Indonesia: Fraser Anning “Doesn’t Understand Islam, Terrorism Not Associated With Religion”

Two men gang up on a woman, Two notorious cretins attack Pauline Hanson, aggressively shout over the top of her, scream false allegations, and refuse to let her finish speaking. It doesn’t matter what you think of Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain, if this happened to any other woman there’d be national outrage and Kochie and Hinch would be out of a job.

“The Western media class has reached a new low. The blame game they’ve been playing in the aftermath of the racist mass murder in New Zealand has been ghoulish and deeply disturbing. The bodies of the 50 murdered Muslims were barely cold before various observers, activists and leftists were naming and shaming those people who they think ‘laid the ground’ for this atrocity. And it apparently includes everyone from alt-right agitators to any mainstream newspaper columnist who has raised so much as a peep of criticism about radical Islam. What we have here is one of the most cynical exploitations of mass murder in recent years: the callous and censorious use of a barbaric assault to settle political and in some cases personal scores. Using the recently dead to underscore your own petty political agenda is the behaviour of the amoral and authoritarian.”— Tania Groth

The doublestandards are outrageous:

Now watch them bow and scrape:

The Australian senator Fraser Anning linked the shootings in Christchurch to immigration. The comments have been condemned by Indonesia’s foreign ministry and the Australian prime minister. 

Indonesia summons Australian ambassador over Fraser Anning’s Christchurch remarks

Foreign ministry says Anning’s statement shows “lack of understanding about Islam”

The Indonesian foreign ministry has summoned the Australian ambassador in Jakarta to express strong condemnation of Australian senator Fraser’s Anning’s controversial response to the Christchurch massacre.

In a meeting in the Indonesian capital on Monday, the Indonesian foreign affairs minister, Retno Marsudi, told Australia’s ambassador to Indonesia, Gary Quinlan, that Indonesia strongly denounced the Queensland senator’s comments.

Speaking from the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, foreign ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir said Anning’s statement showed a lack of understanding about Islam and his view of the religion was “very shortsighted”. (More below the fold.)

Full 16 minute video of NZ mosque shooting 
Content warning: extreme violence.  F*kc censorship. Watch if you must.

Acts of terrorism, he said, were not associated with any religion. “The thought conveyed by the Australian senator is inappropriate and does not have a place in the modern world, whether in Australia, Indonesia, or elsewhere,” he said.

Hours after a shocking attack on two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on Friday, which left 50 people dead, Anning issued a statement linking the shootings to immigration.

The offensive comments have been widely condemned, including by the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, and by Quinlan.

On his official Twitter account, the ambassador posted a series of messages in Indonesian, a translation of Scott Morrison’s words, saying that “Anning’s views had no place in Australia, let alone in the Australian parliament”.

Monday’s meeting follows calls from an Indonesian lawmaker, Charles Honoris, to ban Anning from entering Indonesia.

“As I condemned the terrorist acts in two mosques in Christchurch, I also strongly condemned the official statement of senator Fraser Anning of Queensland who basically assumed that terrorism against mosques was a price worth paying [by] Muslims and that Islam is an ‘ideology of violence’,” Honoris said.

The foreign ministry spokesman said entry permits were granted at the discretion of the government.

Anning’s viral comments have been the subject of intense derision from social media users in Indonesia and neighbouring Malaysia, with one memeshowing a picture of Anning with a Hilter-esque moustache and a serving of fried rice topped with egg, a local specialty known as nasi goreng, atop his head.

Three Indonesians were victims of the brutal attack, with one, 50-year-old Lilik Abdul Hamid, an engineer for Air New Zealand, confirmed dead and two others in hospital. Of three Malaysian victims, two are reportedly in a stable condition while a third underwent an operation today to have bullet fragments removed.

Meanwhile Will Connolly or “Egg Boy”, the 17-year-old Australian boy now famous for cracking an egg on top of Anning’s head during a press conference following the attacks, is being hailed as a hero in Indonesia.

“Dear egg boy, We thank you greatly for your bravery because you’ve done more than what the Australian government has done about racist senator Anning, bless your soul,” wrote one Twitter user, with the handle Zander Liem, which has since been shared 92,000 times.

In Malaysia well-known artist Fahmi Reza offered the internet this tribute, an egg between two fingers with the words: “This eggs beats fascists”.

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  1. Added to the Public Record – Treason [STILL/AGAIN] in action by …
    ∙ David Koch
    ∙ (shouldn’t WONT be a) ‘Senator’ Derryn Hinch
    IncarcerateIMMEDIATELY !!!
    along with “Their Masters Puppets” Australia’s Treasonous Authorities !!!

    Get These Traitors Off the Streets and Out of Communications and Parliamentary Positions – every influential position !!!

    … and don’t leave islam-infected “Wally” behind !!!

  2. “Speaking from the world’s largest Muslim [islam-infected]-majority nation, foreign ministry spokesman male (islam-infected of course) Arrmanatha Nasir said Anning’s statement showed a lack of [SUPERIOR] understanding about Islam and his view of the religion was “very shortsighted[EXTREMELY ACCURATE]
    … [sic(k)] not now that it’s diatribe has been “Corrected” !!!

  3. Indonesia can step down off its pedestal, what are them murdering pricks doing in West Papua? What about Aceh.

    Oh and the Australian Government provides military training to their murderous Jihadi troops and didn’t Julie Birdshit supply Indonesia with 3 Apache attack helicopters.

    F** off Koch you c*ck.

  4. I certainly don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist nut but 49 casualties? Doesn’t seem like it to me.

    Using a shotgun makes a sh*t load of mess, body shots with a flutter? Did he knock out the windscreen before the rampage, I don’t recall a shatter on the first blast, maybe wrong though but really can’t give a sh*t.

    I give him a 7-10, purely on effort. Could do with a couple of dry run throughs with a pro, then try one more time.

  5. Copied and Pasted …
    (Link available upon request) … maybe !!!
    Brenton Harrison Tarrant filmed the shooting in first person POV for a very specific purpose.

    He wanted us to live the experience through his eyes. He wanted to say to us: I did it. It can be done. He did this to shatter a barrier inside of us. He manifested an expression of pure, unadulterated power and he used it to send the animals who are invading our countries straight to hell.

    This is why they are trying so desperately to stop the spread of the video, at any cost. The NZ government is now threatening 10 years in jail for spreading the video. Jewish (((clinical psychologists))) are trying to warn people (obviously meaning young White males) against ever watching the video, because it will “change them”. And they’re right, it will change them. They know exactly how powerful it is. There is no going back after watching this video.

    At first I wasn’t sure what to think of the shooting. Naturally, I assumed it could have been some kind of false flag at first. But once I watched the video, I realized that it was for real. The instant that I saw Tarrant gun down the man in the doorway of the mosque, and then mercilessly execute him as the man left a trail of blood behind as he tried to drag himself across the floor, everything changed. Suddenly I wasn’t just watching a video, I was experiencing it. I felt the raw power. I felt a fire ignite in my blood, and an indescribable sensation spread throughout my entire body as I watched a White man brutally slaughter foreign invaders in our lands. In that instant, I became initiated.

    We are now living in a post-Christchurch Shooting world. This is just the beginning. The video is going to continue to spread like wildfire, and it is going to forever modify the collective psyche of the White race.

    For years we have been taking abuse, we have been mocked and humiliated as our birth right is given away and desecrated right before our very eyes. We have been taunted and ridiculed when we express calm, peaceful objections to the invasion of our lands, told that we deserve to go extinct because of “karma”, told that we have no claim to the civilizations created by our ancestors, told that our very DNA is an “abomination” that will be exterminated, first by miscegenation, then eventually by genocidal force. We tried to speak, but they silenced us. We tried dialogue, we tried appeals to reason, we tried debate, and we were censored from the Internet, charged with hate speech, and fired from our jobs. And some of us tried to warn them what would happen.

    A storm is coming. The Christchurch Shooting was the first few raindrops beginning to fall, and the thunderheads starting to roll in. You can feel it, and I can feel it. We can feel it in our blood, in our bones. We can feel a beating in the depths, a war drum being beaten by the spirit of our ancestors who are calling out for vengeance and fury, for an astonishing inferno and merciless desolation to be unleashed upon the enemies of our race.

    Spread the Tarrant video. We have been spreading truth and memes for years, and some of us have wondered if it is even worth it, if there is even any point in trying to resist using such means, but Brenton Tarrant is evidence of its success. He was steeped in our memes, maybe even awakened by them.

    And in turn, Tarrant has given us possibly the most powerful meme we have ever had: The shooting video.

  6. Indonesia is a terrorist government, murders Christians, occupies West Papua, murders its inhabitants, steals its lands, rapes its people, gives comfort to invaders of Australian shores whilst sucking over $300m from Australian dhimmis and presumes to tell us who we should or should not have relations with. Indonesia GFY.

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