Toe the line, or else….

Orban’s Fidesz Party is ‘suspended’ from EPP voting bloc

The center-right European People’s Party (EPP) bloc suspended Hungary’s governing right-wing populist Fidesz party as the conflict between globalists inside the EU and Viktor Orbán climaxed in the European parliament.

After weeks of deliberation over Fidesz’ destiny inside of the transnational bloc, the EPP voted to suspend the party instead of kicking them out like many had thought they would do.

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Leaked documents which surfaced on social media divulged that the EPP drafted a proposal which looked to force Fidesz’s into complying with the demands of globalist forces inside of the European Union.

Included in the proposal was a list of ‘conditions’ that the EPP expected the Hungarians to satisfy. These conditions included things like ending their ‘fake news’ campaign against preeminent globalist and the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, and refraining from any ‘attacks’ of this nature in the future.

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Viktor Orbán: Demography Is Against Us; Europe Must Act NOW Against Migration

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In Budapest last Friday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán hosted the Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) Summit on Migration. The conference was in English, but after the speakers finished their presentations, Mr. Orbán gave his summary in Hungarian, for the sake of the representatives of Hungarian media.

If Hungary had a population of fifty or sixty million, rather than ten million, Mr. Orbán would be a renowned figure of international standing. His face would appear every night on the TV news, and his name would be in the headlines every day in the papers.

His genial, avuncular style makes his videos a pleasure to watch. I’ve never seen any other intellectual of his stature rise so high in politics. God bless him, and may Fidesz win another two-thirds majority next election.

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The document stated that until Orban’s Fidesz party acquiesces to and implements these demands, their membership in the EPP will be discontinued, meaning they will be unable to vote or hold positions inside of the voting bloc.

The feud between Fidesz and EPP first began in February when the Hungarian government ran a nation-wide poster campaign which depicted Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the European Commission, as a tool of billionaire globalist George Soros, serving his open borders, pro-mass immigration policies.

For a number of years now, the Hungarian government and Soros have had an intensely adversarial relationship. Orban’s Fidesz party first launched a nationwide billboard and television advertising campaign which targeted the Hungarian-born American billionaire in the summer of 2017. The campaign used an image of a laughing George Soros with the slogan ‘Let’s not allow Soros to have the last laugh!’ Orban has long accused Soros and his Open Society Foundations of interfering with domestic affairs in Hungary.

Last year, Central European University, a Soros-funded higher education institution which propagates a globalist, neo-Marxist ideology, was made to leave Budapest due to applied pressure from the Fidesz-led Hungarian government.

Fidesz’s recent poster campaign against Soros and Juncker was condemned by globalist EU officials and centrist members of the EPP, who accused Orbán’s party of employing fear-mongering tactics and propagating ‘conspiracy theories’. Some individuals inside of the bloc called for apologies from Orbán, threatening that Fidesz wouldn’t have a place in the EPP without one.

But Orbán argued that the projected electoral success of right-wing populist, anti-mass immigration parties in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections should make members in the center-right bloc more empathetic to Fidesz’s point of view.

The only thing Orbán did apologize for was calling members of the EPP as ‘useful idiots’ for siding with their left-wing globalist peers and supposed opponents ahead of May’s election.


European Commission is working on making Migration Pact legally binding

That was the reason to have it in the first place. Of course they keep pushing for it now.

During the adoption process of the highly controversial Global Compact for Migration (GCM), lawmakers in EU member states and the public at large were continually told the GCM was not legally binding. The text itself mentions its non legally binding character.

The GCM was formally endorsed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 19 December 2018. Merely six weeks later, a note by the European Commission’s legal service dated 1 February 2019 states the exact opposite of what was always told.

This note is titled ‘The legal effects of the adoption of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration by the UN General Assembly” and was only recently leaked.

The legal service of the Commission refers to several articles of the treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) to grant the GCM a binding status, for instance article 208(2): “The Union and the Member States shall comply with the commitments and take account of the objectives they have approved in the context of the United Nations and other competent international organisations”.

Paragraph 46 of the note states: “It must be (…) concluded that the GCM has legal effects as it is able to decisively influence the content of the legislation adopted by the EU legislature”.

“In accordance with the principle of loyal cooperation, Member States should facilitate the achievement of Union’s objectives, including the implementation of the GCM. At the same time, they should refrain from any action that could jeopardise the attainment of those objectives”, states the final paragraph (53) of the note.

The Europe of Nations and Freedom group in the European Parliament (ENF) wants to hear from the Commission whether or not it endorses the note of its legal service. “If the answer is yes, this would lead to the unacceptable situation that the GCM would only be binding for EU member states, and not for other states”, it says.

“By referring to the GCM in preambles and footnotes to official texts, the Commission is surreptitiously working to make it legally binding in the long term. This would mean that member states will have even less possibilities of carrying out their own policies regarding immigration.”

The ENF group underlines that the governments of Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia refused to go to Marrakesh to adopt the GCM. “ENF will oppose any attempt by the European Commission or any other body to make the GCM legally binding.”


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