Reparations for African Colonists in Europe?

Every time politicians open their mouths, we lose more of our freedoms.  Can’t remember the last time they passed legislation to GIVE us rights.

ScoMo enforces sharia blasphemy laws on Australia

The Lib government has introduced Islamic blasphemy laws without actually legislating them. ScoMo has accepted the demands of the  Grand Mufti. More will follow.

Reparations for African Colonists in Europe

The European Parliament overwhelmingly approved a resolution Tuesday addressing “structural racism” in Europe against Europeans of African descent. The resolution calls for “reparations for crimes against humanity during European colonialism.”

“Europeans of African descent” refers to Africans who came to Europe of their own free will to climb aboard the gravy train and their explosively numerous offspring. Excuse me, I meant to say that they came to Europe in order to be oppressed by structural racism.

The resolution urges member states of the EU to form and execute anti-racism strategies within their home nations, specifically focusing on “the fields of education, housing, health, criminal justice, political participation and migration,” according to the European Parliament website. It also seeks to address “racial profiling in criminal law and counter-terrorism.”

British commentator Katie Hopkins grills RT reporter, who is married to a Muslim, about why so many Muslims migrate to Christian countries if Islam is so great?

Mohammedans are mounting a coordinated campaign to expand Muslim religious services in the high schools of Canada’s sixth largest city.

So far, authorities are proving sympathetic:

One Nation set-up by the Qatari government under Al Jazeera a Nothing Burger

Highly unethical and an interference in Australian politics by an Arab fiefdom which wages jihad on the world.

Mohammedans pushed three 16-year-old Germans in front of train – mainstream media covered up the murders
Three young boys were pushed onto the rails at the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion end of January. Two of them were run over by the oncoming train and killed.
German mainstream media spoke deceitfully of “Germans”, in order to cloak a migration background. Furthermore, drivel about “accident” and “tragedy” was put out there, and the three 16-year-old’s “fell” onto the rails.
The Nürnberg News respectfully called the first offender that was arrested a “young man”.
The Süddeutsche newspaper suggested that a fight between the youths had just taken a “tragic end”. Three 16-year-olds were “falling” on the rails and were “caught by the train and ran over and killed”.
Even the Bavarian Rundfunk was of the opinion that the three Germans “fell” on the tracks:
“On Friday night, the two youths got into an argument with two other 17-year-old youths at the Nürnberg S-train station Frankenstadion. All in all three 16-year-old youths fell onto the train tracks during the argument.”
The next morning, BR Online described the double murder as an “accident”, by which “three men” after a fight “fell onto the train tracks”.
The Franken television channel even titled the murderous events as an “S-Train Disaster”. After a row, the two victims “fell onto the train tracks” and were “killed by the nearing train”.
But on Monday morning BILD uncovered the bone hard truth: the murderers, who pushed the three German boys onto the rails, were a Turk and a Greek who were merely born in Germany.
The two victims, Luca and Frederic came from Heroldsberg. On Friday night they were visiting the Nürnberg dance club “Nightlife” and around midnight they wanted to ride home on the train.
At the train station, after meeting a third friend, they got into an argument with the migrants. According to the police, the fight started due to a ridiculously inane reason, which led to a highly aggressive reaction by the two offenders.
Surveillance footage proves that it was pure intent to push the three onto the rails since the train had already been approaching the station at roughly 80 km/h.
Since that train usually does not stop at that station, it ran over Luca and Frederic at full speed. The boys didn’t stand a chance, and they were both killed instantly. Their friend could barely make it back out.


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  1. Despite having German genes, I despise today’s Germany as much as I despise its recent past under Hitler – I see no real difference in the way these virtue-signalling leftopaths betray their own people nowadays, from how they used to do it. Perhaps in general, the nation of gear-heads is simply too stupid to change.

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