Fraser Anning building grassroots support despite online shenanigans


“Everywhere Senator Anning goes, he meets former One Nation supporters who have become disillusioned with Pauline and now want to support him…

“She [Pauline Hanson] refuses to oppose indiscriminate non-European migration including black Sudanese and even appears to have flip-flopped on her previous opposition to Muslim immigration, shockingly even endorsing a Muslim candidate who supports Sharia law.

“When Senator Anning called for a restriction on non-European immigration in his maiden speech, Pauline said it was “straight out of Goebbel’s handbook.””

Despite a mainstream media blackout, Senator Anning has been quietly building grassroots support across the country, including a listening tour of regional Queensland.

One thought on “Fraser Anning building grassroots support despite online shenanigans”

  1. Wow it’s really happening …
    The Leftoid islamophile marxist/socialist and ‘Pauline’s Superannuation Fund Recipient … she who also rips off her own team members by charging double for party expenses‘ are being rounded up for Incarceration for Treason/Subversion/Sedition and general criminal activity …. Yippee !!!
    (the 60 odd superannuation grabbing “politicians” … not running for re-election does not save you)

    … and that means the invader islam-infecteds (even the Australiana converts … they are NOT reverts) and the “diversifier” (white genociders) criminal African tribals are very soon to be Exterminated from Australian culture … Yippee !!!

    I see/hear “The Cleansing” is even spreading to Indonesia and other previously ‘criminals & cowards of islam-infected’ Asian Nations and onwards !!!

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