White People’s Eating Habits Causing ‘Climate Change’, Wakademia Claims

“Potatoes, beef, apples, and milk are some of the worst offenders,”  the New York Post reported.

…and cow-farts make the oceans rise. And if you don’t believe it you are a denier who must be arrested and reeducated.

Back to jihad:
Muslim cleric: “Allah has ordered Muslims to take up weapons and has ordered the use of weapons against unbelievers”

Italy: Salvini: “My Only Purpose is to Save Europe”

Hamas TV: ‘Scatter Israeli Body Parts, Make Skulls Fly’

Hamas TV: ‘Scatter Israeli Body Parts, Make Skulls Fly’

Nice people, what say you?

Israeli Officials Slam EUSSR over ‘Shameful’ Rejection of Golan Heights Sovereignty

The EU communists despise Israel.

EUSSR to Cut Funds to Patriotic Nations, Allocate Cash on ‘Values’ Basis, Including Accepting Mass Migration 

The day will come where these traitors will hang from lamposts…

Paki Parents of two sons with mental impairments are fighting to stay in Australia 

Making infidels pay for genetic defects from inbreeding? But of course!

‘They can’t go back, they need to be here’: Parents desperate fight to keep their teenage sons, who have a condition similar to autism, in the country as the government tries to deport them because ‘their care would cost too much’

‘Muslim souljahs make your way to Hastings’: Maori who supports extremists declares an Islamic State in New Zealand

A Maori Muslim leader who openly supports extremist jihadist activity in the Middle East has started his own Islamic State in a New Zealand town.

Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, who is the leader of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, announced via social media on Sunday that he had changed the organisation’s name to the Islamic State of Aotearoa.

  • Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga started the Islamic State of Aotearoa in Hastings, north-east of Wellington
  • He posted on Facebook that he was changing the name of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association to represent the Islamic State
  • Mr Kireka-Whaanga has openly supported the Islamic State in the past
  • He said last month he wanted to relocate to Syria but feared his passport would be cancelled by the government


Have you noticed after the Christchurch terror attack that we are all being branded as “far right-wing extremists” by association? Even some of our members of Parliament are to blame. We are all tarred with the same brush.

Yet when an Islamic terrorist attack happens it has “nothing to do with Islam”. It was a ‘lone wolf’ with ‘mental health issues’. How dare we tar them all with the same brush.

White Reporters Excluded from Georgia Mayoral Event for Black Politicians

White Reporters Excluded from Georgia Mayoral Event for Black Politicians

No reverse discrimination to see here.

Scott Morrison:

“Today we are monitoring eight times more people than we were five years ago. It’s sad that that’s necessary, but it is to keep Australians safe. And that’s why we need to keep investing more in our security.”

MORE: https://bit.ly/2HOaYal #SkyLiveNow

$570m security boost “to keep nation safe”

The unelected Australian PM Scott Morrison will spend $570 million on an anti-Australian policy blocking freedom of speech and opinion, falsely accusing the Australian people of being white supremacists.

He is actually saying white conservative  Australians are a security risk.

He is preferencing the communist Greens who advocate that  ISIL terrorists can return freely.

 ScoMo is spending this money to spy on the Australian people.

It is no coincidence that conservatives are being labelled “white supremacists” and Nazis” and being removed from Facebook for calling attention to and resisting the Islamic spread of sharia law.


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  1. Try being in NZ..At least you still hv some freedoms. The police are doing a lot of visiting here..the homes , work places etc of all internet warriors and gun owners….It is full on and scary.
    If anyone has time, PLEASE look up ”Investigate magazine” issue June 2007….The Rise of the Neo-Comms….. also March 2,007 issue.

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