Sydney Terror Plot: how would the police know if a Muselmaniac is an I.S. operative?

Police did not know about contact with Islamic State operative when they made arrests, court told


Police who arrested two brothers over an alleged Sydney terror plot had no idea that one of the men was in contact with an Islamic State operative in Syria until he told them so in an interview, a court has been told.

Khaled Mahmoud Khayat, 51, and his brother Mahmoud Khayat, 34, are on trial in the NSW Supreme Court after both pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiring to do an act in preparation/planning for a terrorist act.

Accused: Khaled Khayat.
Accused: Khaled Khayat.

It is alleged the pair plotted from January 20, 2017, until their arrest on July 29, 2017, to plant a bomb on an international flight at Sydney Airport and then separately to disperse a lethal gas.

On Friday, a NSW Police detective who interviewed Khaled Khayat in 2017 was cross-examined by Mr Khayat’s barrister Richard Pontello about the extensive interview.

In other news:

“Sydney man”

The “Sydney man” found guilty of plotting to carry out beheadings in Australia will spend at least the next nine years behind bars. Omarjan Azari was in regular contact with a notorious Islamic State commander with recorded phone calls between pair leading to his downfall.

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Castrate the molesting worms!

Salvini calls for castration “for the molesting worms who raped a tourist in Catania”

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s hardline interior minister, has called for three young men who allegedly gang-raped an American teenager in Sicily to be chemically castrated if convicted.
“No leniency for the molesting worms who raped a tourist in Catania”, Salvini tweeted. “Guaranteed jail time and chemical castration!”

Merkel’s party blames USA for nationwide protests against internet censorship proposed in Article 13
Catholic Churches Are Being Desecrated Throughout France
Since the beginning of 2019, France has seen a torrent of attacks which have included arson, vandalism, and desecration of a number of its historic Catholic churches.

The defacers have torn down crosses, knocked down tabernacles, smashed statues, and have destroyed the Eucharist, igniting fears of a rise in widespread anti-Catholic sentiment across the country.

Revolutionary scenes in France as Macron is losing control
French Yellow Vest leader: “We will continue fighting whatever measures the government takes”

Yes, there was collusion: between the journaille, the Klintonistas and the Obamunists

Take them to the cleaners already!

Corruption is Justice. Guilt is Innocence. Wrong is Right. Hoaxes are Truth. This is America.

Swedish journalist suspended from Facebook for mentioning Tommy Robinson, and stating that we should accept others’ opinions even if we don’t agree with them

UPDATE: Facebook informs Swedish journalist that she was suspended because “tribute and support” for the “hateful leader” Tommy Robinson violate their community standards

Is the Christchurch shooting video genuine?

Vatican Gives Thumbs Up to Migrant Hijacking…

It appears that Islamic criminials are the flavor of the month at the 
Vatican, since little choirboys are more difficult to come by…

Pig’s Head Left at French Mosque

Mymymy, will the Islamophobia never stop?

Is the Christchurch shooting video genuine?

New Zealanders have been disarmed and converted to Islam because of it.  If they watch the vid or read the shooters manifesto, they will be jailed. And what could possibly make the gov’t do this to NZ citizens?

(Austria) Quran-Distributing Mosque Found to Have ‘Radicalized’ Youth

But noone’s been arrested. Instead, Austria’s keystone cops arrested a popular Generation Identitaire leader…..

George Clooney Calls for Boycott of Brunei Hotels over Anti-Gay Death Laws

Who takes these Hollyweirdo’s seriously?

Erdogan: European politicians opposed to conversion of Hagia Sophia to a mosque are “enemies of Islam”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has accused EU politicians Kati Piri, Federica Mogherini and Johannes Hahn of being enemies of Islam while criticizing a recent report adopted by the EU in favor of the official freeze of the membership process with Turkey, according to Turkish media reports on Friday.

There is no bigger sucker for Islam than Federica Mogherini. But for Erdogan, being a sucker is not enough.

France: Archbishop “delighted” to participate in dedication of largest mosque in the country

How delightful. How broad-minded. How generous. When and where is Eric de Moulins-Beaufort’s kindness reciprocated? And is he aware of how Muslims entered France in the year 732? He apparently assumes that Islamic theology regarding jihad warfare against unbelievers has changed since then. It hasn’t. As the archbishop dreams of Reims being “a town of trusting mutual relations, full of new projects,” he may be in for a rude surprise.

“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“French archbishop ‘delighted’ to participate in dedication of mosque,” LifeSite News, March 25, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

Ex-Muslims Silenced after New Zealand Mosque Attack (David Wood)

“Respecting each others diversity”

Pope Francis: Christians and Muslims ‘Believe in God the Creator and Merciful One’

Ready for Chrislam?Pope Francis (R) and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani pose during their private audience on January 26, 2016, at the Vatican. Rouhani on January 26 described Iran as the safest and most stable country in the Middle East as he urged international investors to help modernise the country's sanctions-hit economy. On …

Pope Francis told the people of Morocco he will visit them “as a pilgrim of peace and of fraternity” when he travels to the north African nation on Saturday.

The pope began his video-message to the Moroccans by wishing them peace in Arabic: “As-Salamu Alaikum!”, before going on to underscore key themes of his visit.

Thanking God, Moroccan King Mohammed VI, and the Moroccan authorities for making the trip possible, Francis told his hearers: “As Christians and Muslims we believe in God the Creator and Merciful One, who has created men and women and placed them on the earth so that they might live together as brothers and sisters, respecting each other’s diversity and helping each other in their need.”

Respect this:

Danish Anti-Islam Group Burn Quran in Front of Islamist Protesters

Danish anti-Islam party Stram Kurs (Tight Course) faced off against Islamists from the Hizb ut-Tahrir group in front of the Danish parliament, and burned a Quran.

The event began as a Friday prayer by the controversial Islamist group which regularly campaigns for a global caliphate, during a memorial to the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, Jyllands Posten reports.

The leader of Stram Kurs Rasmus Paludan was also present at the counter-protest to the 100 or so Islamists and promised to burn a copy of the Quran wrapped in bacon.

Iraqi Arrested for Attempts to Derail Trains in Germany, Possible ISIS Link

I guess we have to learn to tolerate all forms of enrichment…

EU Says Europe ‘Ideal Refuge’ for Migrants Fleeing ‘Poverty, Climate Change’ 

Europarl Calls For ‘Reparations’ to Fight ‘Structural Racism’ Against Africans in EU

E.U. Calls For ‘Reparations’ to Fight ‘Structural Racism’ Against African Migrants‘

Say what?

The European Parliament has demanded bloc-wide action including “reparations” to fight “structural racism” which manifests in people of African descent in Europe getting lower school grades and increased police scrutiny, according to Brussels.

If Africans get lower school grades it might have something to do with their IQ. But saying so is “racist”, or somehing….

In what was described as a “landmark” resolution passed on Tuesday with 535 in favour to 80 votes against, and 44 abstentions, EU member states were ordered “to develop anti-racism policies and stop discrimination in the fields of education, housing, health, criminal justice, political participation and migration”.

“In light of increasing afrophobic attacks, MEPs call on the European Commission and EU member states to acknowledge the racist, discriminatory and xenophobic suffering of Afro-Europeans, and offer proper protection against these inequalities to ensure that hate crimes are suitably investigated, prosecuted and sanctioned,” EU Parliament said in a statement. (Source)

Who asked these suffering bastards to come to Europe?

Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be ‘New Norm’

Brussels has said that Europeans must accept mass migration from the third world as the “new norm”, warning that neither walls nor policies will allow any part of the EU to remain “homogenous and migration-free”.

“It’s time to face the truth. We cannot and will never be able to stop migration,” writes EU Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos, in a piece for POLITICO, published Monday entitled, “Europe’s Migrants Are Here to Stay”.

Europeans have never been asked. They didn’t agree to do away with themselves. They still have a say and they need to make themselves heard.

Pirates, Grooming Gangs, Gay Sex & Qanta Ahmed’s Taqiyya

‘They Are Pirates’ — Migrants Hijack Tanker in Bid to Reach Europe, Special Forces Storm Ship

A group of 100 African savages hijacked the merchant ship that picked them up in the Mediterranean. The culture-enrichers were allegedly upset when they learned that they were to be taken back to Libya.


A tanker hijacked by migrants it picked up in the Mediterranean has docked in the tiny island nation of Malta following a special forces operation.

Full story below the jump.

Poland Bashes Immigrants, but Quietly Takes Christian Ones

The NYT makes it sound as if that was a bad thing. It’s not. It’s the right thing to do.


Italian Priest Suspected in 1,000+ Illegal Migrant Documents Forgery Case

The local mafia don in a cassock.

Dimitri Scarlato, an Italian composer and conductor lecturing at the Royal College of Music in London poses with his Italian passport at his home, on January 14, 2018. On Brexit he says: 'Brexit changed my perception of living in this country. The only positive outcome of Brexit -- I really …

Italian police have connected a parish priest to a forgery operation that saw over a thousand Brazilians illegally buy Italian citizenship papers in a business worth five million euros.

The investigation into the group that was allegedly helping people illegally acquire the Italian documents took place over the last year with police making seven arrests in the commune of Verbania in Piedmont, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

Each set of documents cost the Brazilians around 7,000 euros, paid in cash for an “all-inclusive” package with the organisation even offering day trips on Lake Maggiore as well as local food and drink tastings for their clients.

Qanta Ahmed sells “Islamism” to kafirs 

Qanta’s Islam is totally compatible with western civilisation and is completely harmless. The murder of blasphemers is, according to this taqiyya tart, totally un-Islamic.

Islamists deploy ‘Islamophobia’ as a political and judicial shield to protect them and defame their critics. Their creed is Islamism, a modern-day political agenda masquerading as religion. Its artefacts take the form of permanent war with secularism and an obsession with purity as the external symbol of overt religiosity: the untrimmed beards, the women forced to wear the niqab and the abbayah — along with the profoundly undemocratic and un-Islamic concept of blasphemy.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, described the massacre in Christchurch as the result ‘of failing to root out Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment from our society’. …

ISIS sympathiser Saeed Noori – who mowed down pedestrians in Melbourne in 2017 while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – has been sentenced to life behind bars. …

Gay sex punishable by stoning to death in Brunei under new Sharia laws

…and no one, not one Western politclown has the balls to say a word to criticise these savages. Revolting!


Report about Asian grooming gangs was suppressed to avoid inflaming racial tension

This is an ongoing problem in once great Britain. There’s also a lie in every word: the “grooming gangs” are not “Asian”, but Paki Mohammedans. And because Islam is not a race, no one can possibly “inflame racial tension” by prosecuting these heinous crimes committed against the indigenous population. The ruling scum is either totally infiltrated by Mohammedans or too gutless to do what needs to be done.

The police report, which was shared with social services and other agencies at the time, stated: “The predominant offender profile of Pakistani Muslim males… combined with the predominant victim profile of white females has the potential to cause significant community tensions.

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Green Imbecile Di Natale: ‘ISIL head choppers are good people…’

All white people are guilty because of one white Australian terrorist?

Funny how the left showered  Mohammedans with adoration and blamed “white nationalists” and “right-wingers”, and then a prominent headbanger came out of the mosque and blamed the shooting on Jews?

 New Zealand Attacker WASN’T ‘Far Right’, He Was Linked To Left-Wing Groups



Hypocrites: “The ABC failed to disclose that one of its own programs featuring right-wing activist Blair Cottrell drew admiring comments from Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant. On Saturday, the ABC published an extensive report about Tarrant’s support of Mr Cottrell.”  Would the ABC keep quiet if Sky screened an interview ?

Facebook bans white nationalism in wake of Christchurch terror attack.

Facebook has announced it will ban all “praise, support and representation of white nationalism and separatism” on the platform and on Instagram. The move comes less than two weeks after the suspect in the terror attack at two Christchurch mosques streamed the massacre live on the platform.

Not funny. So the totally racist Nation of Islam, which is a black supremacist movement, and a multitude of anti-white, racist org’s are not banned, but anything white is banned? That’s right: if you happen to be white and love your country, you could be banned from facebook! 

‘Good people make shocking decisions’: Greens leader Richard Di Natale says ‘brainwashed’ ISIS terrorists should be ALLOWED back into Australia

Di Natale is a degenerate f*kc by anyone’s standard. Who in his right mind would want this creep in a position of power?

“Good people make shocking decisions?”

I fail to see how anyone can defend the morality of those who endorse beheadings, throw gay people off buildings or burn mothers in front of their children. This is the imbecile who thinks mainstream conservatives & media are dangerous & must be silenced but makes excuses for Islamic State terrorists. Why is Labor doing a preference deal with the Greens?

  • Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants ISIS fighters allowed back in Australia
  • Victorian senator argued it was better to have them tried in an Australian court 
  • He also suggested foreign fighters were ‘good people’ who were brainwashed 

Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants ISIS fighters to be allowed back into Australia and described terrorists who had travelled to the Middle East as ‘good people’ who had been brainwashed.

The Victorian senator is opposed to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s push to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if they had engaged in terrorist atrocities overseas.

Senator Di Natale argued it was better to allow foreign fighters back into Australia so they could face trial in an Australian court and be locked up.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants ISIS fighters to be allowed back into Australia and described terrorists who had travelled to the Middle East as ‘good people’.

No, Richard. Good people do not join terrorist groups and flee to the Middle East to blow up or behead other people. Good people also do not make excuses for barbaric ISIS fighters or want them inflicted on their citizens.

Attacks On Our Freedoms Should Not Be Met With Further Attacks On Our Freedoms

Attacks On Our Freedoms Should Not Be Met With Further Attacks On Our Freedoms

The Institute of Public Affairs has today rejected Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s proposal for more government regulation and control of social media and the internet.

“Open-ended calls for censorship of internet content represent an attack on freedom of speech. Such proposals must be strongly opposed,” said Gideon Rozner, Director of Policy at the IPA. Continue reading Green Imbecile Di Natale: ‘ISIL head choppers are good people…’

Population Must Be ‘Refreshed’ Through Immigration

Pope Blasts Walls – From Behind His Own…

Brunei Imposes Sharia Law: Homosexuals May Be Imprisoned, Tortured, and Executed

Sharia: Brunei… Gays to Be Jailed, Tortured, Executed

Don’t say a word.  Only racist-bigot-Islamophobes would have a problem with that.

Muslim Representative, Democrats Call Prayer About Jesus ‘Divisive’

Submit to Islam and your life and belongings will be spared….

George Soros Spent $408k on Kim Foxx, Prosecutor in Jussie Smollett Case

George Soros Spent $408k on Kim Foxx, Prosecutor in Jussie Smollett Case

The puppet master still pulling the strings….

Hamas Terrorist Leader’s Office Destroyed by Israeli Air Strike

Pictures: Hamas Terrorist Leader’s Office Destroyed by Israeli Air Strike

Hamas terrorist leader Ismail Haniyeh had his administrative offices destroyed early Tuesday morning after an estimated 80 Israeli air strikes leveled dozens of terror installations in the territory.

France Deploys Drones to Monitor English Channel Migrants

Bloomberg Op-Ed: Immigrant Soldiers, Workers Needed for Geopolitical Power

Bloomberg Op-Ed: U.S. Must Be ‘Refreshing the Population Through Immigration’

How does Bloomberg intend to profit from this population exchange?

The Crimes of Trump, Obama, Blair, and Brenton Tarrant

The video below is a follow-up to the one we posted on Sunday. In it you can see the same Hizb ut-Tahrir rally from a different angle, using a camera much closer to the speaker. I’m not sure whether there is any overlap between the two videos, but this one is much clearer.

Many thanks to GoV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

More from the Religion of Peace:

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Investigations to root out “Islamophobia” are spreading across the world

No shiite.

Does that mean the whole world is in a state of dhimmitude?

Violent expressions of muslimness:

Hamas:“Scatter the enemies’ body parts, make the skulls fly in the sky”

“Islamophobia investigations” spread worldwide in wake of Christchurch terror attack

In Austria, a far right-activist is being questioned over ties to the gunman. Martin Sellner was still livestreaming his day after Austrian intelligence services raided his home.

Iranian agitprop in NZ,  Donna Miles-Mojab:

Islamophobia is an industry intent on demonisation of Islam and silencing Muslim voices

But Mohammedans are not silent. They are screaming at us every hour of the day, and in their prayers and in their mosques they curse us:

It was not just one man and his gun that killed 50 innocent worshippers in Christchurch, the whole Islamophobia industry had its finger on that trigger.

Again: Every Mohammedan in the West is an agitprop for Islam.

Mohammedans shut down Free Speech at Bristol University

Islamic savages must not be criticised, that upsets and makes them ‘vulnerable’, or something:

Ms Fox was planning to tell the audience that nine alleged extremists notorious sharia headbangers had spoken at Bristol University events, enjoying freedom of speech.

However, critique of it is “controversial”:

“Unfortunately, it is a common tactic by those who oppose the free expression of ideas to characterise ideas they disagree with as hateful,” the Freedom of Speech society said.

Khadija Meghrawi, from the Bristol University interfaith forum: “When Muslims are feeling so hurt the focus should be on combating that [vulnerability].

Islamic State’s leader has gone low-tech to avoid capture. “He doesn’t use a mobile phone or a computer.”

Check every burqa. He wears one.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has pinned his survival on shunning computers and mobile phones in favor of human messengers

Without papers, Uighurs fear for their future in Turkey 

Why would Chinese soldiers of allah fear their Turkish Moslem brothers?

Erdogan: European politicians opposed to conversion of Hagia Sophia to a mosque are “enemies of Islam”

Yemeni scholar: “ISIS has come to implement Islam as it is, by the book, complete with slave girls, the rape”

“ISIS has come to implement Islam as it is, by the book. It has not come up with anything on its own. It evoked the religious texts exactly as they are. It did not distort, change, or replace anything. It came with the text and implement it exactly as it is….They came in order to [implement] the proper Islam, complete with slave girls, the rape…”

Will Islamic apologists and their Leftist allies denounce Dr. Arwa Al-Khattabi as a racist, bigoted, “Islamophobe”? Of course not. They’ll just hope you don’t notice what she says.

“We mustn’t jump to  conclusions.”

Europe: Mass Migration Followed by Mass Indoctrination

Integrate this:

“The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others” – placard in Sharia march Oxford Street (thinkafricapress)


Prominent Muslim leader in New Zealand quick to blame The Mossad and Jews for Christchurch terror attack Muslim savage blaming the Jews, how original.

Every time there is an attack anywhere in the world involving Islamic terror, there are always voices, strangely uniting the far-right, far-left and Islamic communities, calling it a “false flag” operation by The Mossad.

It would appear this isn’t limited to Islamic terror attacks. Even when a self-declared “eco-fascist” which the world had decided is from the “far-right” in this case, commits an atrocity in a Mosque, there are some relatively prominent voices prepared to come out and blame Jews for this.

the guy in question is no small-timer. He is Ahmed Bhamji, a former Fijian politician, who actually became the youngest mayor in Fiji some years back. That’s him in this photo (on the right). He is also a former chair of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand’s business committee and chairman of the Mt Roskill Masjid (New Zealand’s biggest mosque). (Source)

Horrific scenes after the Manchester bombing

It’s actually true that in the heat of the moment, it is easy to make the mistake of assuming things that we shouldn’t.

How many times have you heard journalists and politicians say, “We must wait until we know all the facts?” This time they didn’t.

As soon as news broke, every journalist in the world was declaring that this was a “right wing” attack. In fact, the attacker was an eco-fascist who admired Red China. 

Funny how all sense of caution and self-restraint are suddenly thrown out the window when the attacker is a White guy.

Women in New Zealand are being encouraged to wear hijabs to show solidarity to the Muslim community after the Christchurch massacre.

Outsiders co-host Rita Panahi says the hijab is being forced on millions of oppressed women across the world and was invented by men to be imposed on women to ‘control, separate and subjugate’ and that the NZ campaign is ‘misguided and counterproductive’.

Ms Panahi says the garment is ‘imbued with deep symbolism’ and represents a pernicious ‘modesty culture.’


Jacinda Ardern’s hijab shows what New Zealanders really think of Muslims

The message is politically confused and an admission of unconscious bigotry

It is good that Ardern has ‘stood with’ New Zealand’s Muslims in a display of simple decency. But the message sent by her hijab, and those of the other non-Muslim women, is politically confused — and an admission of unconscious bigotry.

Diversity makes us… stronger?

The guy with the bullhorn outside of AIPAC calling Jews “Nazis” for supporting Israel was Rashida Tlaib’s special guest for her swearing in ceremony

“Top Prosecutor.”

Kim Foxx, the Chicago prosecutor who dropped Jussie Smollett charges was put there by George Soros.

Kim Foxx Did Not Formally Recuse Herself In Smollett Case. She “Informally Separated Herself From “Decision-Making.”

Smollet is not the only creep in this pic who tried to start a race war:

These creatures feel entitled. They believe they have a right to lie and cheat their way through life. walked away scot-free after Jesse Jackson’s Operation PUSH said he did 16 hours of community service with them. 16 hours, 16 felony counts gone. Progressive justice!

Affirmative action creates far more problems than solutions.

Hamas-Linked CAIR & SOROS Unite to Silence You!

 CAIR is calling for legislators to label criticism of Jihad Terror, Sharia, Radicals & Illegals as “WHITE SUPREMACIST “hate speech”. CAIR is now receiving funding from Soros to monitor & criminalize your speech.

New Zealand

These are dumb people. They don’t only look dumb, they also act stupid in display of voluntary submission. The finger means there is only one God and every other God else is false, thus should be fought. Do they believe in Allah? This foolishness is getting out of control.

Israel prepares for war with Hamas.


Macron under fire for saying incident that badly injured 73-year-old ‘Yellow Vest’ lady hopefully taught her a lesson


Censorious creeps in charge of a crumbling, archaic, byzantine institution just voted to break the Internet. Keep marching under that EU flag though, idiots:

Wally Watch

We don’t need Sharia blasphemy laws here in Australia. We need more open discussion, not less.
ISIS Commander Arrested in Hungary Held Refugee Passport Enabling Unrestricted Air Travel

 Great vetting!

BUDAPEST, Hungary – The alleged ISIS commander charged here last week with taking part in 20 beheadings obtained a special refugee passport in Greece that gave him air travel access to much of Europe, according to Gyorgy Bakondi, a senior advisor to Hungary’s prime minister’s office.