the Jews – Penny Wong.

    There is no free ride for this anymore. Your societies will be layed waste by this absurd ‘diversity’ rubbish and your children will be sacrificed on the altar of Islamic rape culture – like the English have already done. Islam is going to turn New Zealand into a 3rd world toilet just like it does to everything else it touches or controls.

    So tell me again just who is banging down the doors of the 56 muslim countries trying to get into them? What do we need muslims here for when they control 56 other countries? Need immigrants? Not enough Thai, Phillipino, Cambodian or Vietnamese to chose from we need immiscible muslims to bring in their fascism, supremacism and anti-Semitism?

    The West is a pathetic joke run by morons.

    1. And BTW just how many muslim outcries do we ever hear when it is Islam on the warpath murdering everyone in sight? What condemnations are ever heard from all those muslim countries or muslims anywhere? Nothing. Nix. Zilch. Because that is their creed, purpose and intent. Muslims think terrorism is only a one way street. See Europe. Watch that space.

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